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  1. This is really great news. I'd about given up on them after the last two books I bought. Somebody please invent a time machine, take Greg and Sandy back in time and have them convince their past selves to do this before Mongoose gets ahold of Runequest and CoC 7 is even thought of
  2. My group and I have been playing The Strange lately. I've written up 3 horror scenarios set in 18th Century Massachusetts that you could convert to Renaissance. I hope to have another posted in a week or two. I realize they might not be up the OP's alley, but if anyone else is interested, here's the link. https://filbantostew.wordpress.com/adventures/
  3. I think Cthulhu Rising will be resurrected by d101 games using OpenQuest someday. Also there was just a Strange Aeons kickstarter for a miniatures game that ended a week or so ago.
  4. Nope. I'm a "lumper". Just more places I'd need to click to find stuff.
  5. Stumbled onto this Cthulhu Invictus adventure book on crackstarter - I mean kickstarter - and took the plunge: De Horrore Cosmico https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/goldengoblinpress/de-horrore-cosmico-six-scenarios-for-cthulhu-invic Ends in a day.
  6. Clockwork & Chivalry may also be worth a look. They have a similar major wound table based on a hit location.
  7. We were working on a Norse Dark Ages game that took elements from BRP, Pendragon, GURPS/Melee and others. Like GURPS, you didn't have HP per location. There was random hit locations for armor and wounds. The base rules were pendragon, so there is no real concept of a Fumble. If I was using BRP, I'd have a fumbled CON roll mean a permanent injury (or death for head/torso wounds). Not sure if this will make a lot of sense, but here are the rules we used. Hit location: 1 Head 2 Right arm 3 Left arm 4-8 Torso 9 Right leg 0 Left leg Injury Hit points (HP) represent the state of a character’s health. When a character is injured he will take one or more points of damage and the player immediately lowers the character’s hit points by that amount. If the character takes greater than or equal to his Major Wound level in one blow, additional effects happen. Flesh Wound Flesh wounds are caused by attacks or other mishaps dealing damage less than the character’s MW. A character can soldier on after receiving a flesh wound and suffers no additional penalties in combat. Major Wound Damage equal to or exceeding the MW value means the character is badly injured. Minor NPCs will be out of the fight if they take a major wound. Characters who attempt to fight must make an immediate CON roll. The effects of success or failure depending upon where the blow was struck: Head or Torso Critical The character is stunned and unable to perform any actions next round. Succeed The character is stunned next round. On later rounds he may make another CON roll to become un-stunned. Fail The character falls unconscious, and begins bleeding out. He loses 1 HP each round unless healing is applied or he succeeds in a CON roll. Arm Critical Any item carried in that hand is dropped. He may pick it up or draw a new weapon next round. Succeed Any item carried in that hand is dropped. On later rounds he may make another CON roll to regain use of the arm. Fail The arm is rendered useless until the character receives healing. Any item carried in that hand is dropped. Leg Critical The character falls prone. He may stand next round. Succeed The character falls prone. He may stand next round, but MV will be at -1. Fail The character falls prone. He may stand with a successful DEX roll, but MV will be at -3.
  8. I've long had an idea of "flattening the swing" by using a smaller die and a bigger bonus for someone armored head to toe. The wilder swings for someone wearing less armor and more weak points would still be appropriate. Options for plate armor would look something like this: Full plate harness: 1D6+6 (range = 7-12, average = 9-10) Three-quarter armor: 1D10+2 (range = 3-12, average = 7-8) Half plate: 1D12 (range = 1-12, average = 6-7) Cuirass only: 1D10 (range = 1-10, average = 5-6)
  9. Just uploaded the file for you! PM me if you are having trouble - I can e-mail you a copy off list if you'd like.
  10. 128 downloads

    A selection of common firearms for 18th century colonial America. A lot of these will overlap with Napoleonic weapons.
  11. There's an old in the archives about this. I wrote up a bunch of firearms in it and also my house rules for them. Formatting is terrible, but I could probably dig up my Word doc if you would like a copy. Cheers - Mike
  12. Backed! Looks like fun and will compliment our Deadlands game well too.
  13. Thanks for the info! I'm guessing I am firmly in the camp of "no need to rush out and buy it" and it sounds like the changes will be easy enough to ignore if I pick up a new adventure as well.
  14. seneschal & nclarke - I haven't followed 7th ed. developments since the initial discussions. I have to admit that I didn't like the route it seemed to be taking. Does it still have the crazy stat blocks (example 70/35/14)? I think there were also some new dice mechanics - maybe that is the "pushing" one described above.
  15. Aren't there already optional rules in BRP to mimic this? I thought there was a sidebar on using POW points for things like reducing damage or "downgrading" an opponent's attack. Maybe I am thinking of AA rules though... For a pulp game make the POW cost cheap to reduce damage to minimum or force mooks to re-roll to hit.
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