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  1. It would be nice if they would tell us when the GM pack woukd be available. It was supposed to be before Gen Con, but tgat was almost a month ago. I understand that "stuff" happens, but this far past, with no idea of whats going on is a bit crazy.
  2. Ok, its been more than 2 weeks now since Gen Con ended. Can we get an update on what's happening with the GM Pack?
  3. I hadn't really paid a lot of attention to the Sorcery rules at first, because I didn't think I would need them right away. Now, however, I have a player that wants to run a Sorcerer, so I've taken a close look, and have a question( actually, I suspect I'll have many questions 😁). I saw in several spell descriptions references to ivercoming a targets magic points. I thought in RQG spell were resisted with POW, not magic points. Are Sorcery spells handled differently? Marc
  4. Now that Gen Con is behind us, I wondered if we could get an update on when the GM Pack & screen would be available for purchase as a PDF. I assume it will be several months before it's available in print.
  5. Ok, with the Bestiary PDF available tomorrow, I've decided to try to kick off an online RQG campaign, assuming there's enough interest. I'm planning on twice a month, my preference is 1st and 3rd Thursdays, other Thursdays are possible. Start at 7 or 8 US Central time( UTC-5 in the summer ), each session 3-4 hours long. We'll use PhilHibbs Google Sheets character sheet. I'll store them on my Google drive, and share to the players. I don't have anything specific in mind. The campaign will be based in Dragon Pass, with possible forays to Prax, Dorastor, other places that I
  6. I haven't seen any mention of it ending when damaged in RQG. However RQ2 said "If the character using the spell takes physical or magical damage the FIreblade goes away". I'm trying to remember, but when I ran an RQ2 campaign back in the early '80's, I think we kinda missed that part of the rules, and the Fireblade was maintained. In hindsight, I think some kind of roll would be appropriate. Maybe a resistance roll of INT vs damage?
  7. What time zone are you two in? I'm in US Central( UTC-6, UTC-5 in the summer ).
  8. I seem to recall in one of the discussions prior to the release of the core rules that an editable pdf character sheet was going to be made available. Is that still the plan? I did find a downloadable sheet on Chaosiums website, but it wasn't editable. Unless I was doing something wrong.
  9. The way the rule reads( if I've understood it correctly ) is that you have to either split attacks, or reduce both combatants skills. I can definitely see scenarios where I would MUCH rather keep the higher chance of a crit or special. Say to get past the iron plate with Protection 4 and Shield 2 on the Rune Lord you're fighting, which means any normal attack success just bounces off.
  10. Anyone thinking/planning on running a game on a VTT? I live(literally) in the middle of no where( ~100 miles east of Kansas City ). I'd love to get into a game, but the chances of a face-to-face game out here are virtually non-existent. I did run an RQ2 game back in the early '80's, so I could run one myself, but I'd really rather just be a player. Anybody?
  11. Maybe Chaosium could do a few "tutorial" type videos, showing combat, sorcery, spirit combat, etc. For something like that, it might be better to have all the people in one location, kinda like the Critical Role model.
  12. One of my old DMs called it "mug a bunny". Sometimes, you ran into a 15th level vorpal bunny :).
  13. Note that the section "Becoming Inspired" states that gamemaster approval is needed to make a roll. If a player in a game I was running asked for something like that, they'd have to come up with some really ( I mean REALLY ) good justification for a roll.
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