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  1. thank you very much. very well done job. I appreciate very much the introduction of the plot edit use of hero points. Eager to see soon genre pack about magic.
  2. Ola. There is some missed news or the SRD is still very close?
  3. the river of london series is one of my preferite in Urban Fantasy genre. There will be the possibility of a Heroquest (now Questworld) adaptation of the rules??
  4. I use marginal victory only when justified by the story. In many conflicts, the minimum victory level is higher depoending on the situation. in a mortal duel for example the minimum level will be Major.
  5. It will be interesting also that an ability that is no longer used will be reduce in value and the point used on other currently used. This will be interesting in long term campaign. For example a warrior that has the pitfigther ability and no more pitfigths could reduce its value and use the points in some leadership ability.
  6. we are waiting for the SRD. when it will be released?
  7. As per HQ2 p14. The flaw is a resistance against an action of the character to be overcome to proceed with the intended action or a modifier (value/5) at an action. In the first case you, the character, must have an ability to roll and the flaw is the resistance. if you don't have any ability try to stretch some ability or keyword, if not roll with a standard level of 6. In the latter case, that means that you are prone to the flaw. This would d be annoying in the game so as Gamemaster you can suggest to the player to take some ability as "strong-willed" or similar. In th
  8. I don't like the fact that corruption makes the use of magic more difficult. It seem like use radiative weapons and it don't match my feelings. In my opinion the use of the magic will be difficult as always or better easier in order to induce the magician to use magic more and more. And the corruption would change the magician in term of appearance and ethical value or in term of madness.
  9. 1 - I would prefer story progression but I think that all the option can be used. The final resistance is not set only by the base value so the importance of base value is not so relevant. 2 - Experience point is an interesting option but in my opinions the Xp cost must be the same of cemented benefits. I.E. the cemented benefits is 1/3 of the lingering one. The proposed exchange rate could bring a very fast increase of a single or few abilities. Anyway I will prefers HP solution. 3 - For both HP or XP I think that doubling the cost for Keywords is too low and lead to players that br
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