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  1. I liked your Combat 101 document.  A couple of comments:

    • Statement of Intent.  I have always done the statements in INT order(lowest to highest ) That gives the players with characters that have higher INT a bit more info to base their actions on.
    • Movement/attacks. You can only attack twice with a melee weapon if your skill is 100% or higher, AND you have enough  strike ranks. And each attack is at 1/2 your base attack skill.  I have played that spells cast on the weapon( ie Bladesharp ) have their modifiers added AFTER splitting, while spells cast on the person( ie Sword Trance ) have their modifiers added BEFORE splitting.  Its the skill before splitting that has to be 100% or higher. One exception to needing 100% or higher is missile weapons with a Rate of S/MR. With those, you use your full skill for every attack, and can attack as many times as you have strike ranks for.  More below

    In your Action/Strike Ranks table, one error is that missile weapons don't have a strike rank, so those attacks are on the character's DEX SR.  Shooting a weapon with a rate of S/MR, and a low enough DEX SR, you can attack multiple times per round.  So

    • DEX SR 2, Weapon ready to fire at the start of the round( arrow knocked )
      • First round, First shot at SR 2
      • Load weapon, ready to go at SR 7( +5 SR )
      • Second shot at SR 9.
      • No time to reload this round
      • Second round, weapon loaded at SR 5
      • First shot at SR 7
      • Weapon reloaded at SR 12 (+5 SR)
    • DEX SR 1, Weapon ready to fire at the start of the round
      • First shot SR 1.
      • Load weapon, ready to go at SR 6
      • Second shot at SR 7
      • Load weapon, ready to go at SR 12
    • DEX SR 1, Weapon not ready to fire at the start of the round
      • Load, ready to go at SR 5
      • First shot, SR 6
      • Load, ready to go at SR 11
      • Second shot, SR 12

    With a DEX SR of 0, it works out basically the same as a DEX SR of 1, except that, if you're ready at the start of the round, you can get 3 shots off in the first round.

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