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  1. First of all, thanks for your work. About the actual play videos, keep doing them, and do a ToC as they say before me. Next, you can use those videos and ToC to reference different situations, from close combat, ranged, roleplay a talk, how to sneak in a tower, how to fight without kill the bad guys, how to use magic and why,how to use passions and how they affected the player, etc. You can be feeding a very big library of examples to talk about. People could not have interest in the whole video, but its nice to look for examples. Then you can do a video about combat rules, how those
  2. So, yesterday i mastered for first time a game with a player as antagonist, and it worked! A little about the setting: Buenos aires city, modern days, dresden files (magic), halloween, wild hunt. A little about the players: They are 4, we were 3, but one of them leaves some months ago, another 2 join, and another one leave and came back. This little lovely bastard was the one that made me suffer with his request. -I want to play again with Sec (the player he left) -He is in coma after being tortured by the inquisition (yes!, we have an inquisition in our setting)
  3. i could do both versions, three. stand alone app, server and web client and service if i can use mongo cloud.
  4. Ok, a little update for this weekend. First, im not a dev, im just a game master with bad memory that work as sysadmin that can do little things, so all advice is welcome Things that is already done: Database engine running with mongodb (i had the engine working for other things like armor or items, so was running) Schema for monsters using BDBOM as source. Web environment running with nodejs with the following packges: Express (because i need a framework to work less) Mongodb (driver to connect to database) Monk (becasue i want to cod
  5. Hi, is there any some sort of Big Damn Book of monster translated to a CSV (or whatever)? Im starting to sort all the data we use in our roleplaying table in a database (weapons, armor, items, etc) from brp 4th edition and other books (some from CoC, RQ, etc) to use in our games because im the GM and i have a very very very bad memory. I want to do the same with some monsters and that book is one of the best i know for random ones. So.., before start doing that long work im asking if someone alredy wrote that. The idea its to make that, then use the recipes to generate some npc monst
  6. ohh, pdf will be, no way that book will be here physical, very small market. thanks!!
  7. tv show? pff.., Kerryn Murphy there its brunette and with dark eyes.. Now im thinking about the ectoplasmatic body of ghost or constructs, so how much magic points they need to cast to build an ectopasmatic body. thanks again this its working fine! oh, im looking for those books, still cant find the after vampire wars.
  8. thanks to both, @simonh and @g33k . Needed to say that after the firsts questions we had in the table i grabbed the BRP corebook and spent some days reading. No, i didnt had the book before and its really hard to find rpg books here in argentina. After reding the first pages i found the power level.., so first question was answared there: give some points (more or less depends on your power level) and its ok. second question: we are using now the same training and reading system as before in rq, so, for now no changes. We have a skill named Occultism, for now its working really
  9. Hi from Argentina, this is for people that know about Dresden Files or FATE, or helping us, wants to read a lot about it. so, lets go.. i was lurking this forum since last year, when our party took RQ/BRP to handle our sessions. We were playing Dresden Files since maybe 2 years ago every 15 days. First starting with FATE rules that we never used before, so to us were really hard to handle when we started "playing". Character/city creation was amaing with FATE, but when we needed to play, we failed. Then we changed to MAGE the Ascencion, just for one session, because was horrible. That was
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