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  1. Version 1.0.1


    This is our first take (mine "concept" and my wife silvia design and art direction") at our group RQG character sheet. It's in 4 A4 sheet, to be printed in 1 A3, on both faces of the sheet and folded in middle to create a 4 pages sheet. I have added some "fun spaces" (like squares for unconventional runes, a box for the Appareance and Artistic expression secondary characteristic) drop comments if you want ! thanks. Tommaso
  2. in my cult compendium there isnt vomit acid toh.. at least under cacodemon
  3. galafrone


    Hi there, beside the cult write up in griffin mountain and the one in different worlds issue 2, there are other write ups (maybe more recent than those 2) around ? even if not official ? thanks
  4. yeah but i can understand the infection (even if there arent viruses and bacteria per the rules) but.. how can a troll or an elf spread a plague ?
  5. but reading again page 154 i get "an adventurer can be exposed to disease in many ways. Disease spirits are the most common way" (implying not the only one) so even if the rules states that in glorantha bacteria, virus or genetics aren't disease sources, you can get one not only from disease spirits. If you get one from a source different from a disease spirit, at the death of the host a disease spirit is created
  6. if the diseases are all spirit-driven, there can't be epidemics in my opinion. The Same spirit can't "enter" the whole population, hence the glorantha vision of illness should be really different from our (earth-like) vision. Right ? I am more prone to think as Soltakss .. but even there, the idea of a spirit disease growing in you as a result of a mundane illness is somehow weird.
  7. Hi all a simple question. In your glorantha, the sources of all the diseases are spirits ? or you can contract a disease (say the flu, tiphis, cholera etc.etc) also from "mundane" situations ? and if yes, how do you resolve the disease ? as a spirit disease ? and the cure ? will you allow healing spirits to help the ill character ? thanks
  8. In the example at page 369 Vishi fights against a spirit and wins the end of the text reads: So how a player can "try to learn" and how he can "force the spirit to provide him a spell it knows" ? it's automatical ? it requires some rolls ?
  9. i think i will go this way.
  10. and anyway, how is this "teaching" occurring ? if the rune master doesnt need a spirit, it means that ANYONE can teach a spiritic spell, on the basis of the mere "knowledge" he has of the spirit. In the rune priest/lord section there isnt nothing about teaching spiritic spells to others. at least in RQ2 you had the runic spell "spell teaching" that got you the chance to teach "battle magic"
  11. Yes i have read. But those 2 points doesnt answer to my question. 1) Who teaches to the teacher ? he learns from another rune master up to the beginning of times ? and even then how the first rune master learned those spells ? 2) a shaman can teach you.. but here again, we don't know how. You just go there and pay. How does he gets the spells ? we can presume from spirits. So there are "spirit magic spirits who knows the spiritic spells ? and how the shaman gets them ? he wanders the spirit realm, finds them and enslave them ? i actually can understand we are getting RQG from heroquest more than RQ3 but we are lacking the basis for a real understand of some precious mechanics. I feel i will need to revert to RQ3 in these cases... too much is left to one interpretation in a game where the bulk of the stuff are rules.
  12. A simple question. I know from rq2 and 3 that you can learn new spiritic spells from the divine spell "spell teaching" and "allied" spirits. How is dealt the thing in RQG ? i didnt found any reference in the rules, but probably because i am dumb.. can someone help me ? Specifically, WHO is the acting teacher and what the "learning" character has to do to learn a spiritic spell. Can someone that is just an initiate having for example bladesharp 2 teach the same spell to a companion ? wich is the exact nature of the learning of a spiritic spell ? thanks
  13. i had the pleasure to shake his hands in Leicester during a convention. I sincerely cant remember the year, but i will forever remember his eyegaze. Greg had a special talent to see into your soul. May he be where he desired, in the WalHalla of the story tellers the world today has lost one great person. May all remember him through his creations, that are all things of beauty Hi Greg, your admirer Tommaso
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