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    Been playing RPG's since the old blue box D&D, 1978 or so. Have DM'd a Greyhawk campaign since 1980 using AD&D 1, 2, 3, 3.5 and Pathfinder. Have also run MERP, Traveller and Stormbringer, generally as breaks in the main campaign. Have played Runequest, Rolemaster, Cthulu, Warhammer and Earthdawn off and on.<br />
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    My preference when running a game is for a gritty, low magic game in which the characters are ordinary folk engaged in extraordinary things as opposed to heroic untouchables.
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    Playing and running since '78. It's all online these days, cons excepted, with three games running.
  1. I've just finished reading it through in preparation to start running in a couple of weeks - I've read previous versions as well - and the guys above have pretty much nailed the differences. The only additional thing I'd throw in is that the writers have cleaned up some of the uglier parts of the campaign in terms of societal attitudes and they've done it in a very light-handed way so as not to eradicate historical context completely if it's something your group is comfortable exploring.
  2. I was certainly guilty of picking up the RQ6 bundle out of curiosity and value; I'm not saying I won't run it or buy anything hardcopy but it wasn't at the top of my limited spending ability. There's been unforeseen consequences, however. A friend I hadn't spoken to in while phoned me up and we chatted about games for a bit before he said he had been looking at getting hold of RQ6; he used to run RQ back in the day. I was able to let him have a look at the core rulebook and he's pretty interested in giving it a go over G+. Interestingly, he said that he won't run it without the hardcopy so there's a fair chance of good money going back into the game and that's exactly how I feel; I very, very rarely run anything without a hard copy of the material.
  3. That's very, very good news. A couple of people have expressed an interest in me running some MI and not having time to get some scenarios together was holding me back; both of those products would be a true blessing. Nice.
  4. Officially off the fence and saddled up. Thunder me to Happysville.
  5. That looks very nice and is a little "different" for me. A good way to preview a product as well. When I get some spare coin you may have it. Will there be a sample adventure in the book? Or, will that follow?
  6. Best of luck with whichever direction you've chosen, Rod. Safe to say that a hell of a lot of your work bolsters my Greyhawk BRP at every session.
  7. They do look good. But....... I've still got the originals. The combat tables page in the DMG is practically gossamer thin.
  8. Rod That is so making an appearance in the next session. My players give you their thanks in advance. Got to add that while I'm not using pure CF as written for my Greyhawk campaign (3 sessions in now) it has proven to be a monumental help in converting over from 3.5/Pathfinder. A massive thanks to you for making my life one hell of a lot easier in the transition. Okay; enough love, on with the writing.
  9. Hi Sarah Having had a look and having my interest piqued, what are the plans for future releases? Are you planning a large combined "campaign book" or is it a case of buying each part as it is released? The Drive Thru listing seems to imply a print version of all the books once they're all "out there". Good luck on the product line by the way.
  10. I've had the same avatar problems myself. Tried 4 different ones all within the parameters and all were "unable to save image". Welcome, by the way.
  11. PDF only as far as I can tell. That might be the one thing that puts me off.
  12. Tried to seek opinions and ended up generating sales. Do let me know your thoughts, guys.
  13. Hi all Has anyone played through this? If so, how do you think it would work as a PBP rather than tabletop? Are there elements that would prove blockers to this?
  14. Sound like common sense to me. Cheers, rust.
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