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  1. This. Tithes make sense if applied to 'income' - stipends, harvests, contractual agreements (whether written or unwritten), debt interest, inheritances, lambs born in spring etc. From all these things the cult member may be able to declare a 'retained value' from which to pass on some of the gains. It doesn't make sense (outside a modern system finely tuned to close tax loopholes) to confuse tithing with things like gift-giving, which typically creates a reciprocal obligation of friendship, return gifts etc (is the cult also sharing in that obligation?). The value of any gift to a large extent
  2. In all fairness the main plot is not the siege of Troy, but the wrath of Achilles, and that's a proper character arc, can't be called window-dressing. Yes there's a lot of incident outside this main plot, there are the 'bonus content' sections that have been added such as the Catalogue of Ships and the Doloneia - but despite its length its pretty well constructed as a story. Other works in the epic cycle (for example the Iliou Persis, Cypria, Little Iliad), in so far as we can tell from surviving fragments, are pretty varied in their sense of story arc, whereas the other one that survives comp
  3. Given Glorantha seems to be a small part Bronze Age and more parts Iron Age, Classical and whatnot, I don't see how you can get hung up on real world parallels at all. Ancient Greece, Rome, Sarmatians, Scythians, Parthians, Cataphracts etc ad infinitum - none of these have anything to do with the bronze age at all
  4. Mainly adventures, especially the Sands of the Korazoon mini-campaign for a group of starting level adventurers in the Taskan militia, posted to garrison duty on the volatile southern frontier; and the city of Sorandib. But I believe these are scheduled for revision, upgrade and release in the Mythras line before too long. There are a bunch of rules material for Legend that will never appear in Mythras versions of the setting, at least without heavy modification, as the Mythras books are much more RAW friendly: SOC (social status) as a characteristic Rules for NPC reactio
  5. My copy doesn't and I wrote it... Mongoose lost the RQ licence shortly before publication of AoT - so it was last minute rebranded to Legend. I'd love to have a copy with the RQ logo on it, but sadly I don't.
  6. You could advance your skills by winning experience checks - ie just 'doing'. You could adventure and earn cash and buy training. You could do favours for a cult, guild or community you don't belong to, and in return get some training benefits, maybe get taught a battle magic spell. None of this meant you had to join a cult and 'play the mythic role', and if you did initiate was often as far as it went. In RQ2 when you started off as a lay member and had to work at the next stage, initiation was a thing. In RQ3 initiation often just came out of chargen because it was assumed to be a natural li
  7. I cap skills at basic (stat+stat) x 5. Does the job. And I still ask for stat x 5 or x 3 rolls if it's quicker or more appropriate than thinking about the right skill to use
  8. I've never done a kickstarter before and will back this one. But as I don't really put a value on pdf's (I like physical), I'm a bit unsure what the implications are - looks like for printed product the top tiers effectively don't offer you anything more than rune-lord priest at $250 - so the volumes of collected unpublished material are effectively being priced at $800. Is that right or am I missing something?
  9. Hello Professor Shores of Korantia actually describes more of the world than does the original AoT book. There is a (Korantine) city offered up with some detail, but this is a jumping off point for the adventures chapter and can lead to city-based, wilderness or sea-borne adventures, according to where you want to take the action or your players want to go. And there is a full run-down of Korantine culture, so you can pick any of some 40 cities to be your starting point or the point of origin for the PCs. Character Creation includes rules for many foreign cultures too. So where Age of Treas
  10. Shores of Korantia is a settings book in the same world as Age of Treason, and in the same era. However its focus and point of view is not the Taskan Empire but the land of Korantia, a collection of some 40 city states that comprise the Korantine Empire - although this is an Empire in name only and our young Emperor Koibos XXIV (pictured on the cover) has little actual say over how these cities govern their affairs and they are fiercely competitive with one another, even to the point of warfare. Shores also explores the Inner Ocean and provides information on some of the exotic lands and pe
  11. I'm running a game on RPOL right now using Legend - if you go to rpol.net and look for Age of Treason or search under Legend game system, you'll find it - and you can take a lurk see how it runs. On the whole most of may players rarely take more than 48 hours to post, and I find combat goes just fine - if only because in Legend combat is usually over in 2-3 rounds as a Combat Manoeuvre proves decisive. Generally people will declare up front what CM they will use if they get one (and so far Trip is the favourite). Just finished a fight with a minotaur but if you look back you'll find a fight be
  12. In fairness - because there's a system in Legend for poisons - and I see no reason to have an alternative one for alcohol rather then just use what's there. The poisons rules give you a bunch of characteristics (application, potency, onset time, duration etc) for which you as GM can put in your own stats and effects. If you can describe those - rather than ask the system to do that for you - you can fill out the sheet. If you wanted to you could do it for each drink (Troll Lagers, Elf Ciders) rather than for alcohol per se. Is there a reason your alcoholic effects need to be more 'realistic' t
  13. Can we start with the size of a dose (allowing some and spare the precise metric/imperial conversions)? Suggest (because we can all relate by personal experience) 1 DOSE = 1/2 litre beer, or 0.25-0.3 litres wine, or 0.1 litres strong spirits Application - Ingestion (really, I think injection calls for specialist rules or GM fiat for an unusual situation) Onset time - 15 minutes (I'm guessing) Duration - 2 hours (likewise) Resistance - Resilience. Adjust Difficulty according to normal rules scale depending on whether you have eaten well, or are starving, or whatever POTENCY - 40, bu
  14. I posted a new NPC file last night (AdventurerFile04.PDF). Arksum Hartimer is a very dangerous enemy, potentially a very useful ally - but with a 20,000 Taskeen bounty on his head, he may just be a lucrative job opportunity. Age of treason blog
  15. The third free NPC download went up on the Age of Treason blog last night - this fellow is an experienced Adventurer sporting a fine set of trophies from his exploits...keep an eye out as we add some patrons and foes over the next couple of weeks.
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