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  1. My SMG skill is 80%. I can fire 8 rounds in a volley. If I split the damage of the volley among 4 opponents all within my normal range, I have to make an additional roll every time I switch targets. Do these additional rolls incur penalty dice? Or do penalty dice accrue only when I fire multiple volleys? In addition: This costs me 11 rounds Each opponent is hit by one bullet
  2. It seems to me that the quick start rules (Pulp Cthulhu p.41) result in a much more skilled character than the regular rules. The skill points for Archetype and personal skills seem to be same so I'll ignore them and concentrate on occupational skills. The quick start rules allow the following skills 80, 2X70, 2X60, 3X50, 40 and ignore Base values. This gives a total of 530 skill points. The normal rules are more variable so I'll assume an average value and that skill points are based on 2X(Core + Edu). Average core stat = (3.5+13)X5 = 82.5 Average Edu = (2X3
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