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  1. That cave set up reminded me of Robinson Crusoe's cavemouth. Good to see they have a full map, now for the real trouble to start. 😊
  2. The joy of investigative work. Well at least they seem to have a couple possible leads, 2 on the island, so they are moving forward. For the NPC, do you plan to do a bit of foreshadowing or Will it be a either a random NPC or someone from their past?
  3. That was quite a session. Look like everyone got a good heart pounding. As a side note, how his the Suebian managing along side the others balance-wise? Any issues or tweak you have Identified?
  4. That's a nice cliffhanger you got there. I really like your group's antics.
  5. How could I forget Green and Pleasant Land!?!? An older (v1 r v2) Call of Cthulhu supplement on the UK done by Games Workshop themselves. It can pretty much be used as is,even with 7th edition.
  6. London Guidebook (or is it Guidebook to London) also cover some of the more general UK stuff. And there's another one by Pagan Publishing... The Golden Dawn, that covers the Esoteric phase of the UK in those years with Medium and a Mythos order
  7. As always, always someone that has not learned the value of discretion. Very nice story, really enjoyable.
  8. No need to apologize, language can be hard to learn...French in particular is tricky. But you are right the story is great and I really enjoy it.
  9. That's getting pretty interesting and the map is really cool. As a quick FYI, if you wish to be as accurate as possible in French, the feminine for for "Comte" would be "Comtesse". But being that Gallic is a fantasy French-like language, you could easily overlook this little aspect. Can't wait for part 3.
  10. Nice! That's is a promising beginning indeed. It will be interesting to see what happens next.
  11. That's awesome! And the image is great, really nice visual. And that's an interesting hook for the character, gives them a great incentive to investigate what is going on...as they might be next.
  12. They could reprint them and finally add the (vaporware) sequel Children of the Deep to the lot combining both.
  13. Great post, good to have all of your option under one thread. Cthulhu Invictus recently got updated to 7th edition via kickstarter: Full list of product here. Cthulhu Invictus (new) Corebook Obviously, the rules were updated but there was also some cleaning up and it has a great selection of archetypes both for Romans and Non-Romans.
  14. No problem. Here is the updated documemt: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WfT5_MOOb-LkgCVVlQRShk-da7B5E8H-/view?usp=sharing Hopefully, someone will be tempted to do a Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher, an Otto von Bismarck or a Maximilian von Baden analogue. 😁
  15. Good catch thanks. I noticed it wasn't the only common skill in the lot so did a bit of reshuffling giving the Musketeer 3 common skill (like the Dragonhunter and Impovrished Noble) and gave them the option of Lore (Heraldry), Streetwise or survival instead of the 3 common skills that snuck in. That's awesome they you are giving it a go. If someone choose them, let me know how it turn out and if you have any suggestion to improve them please feel free, it would be greatly appreciated.
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