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  1. Our POD printing company prints from a number of countries, including Australia.
  2. Usually we sell things in the format and package that we we think will sell best. Consider this: If we did them as 5 separate items we would have to pay for printing 5 covers instead of one, and pay for increased binding costs. If you would prefer we charge say $8 each for them, so you could pay $40 for them instead of $25 for all five in a single book, which do you think would sell better? Which do you think would earn us more money?
  3. I now know where where I can send any badly damaged boxes I come across. Well done!
  4. Lodabdul would have had plenty of time if he had just spent five minutes searching for this previous post of mine from a few months ago: The RQ1 rulebook was just a single printing, stapled with original Wyrm logo (1978). The RQ2 Rulebook was indivdually sold in the following formats: Color cover, stapled with original Wyrm logo (1979). Color cover, perfect bound in both original Wyrm logo (1980) and Chaosium Dragon logo (1981). Color cover dust jacket for leatherette binding (Reston Publishing) with original Warm logo (1981). Games Workshop perfect bound version with GW logos and alternative cover. The RQ2 Boxed set was sold in the following formats, starting in October of 1980: 2" Box with Chaosium Dragon logo (1980), perfect bound rulebook with brown monochrome cover. Errata on separate sheet of paper. Box has "$26 value" logo. Box does NOT have "4001-X" product number on it. Has Fall - Winter 1980 product catalog included. 2" Box with Chaosium Dragon logo (1981), perfect bound rulebook with green monochrome cover. Errata on separate sheet of paper. Box has "$26 value" logo. Box has "4001-X" product number on it. 2" Box with Chaosium Dragon logo (1982), perfect bound rulebook with red monochrome cover. Errata on inside front and back cover. Box logo only says "Everything needed to play!". Box has "4001-X" product number on it. 1" Box with Chaosium Dragon logo (1983), perfect bound rulebook with color cover with Chaosium Dragon logo. Errata on inside front and back cover. Box logo removed. Box has "4001-X" product number on it. 2" Box Games Workshop version with GW logos and alternative cover with perfect bound rulebook. For RuneQuest Classic we redid the RQ1 rulebook as a perfect bound softcover book (upper left), soon to be available via POD. We also did the Leatherette with dust jacket (right side), and a regular hardcover (center). Very soon we will also have it available in perfect bound softcover via POD (lower left).
  5. There's the 1st edition in the upper right, and all the rest are 2nd edition printings.
  6. "Spare copies" is a relative term. I have three of the 2" boxed set on the shelf because there are three distinct printings (red, brown, and green rulebook covers). Being an unrepentant completist, I switched from acquiring one of each edition to acquiring every distinct printing of each item. The thing is, this picture isn't even all of them, just all I knew about at the time (3 years ago).
  7. Sorry, not going to happen. We would have to redo the layout of information that is easily available in Pavis and Big Rubble.
  8. We are seriously looking at doing the Sartar, Sartar Companion and Pavis Heroquest books as POD. We have no plans for any Hero Wars Titles. They are all available as PDF if you really want them, anyway. If you really want them in printed form most of them are available for not too much money on the secondary market.
  9. Quite the stack... Side note: At the beginning if the video I used the original William Church maps created for the RQ2 rulebook. You might notice that a lot of the letters on the map have a yellowing to them because they were pasted on. The smaller names were put on with letraset letters.
  10. We don't need a license to do the Avalon Hill era RQ3 supplements. Chaosium retained the copyright, especially on all the Gloranthan supplements. Greg got all that as his part of the split of Chaosium's assets when he left the company in 1998, and Moon Design bought it all from him in 2013. Many of the RQ3 supplements that were RQ2 updates, like Apple Lane, Snake Pipe Hollow, the Gloranthan Bestiary, and TrollPak aren't worth reprinting (at least beyond the TrollPak map). They aren't different enough. The Monster Coliseum and Griffin Island boxed sets, RQ Cities are too generic. Daughters of Darkness and Eldarad are a hard pass. Not much point in reprinting Gods of Glorantha, Troll Gods, Elder Secrets, or the Genertela boxed sets as that range of info is already in print in a more comprehensive fashion, or soon will be. Reprinting Vikings and Land of Ninja are tempting, but they are not a priority. That just leaves Sun County, Strangers in Prax, Shadows on the Borderland, Dorastor, and Lords of Terror. We might reprint the first three, and maybe do the last two as a combo reprint, but I haven't spent any time thinking about that. I would like to get the Troubled Waters scenario from River of Cradles reprinted, but I wouldn't reprint the rest of the book since Pavis and Big Rubble are both available again.
  11. I'm sorry to continuously disappoint and underwhelm you. I'm sorry we can't compete with late 70s and early 80s prices. I'm sorry we won't be reprinting or creating more RQ1 material. Please do not hesitate to let me know how I can further disappoint you going forward. I would point out that the poster maps are actually better than the originals and don't come folded, but I suspect you would miss the folded versions like in the good old days. And I've added a smiley so it's all ok. 🙂
  12. All of the red bubble maps for RQ2 are EXACTLY like the original map. We didn't remove ANYTHING from them. We specifically set them up to go with these books, not as some "piece of art" devoid of game useful details. If you take a look at any of them you will see they have a legend on them. Having redbubble links on chaosium is probably easy enough to do. Thank you for that suggestion.
  13. Most of the RQ2 books never had any handouts. Large poster maps are already available on redbubble.com What few handouts there are for Borderlands and such can all be easily printed from the PDF. None of those were ever in color, nor did they go to the edges of the page. Hardcovers MIGHT happen, but many of these books are a bit slim to do as hardcover anyway.
  14. Jack O'Bears have been a part of my Gloranthan gaming experience from almost the very beginning. They were in the RQ 1st ed. rulebook (page 79) in 1978. I did not meet them in play until late 1981 when they were featured in Griffin Mountain, out in the Elder Wilds north of Balazar. They almost killed me then, despite Gondo Holst's best efforts... I should have heeded the earlier warning displayed a few months prior on the cover of Wyrm's Footnotes #11 (Spring 1981) when I saw the cover of that magazine in a local game store (but wouldn't pay $2.25 to buy it). I had no idea that Jack O'Bears technically pre-dated RuneQuest until Greg Stafford revealed their origins to me. Greg very much wanted to have a miniatures line to support the RPG. Archive Miniatures, run by the mad wizard sculptor that is Neville Stocken, offered Greg an easy "hit the ground running" solution. If Greg wrote up some of the existing Archive minis as Gloranthan creatures, then they were ready to sell immediately. Thus, Archive's bugbear miniature became immortalized as a Gloranthan Jack O'Bear. I only encountered them that once in Griffin Mountain, but the unique monstrosity that they are has cast a long shadow over my life ever since. When I moved to the UK in 1995 I soon found out that Games Workshop had published Griffin Mountain with a slightly different cover. Being a completist collector I added that Jack O'Bear to the top of my want list, and paid dearly for it at the Convulsion 1996 auction. First they tried to take my PC's life, and now they were picking my pocket. Over the next several years I heard the lament of many RQ fans that longed to play the campaign, but could not pay a collector's price to have the pleasure of facing an elusive Jack O'Bear. Now those Jack O'Bears were taunting my fellow tribe members, and something had to be done. In 2001 I had the immense pleasure of publishing Griffin Mountain as the 2nd volume of the Gloranthan Classics series of 4 books. Dario's wonderful covered showed a Jack O'Bear in action against the caravan I was with back in the day. You might recognize my first employer, Joh in that scene, along with my first Troll friend XigXag. As a married man I didn't expect to be staring a Jack O'Bear in the face again any time soon. I had young children, a wife, and a job on the road far different from the adventurer's path. My wife has always supported my "hobby", yet I didn't realize how much until she gifted me with the original painting used for the cover of Griffin Mountain about 15 years ago. It sits on the wall of my office and it catches my wary eye every day. I take heed of the original caption at the bottom of the painting, which is "harmony at twilight". Some evil bides its time... I don't know what my life would have been like without Jack O'Bears in it, and oddly enough I don't want to find out.
  15. I've played an Issaries Priest most of the my "RQ career", and that includes some VERY old-school hack-and-slash campaigns. Issaries is a cult that has a lot of flexibility as to how you can spend your time. I suppose if all you want to do is sit in a market stall, then yes, you might get a lot of push back and get left behind. On the other hand, my Issaries PC was happy to fight for the team, use my bargaining skills when it was time to parlay, and sell the loot at a greater profit after the killing was done. I also spoke a number of languages, which came in handy as we hit the road. My magic helped guard the camp at night when we thought the heavy stuff might come down. Having someone who is from a cult that "negotiates from a more neutral position" is not a bad thing to have in your back pocket. In my last gaming sessions I played an Issaries merchant enslaved by the Lunars to help build the newest Temple to the Reaching Moon. I didn't just twiddle my thumbs. I put my skills to use. It was a lot of fun. If you have an "issaries" situation you'd like to talk through how best to solve through roleplaying, I'm happy to help. Issaries isn't the greatest cult in the game to play (since I am forced to say that), but it is way up there in the pantheons of legend. Issaries is a Lightbringer, after all. Issaries was there when it mattered the most, and helped get the job done. There's that little thing called "the dawn" that Issaries helped make happen, despite all of Orlanth's screwups.
  16. I must confess I hadn't looked at Traveller Book 7 - Merchant Prince since the late 1980's. I love those little black books. The Merchant Prince trade system spans about 10 pages (little pages at that). I chuckled when I remembered how the trade identification abbreviations sound like items found on a Thai restaurant menu ("Lo Ni Po Ba" for example, is short for Low population, Non-industrial, Poor, and Barren). Anyway, adapting the Merchant Prince system to Glorantha would be fairly easy. If anything it could be even simpler, while also being more granular. By granular, I mean that in traveller you were basically shipping X tons of generic "goods" while in Glorantha we might as well just start with the standard price tables, which deal with specific items. The Trade and Commerce process has to two main activities: calculating the buying cost when you are buying goods, and calculating the selling price when you sell those goods. They have the same modifiers for both calculations. Of note is that with a base buying cost of 4,000 credits, and a base selling price of 5,000 credits, you have a base profit of 25% prior to any buying and/or selling modifiers being applied. The modifiers are basically the tech level, market level, and your personal skills. None of those three things would be difficult to adapt to Glorantha, or RuneQuest in general.
  17. The Arcane Symbol (as it is referred to in the 2nd ed. rules) was drawn by the legendary Gene Day in 1982. It's a subtle detail on the page, but I didn't notice that the word "Handouts" in the header next to the page number had been pasted over the previous header of "Insta-Plots". I had forgotten about this one page diagram which is on page 133. The Insta-Plots diagram allowed you to construct an adventure idea. Of course the irony for me is that when I constructed my first plot it read as "You found something weird which opens a gate to Detroit", and in an instant I was basically home again...
  18. Probably 3 months, since the books have to be bound, then collated, then shipped to the Main warehouse, then to Canada.
  19. While you are always welcome to split hairs, the Bagog cult published in the Cult Compendium was based on the version from White Wolf magazine #22, which is a slightly updated and expanded version of what was originally published in Cults of Terror.
  20. To add further clarity: Here are the "content gaps" between the Glorantha Classics and the RQ Classics: Glorantha Classic V1 (Pavis & Big Rubble) vs. RQ Classic Pavis, and RQ Classic Big Rubble: One page on the Sun Dragon Cult. Glorantha Classic V2 (Griffin Mountain) vs RQ Classic Griffin Mountain: nothing Glorantha Classic V3 (Cult Compendium) vs RQ Classic Cults of Prax and Cults of Terror: The cults of Bagog*, Caladra & Aurelion, Donandar, Geo, Lodril, Mostal, Sun Dragon, and Yelm. Glorantha Classic V4 (Borderlands & Beyond) vs RQ Classic Borderlands, Plunder, and Rune Masters: nothing Thus, it all boils down to 7* cults. All of them are in the Cult Compendium. That PDF is still for sale. The book is for sale in the UK. We have no plans to stop selling the Glorantha Classics PDFs, so the info is "easily available". Lastly, when the massive new Cults books are published for RQG that "7 cult gap" will largely get filled. * Nick has correctly pointed out that Bagog was published in Cults of Terror as well. I used the slightly updated version published in White Wolf magazine. The two versions are basically the same, with just a few small bits added to the latter version.
  21. We are going to be selling the POD books via our website mainly. We are testing the interface now.
  22. You should look at the RQ Classic book descriptions on our website! In particular, we did include the RuneMasters character backgrounds, and the Designer's Notes and such in Griffin Mountain, and also the extra plunder items in Plunder.
  23. The current status is that we have no plans to reprint the Glorantha Classics. We are going to have print versions of the RuneQuest Classics available before the end of 2020. Thus, you will be able to get Pavis, Big Rubble, Griffin Mountain, Borderlands, Cults of Prax, Cults of Terror, and a number of other books soon.We are doing the final proofing on the POD process.
  24. If we have a new edition in the works, which is the case with Gaslight, we are not going to prioritize getting an earlier edition of it available via POD. If we currently have a new edition of a book available, like Terror Australis, we are also not going to prioritize doing POD for earlier editions. We have PDFs for sale of many of those older titles, so it's not like the material is unavailable. It's a shame that those PDFs are not very good for printing out, but that's the situation. If you really want a printed copy, I suggest looking on eBay.
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