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    Started playing RPG's in the early 80's. A friend ran an Original D&D campaign, I started 2nd Edition RuneQuest, and another friend ran Traveller. When the 3rd edition of RuneQuest came out, I started a campaign in the Harn universe. Things sat for many years after that. Just recently started a 3rd edition game set in Dragon Pass.
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    I've been running a 3rd edition Runequest game, we're planning on switching to the new version when it comes out. Looking for the PDF's to start with
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    North Central Missouri, USA
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    Not much else I want to share

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  1. I now have enough players. Thanks for the interest.
  2. I'm still interested in adding 1 more player to my game.
  3. Great! Thanks for that idea, I guess I was focused on each character having one token.
  4. I have a Plus account on Roll20, and make use of the Dynamic Lighting. Takes a bit of work to set up, and I don't use it for all maps, but for buildings/caves/etc. it works well, and the players can only see what is in line of sight of their tokens, automatically. However, it does mean I can't put something like a Strike Rank tracker on the map, because the players won't be able to see it
  5. I have found sometimes, I change the SR, and it doesn't work. Or, I add another entry for a player, and it replaces the existing one. Just a bunch of weird "stuff" that I got tired of dealing with. More trouble than it's worth, IMHO.
  6. So, part of it may be communication issues with the players. However, each player has the potential to have to add multiple entries. It's not unusual for archers to have 2 entries, occationally 3( DEX SR mod 0, weapon already prepared at the beginning of the round ). I know the sheet will add a weapon attack in, but sometimes you have to modify the strike rank( moving a bit before attacking, casting a Rune Spell, or maybe bladesharp first ). I just found that getting everyone entered in, correctly, usually required that I do it all( and the GM has enough to do, IMHO ), or the players takin
  7. That's interesting, and could be handy. Unfortunately, I do use dynamic lighting, and in the current situation my players are in, the space that they can "see" isn't big enough to use it. It would be nice if Roll20 would allow a second "map" to be open that the players could drop tokens on, but I don't think it does currently. I'm definitely going to keep this in mind for future maps, to try to set them up so that it could be used.
  8. How does the channel for Strike ranks work for you? I'm running a game on Roll20, and it's Turn Order function just doesn't work for me. I can see how it would be fine for a game like D&D where the order is the same every round, but with RuneQuest not so much.
  9. And me. I love the look of the maps, and they're great for getting a feel of the location, but they are less useful when a party starts moving around.
  10. I've had a couple of players leave my game, so looking for some additional players Details: The game is at 7pm US Central time, every other Thursday. Sessions usually last 3-4 hours, generally closer to 3 than 4. The next session is May 6th As mentioned, Roll20 for VTT, and Discord for voice. Currently not using any video, due mainly to my crappy internet( although I've been told that will change "sometime real soon now" ) Set in Sartar, the party is currently based at Clearwine, with several hides of land located in Nymie Vale. This is a freeform campaign. I've don
  11. Any chance these could be released as downloadable mp3 files? Or on some podcast app? YouTube is nice, but the visual doesn't add much a lot of the time, and a downloadable audio file could be listened to while mowing, riding an exercise bike, running on a treadmill, etc. I have been listening to the Critical Role podcasts for that reason. Would love to be able to do that with this campaign!
  12. Same here. I am a bit disappointed that we can't get the PDF's early, but I hope at least that getting JUST PDF's, at an appropriately reduced price, will still be an option. I'm only doing online gaming these days( only partly because of covid ), and while I did buy the hardcopy of the core rules, the bestiary, and the gm pack, I can't remember the last time I even looked at them.
  13. I've found that I never use the online sheets for NPC's when I'm running a game. Maybe, for one or two leaders, but not the grunts. I find it much easier to just work up paper sheets. I roll dice for the NPC's anyway, so there's not a lot of value. I've been using the Adversary generator here on BRP to build the basics of my NPCS( Generator ), so it's not a big deal to print them out. I found online sheets for NPCS gave me toooooooo many windows to flip between. YMMV.
  14. Hmm. Well, somebody has.
  15. Have you started working on the sheet? I noticed the Luck Runes have been replaced with a D20. I like the hover tips, but honestly miss the Luck runes. They felt more Gloranthan, but they do make it less obvious what the buttons are for.
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