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  1. I’m ready to pick up the slipcase set but haven’t received my code yet. Will these be sent soon? I’m hoping to get mine before they are out of stock
  2. I’ll start this by saying I don’t have a ton of experience with previous editions, mainly a few scenarios at conventions. I really like 7th edition a lot, particularly a few of the things that were introduced in the new edition. If I have any of this wrong feel free to correct me. 1. Pushed rolls- I love this addition, it’s a way to give the player more rope to hang themselves with 2. Luck spends- another way to let the players hang themselves. Sure, they get to make a few skill checks successfully but when I get to hear the collective moan from the players when I ask for a group luck roll, can’t help but smile. 3. Degrees of success- having ordinary, hard, and extreme successes give you three levels to work with when giving out information. It also helps with the combat system , allowing the fight back option which moves combat along quicker. 4. Adjusting an investigator’s back story after an episode of insanity. To me this signifies an investigator’s life deteriorating while the player watches it happen. You have the liberty to change their history however best fits their story. 5. Chase rules- I’m probably in the minority but I like them. I used them when running the Escape from Innsmouth and they worked really well. I’ll admit I read them through a few times to make sure I had them down but once I did they were fairly easy to use. 6. Mythos tomes- using a mythos tome as a reference fits really well. I don’t know if this was in previous editions but I noticed the stats for tomes are different in 7th edition. I’m sure there are other things I’m forgetting, hopefully my information above is accurate. In addition to the list above the new edition’s books are awesome! I just received the news Masks campaign, can’t say enough about how sweet it is! I have many of the new books, all of them are pretty sweet. I started keeping for my group about 15 months ago, I’m very glad I went with the newest edition, highly recommended!
  3. Have you read Genuis Loci yet? The scenario is based on getting a friend out of an asylum. Josh wasn’t the one rescued but it was a good scenario. The NPC they busted out ended up as a meal for the shoggoth in Escape from Innsmouth, then he helped two of the investigators discover the Dreamlands a few months later. This is my first time running CoC but it’s been a lot of fun so far.
  4. The BBEG escaped during my campaign as well! A lone investigator and Josh decided to check out the tunnels on their own and were promptly taken captive by the ghouls. They ended up in the cell, Josh curled up in a ball unconscious while the investigator was questioned/tortured by the BBEG. The other investigators were able to rescue them, but I did have the BBEG send a letter written in Aklo to the investigator he questioned. It basically said he forgot how delectable young skin tastes, she has rekindled his desire to see the world again to expand his diet! He also promised to see her again, I plan to run Two Headed Serpent so I figured I could work him in somehow. I wanted to have the BBEG cast Accursed Eye on Josh, but I want it to last longer than a week. I’m debating on making a deeper version that lasts longer. This way he could keeps tabs on the investigator. The investigator in question has a guilt complex, she thinks anyone she cares about gets killed and it’s her fault. What do you think? Is Accursed Eye my best bet or is there another spell or item that would work better?
  5. My email states the coupon expires September 30, 2018. Is this correct or is there no expiration date?
  6. I am going to be starting HotOE soon as well. Does anyone see any issues starting in 1922 instead of 1923? I’ve read through the material once already but don’t recall any issues. Currently the campaign is in August of 1921 in the middle of the Raid on Innsmouth. I’m planning to get the investigators to England, then run The Auction or The Return of the Hound (most likely the former) where they’ll meet Julius Smith for the second time. After that, it’s on with HotOE! Any input would be appreciated
  7. I am planning on running this as well, I think it has the potential to be really good. The problem I see (other than being familiar with the info!) is having the info for the NPCs in the scenario at the ready without having to flip pages back and forth. I am doing two things to help with this. First, I have the mobi file for the Keeper Rulebook on my iPad, it's linked like nobody's business and can be bookmarked as well. If you have a tablet, use it if there's an appropriate file available. I use this to basically run through the scenario. The second thing I do is put the info I want to reference into OneNote. For this scenario I copied the important NPCs, just their stats. I also put all the locations listed in the scenario as well. If you aren't familiar with OneNote online I suggest you take some time to give it a look. It's basically a virtual file cabinet. Each entry can have it's own page, you can flip back and forth between them as needed with just a click of the mouse. I plan to use the mobi file to pull up the RP info on the NPCs while having the combat stats for the NPCs up on my laptop using OneNote online. This gives me everything I need for a particular NPC available at once without having to flip back and forth. I've used this for the first couple of scenarios, it's worked really well so far. I think it will even get better over time. I don't plan to run Crimson Letters for a bit yet, once I do I'll let you know how it goes.
  8. I'd be interested in this if you'd be willing to share?
  9. The Free RPG Day scenario "The Derelict" has a couple of ships. One is a luxury yacht, the other is a refrigerated cargo liner. Both ships have detailed deck plans contained in the scenario.
  10. I just finished reading Blackwater Creek, I like it quite a bit. I plan to run my group through it sometime soon. I have a question concerning the corrupting influence of the Mother's Gift. If the group is successful in destroying the Earth's Womb what happens to any characters who were corrupted? Would they eventually heal or would the effects remain with the character?
  11. I just read the section "Movement During Combat" section on page 127 of the KH. It defines fairly well how far a character can move and what combat actions they can take while moving during a round. Our group has used minis for the past 15-20 years during combat but it seems like they would take away from a CoC game honestly. Describing something and letting the player's minds fill in the rest seems like the way to go. I just ran my first session last weekend of The Haunting and I thought it went really well. I am using the expanded version and the group really only just met Willard Brown and checked into the local hotel. They were mixed on what to do next so they decided to drive by the house on the way to the sanitarium. The librarian decides to speak with the neighbors while the spy enters the house "just to check the lay of the land". The librarian gets a little upset, the criminal and archeologist follows the spy into the house, the doctor stays outside. Turns out the spy just wanted to get the ball rolling (he isn't a believer) so once the criminal heads in he goes back outside. The criminal heads upstairs, checks the rooms, tries to pick the lock on the one bedroom but fails. At this point I start pounding on the floor with my foot, players are like "What's that!" I describe what they hear, criminal immediately backs away from the door, the librarian (who was on the porch by then) starts yelling "Everyone needs to get out, I knew we shouldn't have went in there!" That's where we ended the session for the night. The funny thing is, before they went into the house they were debating on staying there during the investigation. I believe they have changed their minds This is my first attempt at keeping the game, really only played at conventions before now. My group has no experience with CoC other than Mansions of Madness from FFG. Sorry about the post about the session, I just really enjoyed it and wanted to share. I'm already looking forward to the next session!
  12. Will Chaosium be at Gamehole Con this year?
  13. I'm starting a campaign soon and have some questions about combat too, though much simpler than the example above. Do you only get one action per round? So if you move, that's it for the round? If you fight back or dodge does that mean you can't attack the enemy yourself? I guess I'm used to two actions a round- move and attack, dodge and attack, etc. am I missing something here?
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