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  1. This. Tithes make sense if applied to 'income' - stipends, harvests, contractual agreements (whether written or unwritten), debt interest, inheritances, lambs born in spring etc. From all these things the cult member may be able to declare a 'retained value' from which to pass on some of the gains. It doesn't make sense (outside a modern system finely tuned to close tax loopholes) to confuse tithing with things like gift-giving, which typically creates a reciprocal obligation of friendship, return gifts etc (is the cult also sharing in that obligation?). The value of any gift to a large extent
  2. In all fairness the main plot is not the siege of Troy, but the wrath of Achilles, and that's a proper character arc, can't be called window-dressing. Yes there's a lot of incident outside this main plot, there are the 'bonus content' sections that have been added such as the Catalogue of Ships and the Doloneia - but despite its length its pretty well constructed as a story. Other works in the epic cycle (for example the Iliou Persis, Cypria, Little Iliad), in so far as we can tell from surviving fragments, are pretty varied in their sense of story arc, whereas the other one that survives comp
  3. Given Glorantha seems to be a small part Bronze Age and more parts Iron Age, Classical and whatnot, I don't see how you can get hung up on real world parallels at all. Ancient Greece, Rome, Sarmatians, Scythians, Parthians, Cataphracts etc ad infinitum - none of these have anything to do with the bronze age at all
  4. Mainly adventures, especially the Sands of the Korazoon mini-campaign for a group of starting level adventurers in the Taskan militia, posted to garrison duty on the volatile southern frontier; and the city of Sorandib. But I believe these are scheduled for revision, upgrade and release in the Mythras line before too long. There are a bunch of rules material for Legend that will never appear in Mythras versions of the setting, at least without heavy modification, as the Mythras books are much more RAW friendly: SOC (social status) as a characteristic Rules for NPC reactio
  5. My copy doesn't and I wrote it... Mongoose lost the RQ licence shortly before publication of AoT - so it was last minute rebranded to Legend. I'd love to have a copy with the RQ logo on it, but sadly I don't.
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