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    RP'ing for 4 years, Gm'ing for 3, I've played and/or run; D&D 3.5, Savage Worlds (a lot of settings), 40k RP (Rogue Trader, Dark Heresy, Only War, Inquisitor), WFRP 1st Ed, NWOD, L5R, Star Wars d20. And last but not least Call of Cthulhu, Horror on the Orient Express, 7th Ed 1920's, Modern and Pulp.
  • Current games
    Running a Savage Worlds Star Wars Game, Running a WFRPS 1st Ed game (just started Enemy Within)
    Playing my GF's Pulp Cthulhu Game, and was playing a D&D 5th Ed game, but had to drop out because I couldn't get on with the system.
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    Yorkshire, UK
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    I'm a recent convert to Roleplay, but I've jumped in with both feet. I've found a love of writing home brew settings and running games for friends and I have a passion for bringing new people into the hobby.

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