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  2. We are all us! Thank you to bless us, merely humans, with the gift of dreaming and telling stories and the power of playing.
  3. You two mean you will allow a shaman character to access Rune magic?
  4. Thank you for your insights. Talking with the player, he clarified his position. He wanted to play a shaman associated to the cult of Yinkin. I wouldn't allow this, as I understand the core book, either rune magic benefits, or shamanism benefits (and taboos).
  5. Hi all! While waiting for the books to arrive, I'm gathering ideas for future games. One player would like to play one of the descendant of a famous family whose founder was a child of Yinkin. The lineage worships the founder, but they're not initiate of Yinkin. As I understand my player's wishes, he's more interested in a spiritual approach than a theist one. How will you handle this? Something derivated from Daka Fal Ancestor Worship? Or... Looking forward to reading your insights.
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