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  1. Actually, just this second got a sixth player. Maybe next time!
  2. Well, on the one hand, I'd like to say yes. However, on the other hand, I am specifically doing this to introduce RuneQuest to new players. If I don't get a sixth player before the game starts, I'll let you know
  3. I've already got 5 players signed up, so it may happen sooner than May 14th, if an earlier start works for everyone that signs up. Room for 1 more player!
  4. I've set up another one-shot on Roll20. The game will start on May 14th, 7PM US Central time. I'll be running one of the retired convention scenarios. Same "Looking for Players" page. Check it out!
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  7. Yeah, I also run a game on Roll20, and I have told the players that, once I make a decision, the discussion is over. I'm perfectly willing to hear "What about..." comments, but I won't let it go on too long. That spoils the game for everyone. I made the roll, which surprised me. In the game I run, I make all perception and lore rolls, and keep track of any exp. checks until the end of the scenario.
  8. What is the wording on that? Dont have my books to hand....certainly POW gain rolls to get stuff to sacrifice are still Yearly unless your a Priest, Shammy or the like so people wont have a ton of RP Yeah, that works for cults with a Holy Day each week. According to the RAW though, that's only Babeester Gor, Eiritha( maybe, could just be for priestesses ), Ernalda, and Issaries. None of the other cults in the core book mention weekly holy days.
  9. I think he was keying on the "stress" thing a bit too much. He's new to RuneQuest. I sent him a message, explained my point of view, and he responded. I'm pretty sure we understand each other, and he has laid out his criteria for awarding experience checks, which, after he thought about my comments, and assuming I'm understanding it correctly, has shifted to be more like mine. He stated that he had originally understood it to mean the result of the skill check had to influence the story/adventure in a significant way. After reading my message, and going back to the rules, his understand
  10. So, I've just started playing in a new campaign on Roll20, with a GM and party that I've never played with before. Pretty excited about it! However, during our first session, something happened that surprised me. My character had gone around to the back of a tent that several emissaries from different clans were having a meeting in( one of the emissaries was from my clan ). I wanted to know what they were talking about, so I tried a Listen roll. I succeeded, and heard a few phrases, and then a companion managed to trip, and fall through the back of the tent! However, that's no
  11. I'd like to toss my hat in the ring to play in one of these. I'm currently running a game on Roll20, and would REALLY like to play in a game, somehow. Face to Face is not an option for me and I haven't found any other RQ games on Roll20. Well, was in one, but the GM decided it required more of his time than he could afford. Marc
  12. Hey, I've set up a one-shot game of RuneQuest on Roll20, and thought I'd mention it here, in case there is any interest. I'm mainly trying to expose more people on Roll20 to RuneQuest. So, if there are people here that are interested in RuneQuest, but haven't been able to try it out( maybe because, like me, they live in the middle of freakin' nowhere! ), or people that are curious about playing on a VTT, check it out. Here's a link to the "Looking for Players" page for the game: https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/188083/runequest-rig-oneshot We'll be using the pre-gen ch
  13. Where in the rules does it say this? Looking at the text on page 390, it says: Knowledge of a sorcery spell can be inscribed into an item— such as a scroll, book, piece of jewelry, weapon, or some other small token—through ritual enchantment, instead of using a point of Free INT. The enchanter, who must know the spell, must sacrifice 1 point of POW to create the inscription. For each point of POW added to the inscription, the base strength, range, or duration of the spell is increased by 1, without requiring any manipulation by the sorcerer. This enables the sorcerer to c
  14. I had interpreted the rules as "Rune magic always fires on SR1". Then, I was about to post a question about it on the Core Rules Questions thread, when I found, on page 194, in the section labeled "Magical Attacks and Strike Ranks", Rune magic spells always take effect at strike rank 1. If more than 1 magic point is used to boost a Rune magic spell, or otherwise increase its effects, 1 strike rank is added for each additional magical point after the first. Which makes it pretty clear that, yeah, sometimes, Rune Spells DON'T go off on SR1.
  15. There are some other disadvantages to Sword Trance. It's not spelled out in the spell description, but I believe Jason commented on this somewhere. Maybe the Core Rules questions thread? Or there might have been a thread on Sword Trance. You might try searching the forum for "Sword Trance". Basically, like the Arrow Trance( described in the Bestiary ) spell, when you cast this on yourself you go into a trance, and you can ONLY do sword related things. So, you can attack and parry, but only with your sword. You can move to get to another foe to attack. You can cast sword related spells(
  16. Take a look at the rules for shooting into melee, on page 214. I would use those rules for this situation.
  17. By "final version", do you mean there is a final version of the free scenario that is available, or the version that will be included in the Pegaus Plateau book?
  18. Curious what maps you're referring to. Looking at the Dragon Pass map from the GM Pack, I don't see anything where this village is supposed to be. The map in the scenario indicates that Boldhome is to the northeast, and HighWyrm is to the northwest. I'm assuming that Farfield( or Fairfield, whichever is correct ), is west of Roundstone, and north of the river that runs through Roundstone
  19. Thanks for doing this. I have frequently found my self searching Jason's answers, this will be much easier. You might want to include Jeff's comment about training time:
  20. Marc

    New Rune Spell

    Interesting Jeff. But the rules state( pp. 313-314 ) : An adventurer gains access to cult special or associated cult Rune spells at the same time they sacrifice POW for Rune points. For each point of POW sacrificed, the adventurer acquires the right to cast an additional cult special Rune magic spell. So, I'm somewhat confused. I can see the rationale for the donation, but, unless there's something else somewhere else in the book, I don't see that the rules require it. Am I missing something?
  21. How do you add mastered Runes and Techniques for Sorcery? I thought I had seen it once, but can't find it now.
  22. Actually, yes. I generally let the player roll resistance rolls. I've never really gotten hung up on active vs. passive. Say character A (POW 18) casts Befuddle on character B(POW 14). If A rolls, there is a 70% chance of overcoming B's resistance. Or, put another way, a 30% chance that A fails to overcome B's resistance. If B rolls there's a 30% chance of resisting the spell. Or, put another way, a 70% chance of not resisting the spell. Either way, A has a 70% chance of Befuddling B. So, its a difference that makes no difference, which, IIRC, Spock would say is no difference.
  23. I knew about the need for the command cult spirit spell. Where is the use of the Moon time for this documented in the rules?
  24. So, I'm getting ready to run a scenario at my FNSLGS( Friendly, Not So Local Game store, its about 100 miles away, and is the closest! ), and as I was putting together character sheets for the pre-gen characters, I ran into a couple of puzzling items. First, fairly minor, why would Harmast have Passage without Lock? You can't use Passage without Lock, so it seems a bit odd to take it. The second one is a bit more serious. Vostor has Summon Fire Elemental from Seven Mothers. Having the spell is not a problem, but the description of Summon Elemental(Type) says that the Rune used varies
  25. I like what you have done, mostly. My issue with it, and with the RAW, is that the amount of time you need to train/research is the same, regardless of your skill level. In the RAW, you need a whole season to train your Track skill of 5%, or your Broadsword skill of 70%. Just doesn't make sense to me. I'm playing a character in a game on Roll20 that has a 5% Track skill. With RAW it just doesn't make sense to me to train that skill. Both RQ2 and RQ3 had the current skill level factored into how much time you had to spend training to get an increase. In RQ2 it was handled by a differe
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