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  1. Thanks for the good information everyone. Most of my group is either complete novices or haven't role-played much at all since AD&D 2nd Edition was current (other than occasional Call of Cthulhu that description fits me also), so Classic Fantasy is a good fit for us since we wanted something relatively simple that reminded us of our bygone youth.
  2. soltakss: That makes sense. No one's used a healing salve yet, but when they do I think I'll adopt your idea. Do you have those salves and potions heal the overall HPs as well? Skunkape: I don't think we've run across that issue yet for a couple of reasons, one being that my magic users are pretty inept at the moment, and second that I'm using Classic Fantasy and I believe the entry for Magic Missile specifically states that damage only comes off the total hitpoints. Glancing through the Classic Fantasy spell section, it looks like each damage-dealing spell details how it damages overall HP
  3. Good day everyone. My group and I have recently started a campaign using Hit Locations and the question has come up as to how healing potions, spells, and etc heal those hit locations. Maybe it is somewhere in the BGB, but we couldn't find it. In lieu of finding a solution in the book, we have declared that a potion heals the overall hitpoints of the character, and also divides the regained health as evenly as possible between the damaged locations. A healing spell does the same, except that the caster can target specific locations that may need more attention. So, are rules for healing hit
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