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  1. Finally all caught up. I really love the story and how, for every answer they get, yet another piece is added to the mystery.
  2. Hmm 2 behind...I'll try to catch up tomorrow at today I have a game going
  3. Cool, yet dark update. Clearly someone has an eye on them. Looking forward to the next installement
  4. Nice update. They really have a knack to find trouble
  5. Read it over the weekend. That was a great session and it's fun to see the character grow and come out with interesting ideas.
  6. Life do throw the occasional curveball in life. I'm glad to see all is well and that our brave adventurers still find a way to make things even more interedting for themselves.
  7. Something tells me the adventure has just truly started.
  8. Virtual Gaming for the win! That was an interesting bit. More social, but definitely interesting. I'm curious to see how it will turn out.
  9. It's nice when a plan go as it should. But yeah, it could have been a lot messier than it did,
  10. Oh dear Lord! That was pretty awesome.
  11. Just got around to read this and, Sweet Lord, that fight was a blast! It's a shame that they are losing a companion though (RL or new PC?)
  12. Interesting twist. I'm looking forward for part 15 to see now they'll pull out of that one.
  13. Nice entry. Always up for a good mystery.
  14. Yep, dealing with dragon is bad mojo...but not as bad as dealing with several dragons. Awesome story, I love it.
  15. Hmm, word of wisdom from Shadowrun: "Never deal with a Dragon!" It's s fine story and quite fun to read (and play I'm sure).
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