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    Started playing RPG's in the early 80's. A friend ran an Original D&D campaign, I started 2nd Edition RuneQuest, and another friend ran Traveller. When the 3rd edition of RuneQuest came out, I started a campaign in the Harn universe. Things sat for many years after that. Just recently started a 3rd edition game set in Dragon Pass.
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    I've been running a 3rd edition Runequest game, we're planning on switching to the new version when it comes out. Looking for the PDF's to start with
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  1. Take a look at the rules for shooting into melee, on page 214. I would use those rules for this situation.
  2. By "final version", do you mean there is a final version of the free scenario that is available, or the version that will be included in the Pegaus Plateau book?
  3. Curious what maps you're referring to. Looking at the Dragon Pass map from the GM Pack, I don't see anything where this village is supposed to be. The map in the scenario indicates that Boldhome is to the northeast, and HighWyrm is to the northwest. I'm assuming that Farfield( or Fairfield, whichever is correct ), is west of Roundstone, and north of the river that runs through Roundstone
  4. Thanks for doing this. I have frequently found my self searching Jason's answers, this will be much easier. You might want to include Jeff's comment about training time:
  5. Marc

    New Rune Spell

    Interesting Jeff. But the rules state( pp. 313-314 ) : An adventurer gains access to cult special or associated cult Rune spells at the same time they sacrifice POW for Rune points. For each point of POW sacrificed, the adventurer acquires the right to cast an additional cult special Rune magic spell. So, I'm somewhat confused. I can see the rationale for the donation, but, unless there's something else somewhere else in the book, I don't see that the rules require it. Am I missing something?
  6. How do you add mastered Runes and Techniques for Sorcery? I thought I had seen it once, but can't find it now.
  7. Wondering what the official view is on how often a character can actually leap using the Leap spell. The spell description says a fully encumbered person can jump 6 meters high, or away, for the spells duration. I assume that's not just once during the spell's duration. I'm going with once per melee round( plus you get your normal movement in that round ), but I could see arguments for once every DEX SRM.
  8. Actually, yes. I generally let the player roll resistance rolls. I've never really gotten hung up on active vs. passive. Say character A (POW 18) casts Befuddle on character B(POW 14). If A rolls, there is a 70% chance of overcoming B's resistance. Or, put another way, a 30% chance that A fails to overcome B's resistance. If B rolls there's a 30% chance of resisting the spell. Or, put another way, a 70% chance of not resisting the spell. Either way, A has a 70% chance of Befuddling B. So, its a difference that makes no difference, which, IIRC, Spock would say is no difference.
  9. I knew about the need for the command cult spirit spell. Where is the use of the Moon time for this documented in the rules?
  10. So, I'm getting ready to run a scenario at my FNSLGS( Friendly, Not So Local Game store, its about 100 miles away, and is the closest! ), and as I was putting together character sheets for the pre-gen characters, I ran into a couple of puzzling items. First, fairly minor, why would Harmast have Passage without Lock? You can't use Passage without Lock, so it seems a bit odd to take it. The second one is a bit more serious. Vostor has Summon Fire Elemental from Seven Mothers. Having the spell is not a problem, but the description of Summon Elemental(Type) says that the Rune used varies depending on the elemental being summoned. I always assumed that meant Earth Rune for an Earth Elemental, Air Rune for an Air Elemental, etc. But Vostor has 0 for the Fire Rune. So, he has taken a Rune Spell that he has no chance of casting? Or is this a Lunar thing, cause Lunars break rules all the time, and he can use his Moon Rune for the spell?
  11. I like what you have done, mostly. My issue with it, and with the RAW, is that the amount of time you need to train/research is the same, regardless of your skill level. In the RAW, you need a whole season to train your Track skill of 5%, or your Broadsword skill of 70%. Just doesn't make sense to me. I'm playing a character in a game on Roll20 that has a 5% Track skill. With RAW it just doesn't make sense to me to train that skill. Both RQ2 and RQ3 had the current skill level factored into how much time you had to spend training to get an increase. In RQ2 it was handled by a different cost depending on your skill level, and a set rate( 100L/week ) for paying for training. So, training your Broadsword up from 40% cost you 500L, and took 5 weeks. That was for training for 2 hours/day. RQ3 made it simpler( although with more bookkeeping ), at a number of hours equal to your current skill level. I'm planning on something similar to RQ3, with 50 hours per week if you do nothing but training, and 10 hours per week if you are engaged in your Occupation. Subject to change, once I see how it works out.
  12. The group I played with in the early '80s loved that game. We usually did a free-for-all, with a chest of gold upstairs, and the two that got out with it won.
  13. I liked your Combat 101 document. A couple of comments: Statement of Intent. I have always done the statements in INT order(lowest to highest ) That gives the players with characters that have higher INT a bit more info to base their actions on. Movement/attacks. You can only attack twice with a melee weapon if your skill is 100% or higher, AND you have enough strike ranks. And each attack is at 1/2 your base attack skill. I have played that spells cast on the weapon( ie Bladesharp ) have their modifiers added AFTER splitting, while spells cast on the person( ie Sword Trance ) have their modifiers added BEFORE splitting. Its the skill before splitting that has to be 100% or higher. One exception to needing 100% or higher is missile weapons with a Rate of S/MR. With those, you use your full skill for every attack, and can attack as many times as you have strike ranks for. More below In your Action/Strike Ranks table, one error is that missile weapons don't have a strike rank, so those attacks are on the character's DEX SR. Shooting a weapon with a rate of S/MR, and a low enough DEX SR, you can attack multiple times per round. So DEX SR 2, Weapon ready to fire at the start of the round( arrow knocked ) First round, First shot at SR 2 Load weapon, ready to go at SR 7( +5 SR ) Second shot at SR 9. No time to reload this round Second round, weapon loaded at SR 5 First shot at SR 7 Weapon reloaded at SR 12 (+5 SR) DEX SR 1, Weapon ready to fire at the start of the round First shot SR 1. Load weapon, ready to go at SR 6 Second shot at SR 7 Load weapon, ready to go at SR 12 DEX SR 1, Weapon not ready to fire at the start of the round Load, ready to go at SR 5 First shot, SR 6 Load, ready to go at SR 11 Second shot, SR 12 With a DEX SR of 0, it works out basically the same as a DEX SR of 1, except that, if you're ready at the start of the round, you can get 3 shots off in the first round.
  14. I'd LOVE to join the Cult of Chaos and offer to run a game at my local store, if I HAD a local store.
  15. I should spend more time thinking about posts. Yeah, I wouldn't make a player pay the SR penalty if the focus was tattooed. Basically, it depends on how hard it would be to get to the focus. Actually, this thread has reminded me of something I should tell the players in my current game. When I was running an RQ2 game, I required players to write down where they had the focus for each spell. So we would be able to tell if the focus was damaged, destroyed, or unavailable for some other reason.
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