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    Started playing RPG's in the early 80's. A friend ran an Original D&D campaign, I started 2nd Edition RuneQuest, and another friend ran Traveller. When the 3rd edition of RuneQuest came out, I started a campaign in the Harn universe. Things sat for many years after that. Just recently started a 3rd edition game set in Dragon Pass.
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    I've been running a 3rd edition Runequest game, we're planning on switching to the new version when it comes out. Looking for the PDF's to start with
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    North Central Missouri, USA
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    Not much else I want to share

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  1. Marc

    New Stuff!!!

    If you're using Windows 10, use the snipping tool( search for snipping to find it ). That's how I have copied out maps from PDF's to Roll20. Also, since the snipping tool is just grabbing what's on your screen, it works for any file that you can display, not just PDF's( Although, that's what I use it for the most )
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  3. I'm curious about the design rationale behind the rules for skills over 100%. My initial reaction when I read those was "I don't like this", without a conscious reason why. As I've used them( both as player and GM ), I find I like them less. More complicated. You have to keep reminding each other of how much your skill is over 100%. You also lose the better chances for criticals and specials, which can be important when fighting heavily armored opponents ( Broo with chaotic trait of +9 skin, for example ). I'm strongly leaning to a house rule in games I GM to get rid of that, and your benefit for having a skill over 100% is the higher chance of a critical or special success, but I would like to understand why the rule was written as it is before I do that.
  4. In the Summary of Combat Results sidebar, page 200.
  5. I'm not sure there is any way to share anything on Roll20. If you have a Pro level subscription, you can use( I believe ) the Transmorgiphier(sp?) to transfer stuff between games you have set up, but, other than creating something in the Marketplace, I don't know of any way to share maps, etc. FWIW, I'm thinking about doing a couple of video tutorials on the character sheet, one on setting it up, and one on using it. Still in the planning stage.
  6. Actually, if you look on the Skills page of the character sheet, you will see a Luck Rune next to each Skill Category bonus. When you click on that, a dialog box opens, asking for the current skill percentage of the skill you are checking. When you click on submit, it does the experience check roll.
  7. I'll put in another vote for roll20.net. I've been running a game there for over a year now, and have had good results. The RQG character sheet there is very helpful. Here's a link to a short help file I put together for it: https://drive.google.com/open?id=10xGE1V_Mkd_WCUrW5LumAm0tJS6evfgC It is still a work in progress, so any feedback is appreciated.
  8. Actually, just this second got a sixth player. Maybe next time!
  9. Well, on the one hand, I'd like to say yes. However, on the other hand, I am specifically doing this to introduce RuneQuest to new players. If I don't get a sixth player before the game starts, I'll let you know
  10. I've already got 5 players signed up, so it may happen sooner than May 14th, if an earlier start works for everyone that signs up. Room for 1 more player!
  11. I've set up another one-shot on Roll20. The game will start on May 14th, 7PM US Central time. I'll be running one of the retired convention scenarios. Same "Looking for Players" page. Check it out!
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  14. Yeah, I also run a game on Roll20, and I have told the players that, once I make a decision, the discussion is over. I'm perfectly willing to hear "What about..." comments, but I won't let it go on too long. That spoils the game for everyone. I made the roll, which surprised me. In the game I run, I make all perception and lore rolls, and keep track of any exp. checks until the end of the scenario.
  15. What is the wording on that? Dont have my books to hand....certainly POW gain rolls to get stuff to sacrifice are still Yearly unless your a Priest, Shammy or the like so people wont have a ton of RP Yeah, that works for cults with a Holy Day each week. According to the RAW though, that's only Babeester Gor, Eiritha( maybe, could just be for priestesses ), Ernalda, and Issaries. None of the other cults in the core book mention weekly holy days.
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