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  1. First of all, thanks for your work. About the actual play videos, keep doing them, and do a ToC as they say before me. Next, you can use those videos and ToC to reference different situations, from close combat, ranged, roleplay a talk, how to sneak in a tower, how to fight without kill the bad guys, how to use magic and why,how to use passions and how they affected the player, etc. You can be feeding a very big library of examples to talk about. People could not have interest in the whole video, but its nice to look for examples. Then you can do a video about combat rules, how those rules works with different situations and how they not. Also, i like to see sessions with Mythras, there are not many on youtube and i REALLY appreciate your British accent, because im new using this system and because we are from Argentina, so easier to understand when someone talks properly to a mic.
  2. So, yesterday i mastered for first time a game with a player as antagonist, and it worked! A little about the setting: Buenos aires city, modern days, dresden files (magic), halloween, wild hunt. A little about the players: They are 4, we were 3, but one of them leaves some months ago, another 2 join, and another one leave and came back. This little lovely bastard was the one that made me suffer with his request. -I want to play again with Sec (the player he left) -He is in coma after being tortured by the inquisition (yes!, we have an inquisition in our setting) -but i dont like too much my new character -then why you made this one?! -i dont know.... He was playing with a wizard that had a power that was against the rules of magic, so he almost cant play without being chased by other wizard and being killed (this came from dresden files). So i made a little campaign while he get something to be "not criminally liable". One week after finished that he leaves the table. I still hate him. He came back this year with another character, that was an "half vampire (that wants to be healed) evil twin brother from a priest, member of a masonic order". From spain. He kidnapped his brother in his own house's basement, feed him, took is place in the church and chase the party to gain their friendship, look if they have something powerfull for the order, and, in the middle, try to convince that his order is not bad. Why not?! . So, he started to play with them, again with that crazy character (undercover), and all was ok. Maybe for 3 months. 3 weeks ago another player said: if you dont write a halloween special you are a shame as GM. ¬¬, ok you dont knows what are u asking me.., you will cry blood i said. I was thinking what to write while was writing the last session (one week ago), then, one day before that day was our talk about "i dont like my character anymore.." -No, you leaves your character alone, if u wants to take it back, must be coherent with the story -ok -let me think... i was thinking for few days after find how to take back that character and switch them. Halloween is a strong day for the setting The wild hunt happens that day while "someone really strong leads a hunt, where u are hunter or be hunted" In the dresden books something about change bodies happens. "That's it!" so, after talking with him about that ("are u sure u wants to play again with your ex-character?"), we agreed about the epic finall of his spanish half vampire. The other players were suspecting about him some weeks ago so, better. He was reveled as a bad guy, while was helping a necromancer that came for halloween to direct a ritual to clean his body and (and that was important) took information from the mind of the other character. was a 12 hours session. half session was him still being.., friend with the party doing some jobs for this necromancer, while the party was suspecting about him wihle were investigating about this guy that came to the city. the other half was the party (the good guys) chasing him when he was revealed as traitor. we used telegram (is like whatsapp) to prevent metagaming for very important parts. The bad guy has an agenda for his goal, while the others were chasing him, fallowing breadcrums and fake clues. Both sides knows something that the other side didnt. Both sides must accomplish things to see wich side "won". The "bad" guy didnt know how the ritual will be till finall (because was just a minion of this necromancer). The necromancer was dislexic. Instead of mind fighting between the necromancer and the mind-wizard was a mind fight with the half-vampire and the mind-wizard. The mind wizard took his body. The whole party was: Holy shit! the necromancer was killed. A player almost lost a leg with a knife, before, while he was hunting minions from the bad guy. The player got his previous character in the body of the new one, because if u wants to leave a character, wrote a new one and regreat i will make u suffer the consequences. And i got a: "that was the most epic session i had ever", from veteran players (~15 years playing) And all worked well!! with only 50% of the party in hospital. So, if one day u wants to play a character against the party, you can, is not impossible for gm and player, but both will need a lot of work and the help of new technology (or just folded paper) to make it happens, make some goals for both sides, help them to not spoil their agenda, and saw what happens. And never gave a machete to a npc minion to the bad guy. Knifes are very bad.
  3. i could do both versions, three. stand alone app, server and web client and service if i can use mongo cloud.
  4. Ok, a little update for this weekend. First, im not a dev, im just a game master with bad memory that work as sysadmin that can do little things, so all advice is welcome Things that is already done: Database engine running with mongodb (i had the engine working for other things like armor or items, so was running) Schema for monsters using BDBOM as source. Web environment running with nodejs with the following packges: Express (because i need a framework to work less) Mongodb (driver to connect to database) Monk (becasue i want to code less so this is usefull for me ) Pug (because i want to write less html. This was called Jade some time ago) Then, after this, i wrote a little to mix all and do some little to have (i wrote to have, in near future) my "monster database CRUD" (Create, Read, Update, Delete). Im uploading the schema and packages im using (package.json). Yesterday night i was debugging an error in the app when the error was me writing wrong the url and getting a 404 error. Maybe the next week i will start using github to publish all (because free software is good). For now im a little shy about my work because its just starting 😅. To Do (in near future after this crud start working as i want): Data validation, im not doing anything to validate data (i trust on myself now.., and i hate to validate data) Use Mocha to start tests. I hate how the schema looks like, i will.., (no, suddenly when im writing this i know how i need to write the characteristics XD). Watever i will update this... Some CSS (or maybe boostrap ) Authentication (now whoever can write or delete all, but now im just me) Join this with my armor and wepons table (its in other mongodb) Something im missing now... Notes: about the files, are just txt, import that or copy and paste to json files. The package.json are to isntall if you wants to start doing all in same environment as im using (for now ). Forget about the data in the json schema, was just data to built that schema and test the structure, and forget about the characteristics and average fields because i will rewrite that after this message. For the schema you can use this site to see how the data structure looks like, for now. The screenshot is how its looking like the app from my side Goodnight and keep tuned for next updates. schema.txt package.txt A little update after this post: skills and attacks will go to a separate collection in a many to many desing so i could have a collection of skills and attacks with their respective values. No this is not yet wrote, i need to sleep
  5. Hi, is there any some sort of Big Damn Book of monster translated to a CSV (or whatever)? Im starting to sort all the data we use in our roleplaying table in a database (weapons, armor, items, etc) from brp 4th edition and other books (some from CoC, RQ, etc) to use in our games because im the GM and i have a very very very bad memory. I want to do the same with some monsters and that book is one of the best i know for random ones. So.., before start doing that long work im asking if someone alredy wrote that. The idea its to make that, then use the recipes to generate some npc monsters on the fly using mongodb and node (if someone knows what im talking about). Im just starting, but i need to start with the data in some format. thanks!
  6. ohh, pdf will be, no way that book will be here physical, very small market. thanks!!
  7. tv show? pff.., Kerryn Murphy there its brunette and with dark eyes.. Now im thinking about the ectoplasmatic body of ghost or constructs, so how much magic points they need to cast to build an ectopasmatic body. thanks again this its working fine! oh, im looking for those books, still cant find the after vampire wars.
  8. thanks to both, @simonh and @g33k . Needed to say that after the firsts questions we had in the table i grabbed the BRP corebook and spent some days reading. No, i didnt had the book before and its really hard to find rpg books here in argentina. After reding the first pages i found the power level.., so first question was answared there: give some points (more or less depends on your power level) and its ok. second question: we are using now the same training and reading system as before in rq, so, for now no changes. We have a skill named Occultism, for now its working really good. its how much you knows about the dresdenverse (whole) and we have some sort of specializations like faery things, vampires (black, red, white, etc), ghosts, magic, etc. In fact its working fine for magic you are some sort of adept till 40%, you can start learning another element as wizard if u have training with a wizard, etc, etc, then at 75% you knows all the other elements and you can start trainging that. We have feeding dependency for vampires and its a meter for that, you wants some extra power?, spent some magic points, now you are closer to 0 for that feeding dependency meter and so on. You gain some extra points for stats for some time, a scene. Same for changellings, but more at long term and and the changing its more like for ever. Its like a humanity gauge, closer to 0, closer to be a npc. Rituals are easyer, just took some from CoC, take out some sacrifices, and its working , we have few rituals but they are working. about aspects.., indeed we were working with aspects per se, since the day 0, and as you were saying they are less simulation, they are working. For example our changelling player could say: "hey!, my mother was a faery general, mybe i can command some faeries now", "yes, you have 10% more now with this faeries now". Or our new wizard "i was trined by this wizard, maybe i know about this book". Both "faery general mother" and "wizard trrainee", were aspects. I will see if i can get those books, thanks. i will update this some day with more time like some sort of: how to play dresden files using BRP or die trying... Really, thanks to help us
  9. Hi from Argentina, this is for people that know about Dresden Files or FATE, or helping us, wants to read a lot about it. so, lets go.. i was lurking this forum since last year, when our party took RQ/BRP to handle our sessions. We were playing Dresden Files since maybe 2 years ago every 15 days. First starting with FATE rules that we never used before, so to us were really hard to handle when we started "playing". Character/city creation was amaing with FATE, but when we needed to play, we failed. Then we changed to MAGE the Ascencion, just for one session, because was horrible. That was we changed our GM from one of our friends to.., me (i was a player before). At this point we took hand to our old RQ character sheets and start using RQ/BRP, that was familiar to us. At this point we lost a player, that was our only wizzard, so we were playing Dresden Files without wizard, almost pure humans. Some days ago a new player joined us, as a wizzard so, some old questions come back from that place where we left them "to keep playing". An advice, we are not too much system oriented players, we are more Story oriented ones, so we were not having troubles saying: yes.., that could happened.., dont worry... But we find that we have trouble creating characters in pure RQ/BRP, comming from DFRPG. i, or maybe, we, have some questions that i didnt found here answered, some people wrote about using aspects and their experience, etc. Here starts the questions 1-In Dresden Files u starts your game choosing a Power Level, this is how many points u have to spent in your character that cant be below 1. The levels are "feet in the water (a)", "up to your waist (b)", "chest deep (c)", "submerged (d)". A ) Means you have 6 refresh points and 20 skill points B ) Means you have 7 RP and 25 SP C ) Means you have 8 RP and 30 SP D ) Means you have 10 RP and 35 SP That means, some "classes" are out of score if u cant pay for the powers that MUST have. How you can do this in RQ/BRP? giving some points to spent in skills? more in other levels? etc? How you pay for the first "powers"? 2-In FATE you have this stupid useless progression system: * * * * * * * * * * ok, its not useless.., but gives a lot to the story part: "i want a new power, i can pay now for new one in superb slot so...". Yes, you plays the story how you lernt this new power, but its tottally diferent than RQ/BRP. You can check your abilities or spend hours studiying. In FATE its like in chapters, new chapter, you gain some RP or SP (GM goodness(?), then you can spent this points in new things. How we can do this in RQ?, because in FATE its.., horrible. For a wizzard its not the same built a flame wall than throw his flameball that its maybe at 80%. We where thinking about, trow dices for fireball with a pentalty maybe at 50% for something totally new for this wizard, then after success you marks this new kind of spell and after some times (and less penalty) you can start trowing this spell. totally diferent its when u wants to learn something tottally new. In FATE its just "i pay for this", how we can do this?. yes a quest to find someone that acts as master, then hours studying. Or maybe calling a demon that its a master?, or a quest to find a book, then marks with penalties?... dont know. 3-Was reading here in the forum how aspects broke the system because they act as powers, and someone wrote to use this as skills, how? we reaally love aspects, i miss them, was good as something to make the players tell the story with the GM and not just the GM doing this. We are a nice group and all the people in the table could act as Storytellers in the game if they want because they are REALLY very literalte people. After this questions, maybe they are more that i cant remember now, you could say: change to RD100.., yes, maybe, but not now, we changed 3 times in one year systems and we are tired of this (personally i needed to read FATE, MAGE, then BRP till i figured that was the same system i used in CoC 15 years ago). I read RD100 and its good, really, i like it, but we wants to keep using our nice RQ/BRP sheets.., for now. We have a very nice setting in Buenos Aires about Dresden Files, and this its a LONG term play. If someone likes Dresden Files books contact me, and if you are using BRP for this, cool. for now, thanks for take your time to read this long post.
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