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  1. Suffice it to say the decision was the end result of a lot of deliberation and not done on some whim. It had nothing to do with Gen Con timing or the release of any other game, or the end of the business quarter. PS: Chaosium offers older Pendragon things because we inherited them from Nocturnal, who used to sell them. PPS: We don't have any immediate plans to release more older CoC titles right now. We are devoting our energies to fulfilling the current Classic Kickstarter and working on other current 7th ed. products. After the kickstarter has shipped we'll start getting other older titles back into print. We got HotOE and BtMoM back into print, as well as CoC 2nd ed and 5 classic supplements. That's not bad for the last year or so.
  2. Here's list of everything they published: Oriflam (RQ3 and wargames) 1987 RuneQuest boxed set 1 1987 Les Dieux de Glorantha 2 1988 Genertela 3 1991 Les Secrets Oublies 4 1992 Les Guerriers du Soleil 5 1995 La Voie du Sabre 6 1993 Dorastor 7 1997 Trolls 1989 Les Monts Arc en Ciel (Rainbow Mounds) 1988 Le Maitre des Runes 1994 Sous le Signe du Chaos 1989 Les Ruines Hantees 1991 RuneQuest Rules Hardcover 1991 GM Screen, 2nd Edition 1993 Le Roi de Sartar 1993 La Guerre des Heroes 1994 Les Dieux Nomades Oriflam also published 27 issues of Tatou magazine from 1988-1996, most of which contained RQ3/Gloranthan information.
  3. Monsters! Monsters! is a nice little game that came out in 1976. It's a set of rules for creating monsters and playing them as they try to stop adventurers from plundering their lairs and dungeons. It's not like All the Worlds Monsters or the Monster Manual. It doesn't have a bestiary, nor is it a compendium of monster stats. It's also only 40 pages in length.
  4. I would think that they hope their characters will get some sort of skill increase or bonus from it. That's fine, in abstract, but I would ask them a simple question: What specific benefit will your character get from having read everything HP Lovecraft wrote? If they say they expect their Mythos Skill to improve, I wouldn't necessarily have a problem with that. After all, their Max SAN takes a hit from that. If they expect that you will just tell them more stuff for no extra effort, then that's a different matter. Beyond the Mythos skill there are very few mechanic/rule advantages to knowing more about the mythos. There's no "identify mythos monster" skill, or "avoid mythos machinations" skill.
  5. You can also message me on Kickstarter. Just let me know what backer level and what email to send the invite to. pr-at-chaosium-dot-com
  6. We hope to have it for sale on our website within a month.
  7. The first edition of the screen didn't actually have it. I grabbed the wrong screen shot for the Kickstarter example, which used the 1988 screen by mistake.
  8. Mike Mason has begun figuring out and planning those sorts of things. He was involved with a number of these titles back in the day. It's still early days on where we go from here. The first step was purchasing the IP. As we have more information we will announce it.
  9. Nick's answer is correct, and I want to emphasize one detail: If the game store participates in Bits&Mortar they will be sending you the PDF. Please don't email Dustin and try to show him a receipt from a game store in the hopes that Chaosium will be supplying you with a PDF. That's not how it works. We only provide the PDF when you buy directly from us on chaosium.com We get regular requests for free PDFs from people who buy from Amazon, a local store, or even when they bought a used copy of the game, That's not what we are offering when it comes to complimentary PDFs.
  10. I'll politely point out that if I had more specific information that I wanted to provide, I would have given that information. Please do not ask us "when will this be specifically available" questions as a response to the information we have given.
  11. The Red Book of Magic was printed in Poland, and the Starter set was printed in China. Getting each of those two products into our other global warehouses poses different challenges, and different delays. What happens to one doesn't necessarily apply to the other. In the end, we will start selling each product as soon as we feel we are able.
  12. The US shipment is on a cargo container ship called COSCO SPAIN: https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/details/ships/shipid:689390/mmsi:477776200/imo:9516442/vessel:COSCO_SPAIN ETA to Long Beach port is August 24th. After it gets unloaded and clears customs it gets sent to Minnesota, which takes a week or so.
  13. Chaosium announced the Stormbringer book "Castle of Eyes" in that same blue newsletter... It was supposed to be CHA2116 and retail for $18.95. Expected September - Castle of Eyes is a grandiose, epic campaign filled with visions of splendor and horror. After a millennium of fighting a catastrophic war, the ruling family of the castle suffers from decay and an intense fear of strangers from the outside world. Desperation and starvation threatens the people, and a brewing battle between competing claimants to the throne threatens to destroy all. The adventurers are caught in between, and are forced to assert themselves, becoming central figures in the struggle to control the throne.
  14. Unfortunately, we just don't know. Steve was the primary person handling the GoFundMe, so who even has access now is unknown.
  15. Vale and farewell, Steve Perrin! When the world of Roleplaying Games was still waiting to be born, you and your closest friends conjured up the Society for Creation Anachronism (SCA) from the realms of your collective imagination. Bump, bump, bump down the stairs, indeed. Shortly thereafter Steve and Luise joined the fledging Chaosium as it spread its draconic wings in the mid 1970s with White Bear & Red Moon, and a little known RPG called RuneQuest, born on the 4th of July in 1976. Steve’s canny understanding of gaming mechanics and Luise’s artistic vision helped forge an iconic game still played around the world today. But a few hours ago we learned that Steve was taken from us, even as he worried that Luise’s health situation was more dire than his. He was a loving and devoted partner to the end. To sum up all that Steve was to the Chaosium family cannot be typed up in a few sentences. He is one of our Great Old Ones. An innovative genius that helped pave the way for us to exist today, delighting gamers while they sit around a table, in person or online, exploring stories and adventures together, weaving new tales of derring-do. RuneQuest and Superworld were his children, and his imprint on so many of our other games is indelibly present. Many of us grew up playing his games. He was the uncle we admired, envied, and listened to for his wise counsel. In the last few years, as a new edition of RuneQuest was born he was there. His wisdom and experience reminded us of the simple, pure, and wonderous origins of the magic of roleplaying. How can you say thank you for that? We grieve with all of those who knew him, especially his family. We thought we might have been able to entice him to be with us at one more gaming convention in the near future, but now we know that gathering will have to wait. Saying farewell is never easy. Dear friends depart, and we remember them for all the richness they brought to our lives. We at the Chaosium cherish all the decades you sat with us at the gaming table and the stories you created with us. Vale, and farewell, Steve.
  16. As you have surmised, we do not take pre-orders on products on the Chaosium.com website. The Starter set has been printed and is currently being shipped to all 5 of our warehouses. We'll announce its availability via our Ab Chaos newsletter. You can subscribe to it via our website. Ab Chaos comes out about once a week.
  17. That pre-order date for the Starter set is probably optimistic. We'll have the books in our US warehouse by then, and they will be available to distributors some time in late September. Unfortunately, your UK game shop has to get the books from a distributor that has to order those books from our US warehouse and have them shipped to the UK. That makes me think maybe November at the earliest for an appearance in UK game shops. We'll be selling the Starter set on our website for probably 2 months prior to that UK game shop debut, and offering shipping from our UK warehouse. Please note that our UK warehouse is very expensive when it comes to storing product. Thus, we can't have stock it with enough books to support distributor and game shop orders. We mainly have it for our UK fans who want to buy direct from us, and as soon as the product is available.
  18. If someone has an interest in working on RuneQuest Classics and similar, please feel free to message me. The main skill needed is use of InDesign. As for putting any RQ3 titles through the JC as fan projects, that isn't going to happen. Please note that we are willing to pay for people to do layout.
  19. As you have probably already guessed, doing these sorts of classic reprints mosts comes down to three factors: 1. Time/Resources that we have to balance against new/future projects. 2. How the older item lines up with current/forthcoming products. 3. How much in demand they are. In general, that means that products like the RQ3 Gods of Glorantha and the Glorantha: Genertela boxed sets are very very unlikely to happen. The same goes for the RQ3 Glorantha Bestiary. They have been replaced with deeper, richer, and more up to date books that are currently in print or soon will be. We have pondered doing some of the RQ3 adventures published during the RQ Renaissance, though. Some of the lessons learned from the RQ Classics campaign is that the popularity of some of the older titles varied greatly. On hindsight, we would have skipped redoing some of the older titles because they didn't meet sales expectations. (i.e. redoing a book to sell a couple of hundred copies just isn't worth it)
  20. Andre can provide a more complete answer, but it basically ran out of steam. The team was shrinking, and it was harder and harder to put the magazine together, get it printed, etc.
  21. The 7th edition Kickstarter: 3,668 backers pledged $561,836 to help bring this project to life. Call of Cthulhu Classic: 5,718 backers pledged $591,470 to help bring this project to life. PS: That was a one minute search on Kickstarter to find out.
  22. I read almost all of the Kickstarter comments and keep an eye out for good suggestions. Thank you for that.
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