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  1. Hello everyone, you have Sorloc to blame for my arrival here, that and my new group is unsettled on a system, we started with D&D (not my choice) then moved onto Rolemaster 2nd Ed (My game of choice) then Runequest/BRP, then house ruled it to death, now we are looking more and more at the upcoming BRP core system. As for me I've been gaming for 28 years mainly with RM2 though I started with AD&D 1st ed, Traveler and T&T. I've been part of the group responsible for creating Rolemaster Classic, and a few other bits for ICE, but it isn't all about systems, is more about worlds and support, and there seems to be more happening with BRP and it's multi genres than RM or HARP and Sorloc pestering our board regularly with his adverts for BRP We are already running several CoC games and Sorloc has a Gunslingers game going, so I thought I'd start finding out more, so here I am
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