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  1. Thanks for the kind reply Paul !! will try to do my best and give to my players a reasonable fun experience with this great module !!!
  2. well, i guess no one has found out those inconsistencies. Thanks anyway
  3. I am about to begin a campaign with CPulp. I have read the whole starting setup and chapter 1. i have 2 questions: 1) the characters are inserted via paraguay (flying to asuncion) and arrive in the theater of operations, but the front has moved. Hence they come from paraguay side, just to encounter bolivian soldiers. It means that the front is behind them, and so they should have been encountering paraguyan troops retreating informing that they are going into "bolivian country" ? or the bolivians are to be presumed behind the front lines and the paraguayans are at their back and all this territory is in paraguayan hands and they are just stragglers ? if this is bolivian-controlled territory, shouldnt have more sense an insertion via La Paz and bolivian country ? 2) the character are travelling with an expedition bringing medics and nurses + supplies to the already established camp in the jungle. But i cant find a single mention of the group they are with.. or what happens when the first scene occurs... are they meant to arrive alone at the camp ? i think i am missing something... thanks for the help
  4. i have the pdf of an installment of it. i liked it, got some ideas that we used in our "mainly rq3 campaign" was an evolution of it, with firm roots in rq3 character generation was vastly improved
  5. ahhhh there is an errata about that ? well, this means that the experience was "once-in-a-kind" so, but the session was a lot of fune, 4 tough disease spirits going on 4 different characters, each trying to save herself/himself one of them succumbed and was going to die, saved just by a divine intervention leaving him at POW 2.. i will not go back, but i will check the topic before going into this again with the fully Agreement at my table thanks all contributes
  6. well, my lady was obviously fuckin happy (and i was too) i am not "against" my table, au contraire… but yes, i usually play by the rules, so now that ruling should be reversed but no, i will keep it and i will keep it even for other times when and if will happen again. but no, i will not have them abuse or exploit the mechanic (so no summoning of weak disease spirits for sake of pow gains). that combat was epic in nature and that reward was well deserved Ernalda loves her daughters
  7. i have done a ruling at my table that wasnt "legal" so.. i allowed my wife (yes, i was somehow biased), that plays a priestess of Ernalda, to get the 1d3 after defeating a very strong disease spirit having 21 power points well, she converted those points as soon as she reached the temple but still..
  8. Let say i have pow 21, i encounter a disease spirit and i defeat him can i gain power from that fight ? or being at my racial max all the pow is lost ?
  9. Hi all the 21 power "racial max" for humans indicate an amount that can't be exceded by ANY means ? or there are ways in wich a human can exceed that limit ?
  10. so technically, let's say i DONT want to use the plus to reduce the opponent % (for any reason) can i keep the 185 and calculate crit and special on it ?
  11. How for the percentages of critical and Special ? are they calculated on the base (185) skill both in the lone attack and in the first parry then reduced accordingly after the first parry or… not ?
  12. Indeed, my wife is using them all. And if the setting is not only a "kill the broo" all of them make for exciting roleplaying court and social situations, that in balazar (mine balazar at least) are plenty to be found
  13. We started the group when RQG pdf came out last year (we started in june) and my wife ended up rolling an ernaldan healer, grazelander born. I decided to play balazar, because it has a sandbox that is free from the need to inform of 1 million cultural niceties the classic sartar setting has and i had players (read my wife but also other) that never played in glorantha. She adapted quickly, taking the role of the healer but carving up a major role in balazar politics. Now after 18 months of weekly sessions, she has been able to get the permission to build a temple of Ernalda in Dykene from King Skilfill (after saving him and his son from a nasty lunar assassination plot that saw her on the front line against the mythic gondo holst and even dying because of a succesful divine intervention calling the fiend of cacodaemon). She has won the political battle with the 2 hearthmother priestess in dykene, and asserted herself as invaluable support for that comunity. All doing also adventures that saw the party almost reaching griffin mountain in deep dark season, the bargain with Gonn Orta, being the emissary of Skilfill at the elven court of the Bear Woods and many other fantastic tales. And yes, now she has a temple in Dykene that is growing each day (also ask what the other fellas think of her Heal Body spell… ) 1 of the other players is a Dykenean Yelmalion, 1 has grown up a nice Babester Gor initiate that is sword defender of most Holy Yorastina, mother of Rukhami the twice blessed, another is Velska, the balazar native girl, disfigured by her clan because of a dispute and rejected, adopted by Yorastina as beloved sister. So yes, the Whole party now is centered on her, and she is very happy of her semi-random initial choice. Ernalda in this iteration of RQ has PLENTY of possibilities to be a very nice, viable and useful cult. Also it's very very powerful All hail the Earth Mother
  14. well, i dont see why it should not apply to the parry to be honest. The trance can be offensive but why not defensive, in the meaning of "staying alive the most time possible so to give plenty of Death around" i see this runic as a super high speed flurry of blows and parries, counterstrikes, ripostes and lunges. Hard to tell what is a parry and what is an attack no, definitely i wont nerf the parry at my table (also, as a remind to self, in HARNMASTER one of the options the defender had was "counterstrike", not only parry and dodge, that would be a nice fit to RQG expecially applied to SWORDTRANCE)
  15. Well, it dipends on the skill and the MP availability of the Death god servant, because the mooks we are talking to can be people with 300% in a combat skill, if the above mentioned servant has 50% skill but a lot of MP available… (like 10 matrices for 5 spirit each, 50 spirit points +500% skill combat...for a total of 550%, 250% more than the "mooks" that have 300... LOL)
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