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  1. at the moment i think the training and ecomic parts of the game arent working i am going with house rules for both
  2. thanks Rick any idea of how much they will cost ? for the same reason i have to give my friend the money for this great treasures thanks again
  3. Sorry Rick i am confused now. The 2 books gods and goddesses of glorantha isnt so sold at gencon as preview, or i am missing something ? actually what is the preview-for-superfans that will be sold there ? 1) a 2xbw printed books with the gods/goddesses of glorantha and 2) the book of magic or just one of the 2 (the second at this point ) ? thanks for a clarification, because i am in contact with a friend that is going to gen con to get a copy of those books for me, so i have to be precise thanks and sorry again tommy
  4. at least i hope isnt gonna cost a kidney, since probably will be a lot different from the real book
  5. well, that example helps. For first the 2nd edition didnt provided the runic affiliation to the rune/divine spell (the rqg format needs it to cast the spell) also the range/duration etc.etc of many spells changed from 2nd to rqg (and some effects are changed too) so if the spells are in the NEW RQG format, i take it's a must
  6. are these spells in the new RQG format or is this a collection of previous (2nd or 3rd edition) sets ?
  7. one of my players love "her".. i am using the old rq3 script..
  8. Also a question, Heart Mother and Balazar, how can we treat them ? they are local (balazar) gods. Heart Mother is the more interesting.. she seems a little bit of many earth goddesses (Ernalda in primis) Balazar ? i don't think there is a write up anywhere of him
  9. No Mee Vorala too. Or i have missed her ?
  10. RuneQuest Companion i presume
  11. Basically yes, they can. If that skill they checked with the regular experience rules ends or not in an skill up doesnt matter. If an adventurer stays 1 season, 56 days (during dark season for example) outdoor looking to reach the safety of dikene after a long trek into the nothingness i rule they can use one of they 4 "freebies rolls" on survival, or any other skill appropriate to this situation (stealth, listen, scan, first aid, climb etc)
  12. i have completely changed the rules about skill increase and training. I hate the idea of "seasonal adventure" and have a totally fluid campaign, played day by day. I have the skill checks tested once a season (at the end, if there is a reasonable time to spend in this) and have framed others advances so they know that there are some skill in use that will grow anyway even if they dont mark the box. The campaign is in balazar, the party is mixed (balazarings and dragon pass refugees) so they have an automatic skill check for both the balazar tongue and trade talk, since they are speaking both of these and the language grows on top of the eventual checked box for use of it in stressful situations. Once reaching the highest value between the character this feature will not be available anymore, they have to find someone to study it properly or just use the skill in a critical situation. also, since the season is a long period, i have them "re-check" 4 skills of their choice even if they have already an experience check there. So they first check the exp mark (if there is any) then they can test it again that skill increase as they have another exp mark (from this are exempt all combat and magic skills and the players need to come up with some convincing story about that supplemental skill checks: since they are always travelling in dangerous grounds, for example survival is a skill they can "re-check", as all the perception skills and some comunication and agility skills if they have some good story for those)
  13. they are house rules Appareance is a "frill-useless" stats that we love to have in any RP we play. The affinities came out from the idea that there are runes that we can't really use as pairs, but we want to keep in play anyway. There are plenty of examples in the Monster book (many chaotic creatures have the CHAOS rune for example, the Aldryami the PLANT rune etc.) so is useful if you play non human characters or for very important NPCs. Also i have players that love to experiment (one of them has become an initiate of mee vorala, long story.. and is trying to distantiate from the human/beast rune pair)
  14. It's perfectly ok to divulge it. We got it from another character sheet we found. I will give the credit to the original inventor as soon as i find out who he was. I didnt mentioned in the sheet because... i simply forgot. Our sheet is a mash up of many other contributions we collected around, mainly based on the original CHAOSIUM sheet. thanks for the mention ! tommaso (aka galafrone, the concept designer) and silvia (the graphic designer behind the sheet)
  15. I have that "first draft" of Gods of Glorantha that you sold at gencon last year and YES i am really interested in the new draft !! gievh news for an eventualy chance to buy it thanks
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