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  1. Yeah, I think it is something that was specific to the French edition, in all cases, I'm working this weekend, but I'll send you the full details on Monday.
  2. The French Call of Cthulhu 6th ed had an interesting mechanic for this. I don't have my book handy but NPC were divided in 3 tiers. Basic NPC would get a name, profession, 1 or 2 line description and maybe an exceptional Skill Ex: Pierre, 26 French pilot, a veteran of WWI, Pierre is a adrenaline junkie (pilot 70%). Moderate NPC have stats (usually average), a description and the stats are given broad percentage for example: Social 50% Influence 25% Knowledge 25% etc. Major NPC would be fully develop just like a PC. If you are interested, I
  3. Not sure about point 1. For point 2, IIRC, 24 (or 1/5 of 120) or below would be Extreme success. And Hard success would indeed be between 1/5 and 1/2 of your score.
  4. I've started reading Down Darker Trails and I really enjoy it so far, good background and detail and lots to play with (especially, if you add stuff from the Wild West articles from Worlds of Cthulhu). But then I was wondering: what about the rest of North America? About the Eastern States, Mexico and Canada and how I would love to see them being covered too for this setting. New-England and the Eastern States were quite different then the wilder Western States, being older and more established, it was more civilized, yet the scars of the Civil Wars were more visible too. We could in
  5. That would be a great addition! Gives us a new region and era to explore
  6. That would be a dream come true! AtMoM has so much potential for a great movie I really hope someone wakes up and let Del Toro do the version he is envisioning and not the family-friendly edulcorated version they want. But no Tom Cruise...not even as Professor Lake, he'd butchered that too.
  7. It's what I'm suspecting too, but I'm an optimist and hope it was simply left out due to space constraint and is sitting somewhere in a hard drive...otherwise I'll need to figure out where those 300A to 300G (IIRC) goes.
  8. I know I'm a bit behind but I recently bought Secrets of Los Angeles, which I enjoy a lot. In Chapter 5, they refer to a map for the San Fernando Valley...which is not in the book. That's a bit of a bummer and I was wondering if this missing map had been added to the PDF or if it could be found somewhere else (net, blog, other book)? Any help would be appreciated.
  9. You are looking at a fair amount of equipment: tents, camp bed with blankets/sleeping bag, mosquito net, oil lamps and lamp oil, camping stove and fuel, food, water, TP, firearms, ammo, medicine (like quinine for malaria, morphine for pain and injury, etc.), appropriate clothing and footwear, mounts, proper documentation (passport, Visa, health cards, letter of introduction, etc.) and I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff...you're looking at a few hundreds, maybe even low thousands of dollars worth.
  10. Canadian copies are appearing to arrive. I live in Gatineau (Québec) just North of Ottawa (Ontario) in Eastern Canada and my copy arrived today.
  11. Having finished the reading of the adventure, that's definitely something I'll be using with HotOE and as a Stand-Alone setting (annexes 3 and 4 are really helpful here). Once the book is out on print, I'm getting it...as it is the first time I get the PDF of a book before the print is done, I'm not too sure about the usual timing, but is it normal that I have not received the discount code yet? I realize you might be sending it only once, or around the time, the printed books are available.
  12. Page 95 first column: Louis-Julien-Simon Héron should be François Louis Julien Simon Héron Page 97, 1st column (5 October): Versaille needs to be corrected to Versailles Page 99, Caption of the picture: Hotel de Ville should be corrected to Hôtel de Ville Page 100: Although it was used in earlier text Fervidor had not been retained by Fabre himself (the man who created the name of the month) and was officially replaced by Thermidor. Maybe remove it as it never saw use beyond the inital reading to the Convention. " Page 104 under NOBLE: the 1st sentence "The nobility can be
  13. Page 67, 2nd column, last paragraph: Champs de Mars needs to be corrected to Champ-de-Mars Same paragraph: Revolution might be corrected to Révolution, but it could be taken as either a descriptor of the event or the propername of the Event in this context. The same could apply to the last words the Grand Terror. which could be changed to La Grande Terreur. Pages 69, 70, 75, 76, 78, 80, 82, 83, 127, Louis Héron, this name is problematic as François Louis Julien Simon Héron was knowns as François Héron or simply Héron Page 70, 2nd column, 2nd paragraph: Ancien Regime needs to be
  14. Page 26, Versailles 1789: Third column, last paragraph "[...] This event ends the King’s independence and symbolizes the end of the ancien regime. [...]" Ancien Régime needs to be capitalized (and the accent added). Page 29. the title for Mademoiselle De Brienne (or Mlle De Brienne) is a bit problematic as it is used for young girl or (presumed) unmarried woman...and De Brienne is married. She should technically be referred as Madame de Brienne (or Mme De Brienne). Also, In French, aside for the abreviation for Monsieur (or M.) and Messieurs (MM.), we never put a period after it (unless w
  15. On page 14 and 15 (as well as on pages 19, 29, 31, 60, 64, 77, 123, 126, 127 and the separate pre-generated character file on page 4); Comte Benoit and Melodie Benoit should be corrected to Comte Benoît and Mélodie Benoît Maps on pages 18, 61, 118, 119 and in the separate players Handout pages 5 and 6. - On the Maps: FAUBORG DU TEMPLE should be FAUBOURG DU TEMPLE - In the Legends: Notre-Dame and Champ-des-Mars needs to be hyphenated On page 27 in the legend Place Duaphine needs to be corrected to Place Dauphine On page 51 in both legends: Champ-
  16. Page 58, 63. Maps on pages 18, 61, 118, 119 and in the separate players Handout pages 5 and 6. "Notre-Dame" needs to be hyphenated. --------- Page 11 - • Hugel, a resourceful provisioner (vivandièr). Minor typo to be corrected here: The masculin form should be Vivandier (no accent), but the feminine form Vivandière takes an accent. This typo also need to be corrected on page 120. On page 125, at the top, the feminine form could be kept as the character is a woman posing as her husband. However, Under Special: it should read "[...]. Joseph was a vivandier, a ser
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