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  1. the thread is really interesting ! thanks all for the contribution (now i have just to figure out how to translate these things in RQG context)
  2. Pigs can eat basically anything and in a semi-Wilderness ecosystem they can subside of a variety of vegetable (and even animal) parts. The fact the pigs are a mostly raised in the 3 cities (we can call them just that, even if 1000 inhabitants really dont make them "cities") says a lot about the need of a "cattle goddess". The votanki mosly hunt and gather. from what i remember and the more the clans are in the Wilderness the less they can keep pigs. They actually DONT need pigs, they hunt and gather the abundant fauna and flora of the balazaring lands
  3. your thought is very near mine. I am thinking to a sincretistic way to "put all those aspects in one" of Ernalda. In any way, the fact that the Earth pantheon is subdivided in many goddess is just a way to represent it, expecially in very elaborate and advanced cultures. I will try to explain my idea. In sartar and even more in esrolia, the different aspects of the earth pantheons have given Birth to many "view" of the Earth, because those cultures are very stratified in terms of "things to do". In balazar the culture is neolithic, so the Earth pantheon has never developed in something "particular or elaborate" as in other places. and it' has just become the HearthMother, a one-in all deity that encompasses the function of the feminine in balazarian culture: fertility, nurturing, healing and even defending the "hunters-child" (foundchild)
  4. Sorry, nice catch, not being english native speaker has me prone to this kind of mistakes In balazar the feminine goddess is called HearthMother, and she has more the function of "preserver, healer, gatherer" than Ernalda has. She seems a very distinct entity, something i can't reconcile with. Because is Ernalda less the agricultural (so the fertility part) but has the healing capacity of Ernalda, but also the "defending" part that Ernalda misses (she teaches shimmer, bladesharp).
  5. Thanks. But this how is reconciled with the Hearthwomen of Balazar ? are they all shamen ? or else ? Or there is a cult that defines the Earth Witch in a "godlike" way ? because the original stuff in Griffin Mountain led us to think more to a Runic Cult than a shamanistic one (skill taught, spiritic spells taught) even if no rune spells are given
  6. I beg you pardon, who is Earth Witch ??
  7. i really need to talk with you Joerg, you are a MINE. Also, i think that Griffin Mountain IS a MASTERPIECE. Not only conceptually but also "technically".
  8. I think it's obvious that balazar (a.k.a. griffin mountains) is a fantastic piece of art, but it has been published in 1981 if i am not wrong, and written before that. In an era where socio-demographical considerations were zero, where the web of religious issues, gods, societies, weren't really needed. Chaosium produced it as a "background place" to roam free and adventure in the world of RQ (yet in glorantha, but that glorantha was so embrional in respect of the one we have now). Hence all the "minor" religions portrayed there were less useful and less impactful of the mainstream ones (orlanth, yelmalio, issaries) So probably to give justice to balazar and its complexity we should rewrite it, in the light of what we know and have today in RQG. Trying to get the old stuff working as it is i think it's basically impossible.
  9. the only thing i really not agree completely with you Soltakss is Hearthmother being so weak. It's the only "feminine" deity in the Whole pantheon, and so for the balazaring/votanki women there isnt much to help them in their daily chores. Also, i dont understand why a weak deity should be represented in ANY council of ANY clan (and probably having temples even in the 3 cities). I see her more as a figure of "fighting Ernalda", that helps and protect women in their daily lives, help and protect the hunters (foundchild) and helps and protect the land (in the original she teached the skill "find healing plants" or something. Hearthmother is my big question mark
  10. I have always thought her and her counterpart (the blue shaman) as old spirits, not deities
  11. Yeah i missed Mralota and Brother Dog. Thanks for the suggestions Joerg
  12. thanks MJ ! I found this post just now
  13. Hi all i am running a balazar campaign and i am in a situation where i need to clarify to myself how to represent some balazar deities in terms of RQG yelmalio, and foundchild are easy, they are what they are balazar is a hero-cult (like pavis ? like a subcult of yelmalio ?) there is at least 1 NPC (sylvanti brighteyes, in dykene) that is both a priest of yelmalio and balazar, so this can be the right way to portrait him then we have Hearthmother. In the gods and goddesses section i asked who she could have been, and i got a couple of answers "she is mahome/she is a lowfire". But reading both the gods and goddesses preview (from gencon 2018) and griffin mountain (both editions) i cant think at her as a measly mahome In GM she teaches cooking, plant lore, sewing, first aid, treat disease and the spiritic spells healing, bladesharp, befuddle, glue, mobility, shimmer… . Mahome hasnt priestesses, it's considered an associate deity of some earth goddess (Ernalda, dendara) so i can't reconcile the new mahome with HearthMother. HM is more than Mahome. But … how ? Votank… [edit] Is a hero/god cult, basically Daka Fal reduced and lastly, RIGTAINA, the dryad daughter of foundchild and spouse of balazar.. a spirit cult ? thanks for any suggestion from you fellas
  14. or do they have limits in their senses, as david implies ? the tie with the darkness rune gives me the idea they can somehow move even alone in some kind of darkness. I am tempted to give them something akin to darksense.. and no, i am not seeing them with luminescent fungi, the idea of light underground, or in the deepest part of a fungus field is something that is absolutely un-fungine
  15. we are implementing a variant with the "race", so to be able to play something different from a human.
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