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  1. Charge Attacks, Multiple Attacks, Grappling

    After having a chance to try grappling in a game I have some more questions: It seems like there's no real way for defenders to escape grappling. The rules seem to imply that the grappler maintains their hold as long as they can keep making their grappling rolls. True? It seems like those with a decent skill in grappling can be really effective while having average or passing skill makes it almost pointless to use since it takes 2 rounds to (maybe) do anything and there's a good chance you're not going to make 2+ rolls consecutively. Also, if the defender is wielding a gun and is grappled in round 1 (say by a higher initiative foe), would they be attacking at difficult penalty and benefiting from point blank range bonus for a net chance of their base attack?
  2. Hey folks. I have a few questions about combat: How might I go about handling a charge attack where someone is just running in and slamming into an opponent? If a weapon allows multiple attacks per round (e.g. Light Pistol), does the attacker have to have a skill >100% to take advantage of the multiple attack capability of the weapon? It seems if Grappling is used you more/less have to use hit locations. I know it says on p. 61 that the GM should "reinterpret them for a game not using hit locations, or disallow the effects", but that seems to defeat almost all purposes of grappling and is just more work. I'm not currently using hit locations, but like to mix things up in combat to keep things fresh. Any suggestions for non-hit location grapple effects? Thanks!
  3. What would be a Willpower Check?

    Thanks. As a follow up: There seem to be a lot of things tied to one's POW score and almost none of them have obvious ties to Luck. It seems weird that there can be such thing as a character that's permanently lucky. Can someone explain the rationale behind this?
  4. Hey folks. I just recently started running some games with Basic Roleplaying and I'm enjoying the system so far. One thing that came up in my last game is what to use for a willpower check? I get that Power is the characteristic that embodies willpower, but it's characteristic roll is Luck which is described as just that. Do I just rebadge it willpower in those cases where it's need and roll Pow X5 or am I missing something obvious? One practical application is the morale check for enemies. Sometimes I want to leave it to chance to see if an enemy carries on a fight and willpower seems to be the right check.