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  1. Sorry to spam, but if anyone here remembers computer RPGs fondly, there is a remake of the Ultima Underworld games getting funded over at Kickstarter. Original team, about 1/2-way through the campaign and about 2/3 funded. Looks like it should be good, and I'm hoping they get to the stretch goals. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/othersidegames/underworld-ascendant Thanks. Now back to regularly-scheduled pen-and-paper gaming. Steve
  2. Do you expect to have print copies of Shores of Korantia available for purchase? If so, I might wait and pick it up there to save postage! Steve
  3. Pansophy, yes I'm using Adobe -- either/both Reader XI and Acrobat 9.5. I think I tried printing in both, but I'll double-check. SDLeary: No, I didn't try highlighting and printing. I wanted to print out a chapter double-sided so I did a range of pages. I'll try the highlighting and see what happens. Steve
  4. I needed to print a few pages of the Advanced Sorcery PDF today and ran into a problem -- the images printed but not the text. Even the text on top of graphics was not printed -- I just got a whited-out area where the text should be. I finally found a solution, I printed each page as an image, and that worked ok (albeit slowly). You can find that option under the Advanced print settings in Adobe. Did anyone else hit this problem, and is there a better (or faster-printing) solution? If it matters, my PDF was from DriveThruRPG. Steve
  5. Heh. I agree. I retaliated by putting everything I want on my wishlist and tracking prices on a spreadsheet. When there's a sale I check everything against that (and enter prices). Now I know what a 'good' price is, and DriveThru has trained me to only buy on sale... Steve
  6. That's not what I'm seeing -- I see $13.17 each place for the PDF. You get rewards at Chaosium. I went with DriveThru just because I have a lot of PDFs there and re-downloading has always been super-easy. Steve
  7. I bought it last night, I'm liking what I see but have to wait until I've finished things like taxes this week before I can spend some quality time with it. But so far: really nice job. Worth waiting for. Steve
  8. And for those who need a direct link: http://catalog.chaosium.com/product_info.php?products_id=6930 or http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/128316/Advanced-Sorcery
  9. I'm in the same holding pattern. I went back and looked at Mythic Iceland to see when the print & PDF versions were added to the catalog, and in that case the PDF was available BEFORE the print version. So I'm flummoxed. I want the PDF but I also want it now...Chaosium is torturing us. Steve
  10. I couldn't find a PDF available for purchase, only hard copy. Waaaah. I have to wait. Does anyone know if Chaosium ever bundles the physical copy and PDF? I definitely want the PDF, and maybe the print if it's as great as I hope. If there's a bundle I might just do both at the same time. Steve
  11. Whoohoo! Can someone decode what "as soon as the PTB return from GAMA" means in human speak? I'm hoping to get a PDF... It reminds me of the Monte Python bit during the Spanish Inquisition Sketch, where the messenger said something like, "one o the flay rods gon out askew on treadle," then had to admit he had no idea what it meant either. (and then made the mistake of saying he didn't expect a Spanish Inquisition...) Steve
  12. Thank goodness this is finally heading to press! I'd given up all hope.
  13. I laughed at this -- the Beast Mode is one of the few groups that I'm buying extra of -- exactly for Broo. I've found that Bones are also more durable for gaming than metal -- the paint stays on and the slight flexibility means they bend instead of break. Detail is only slightly less sharp than metal. Steve
  14. Thanks for your update from the future on your website News Update October 10, 2014 but I was disappointed not to see anything about the next installment of the Kingdom and Commonwealth adventure arc for Clockwork & Chivalry. My players are about to start Quintessence, and if another episode isn't in the wings, I need to start planning now! Thanks -- it's been a great story arc for us. Steve
  15. Like the zombie apocalypse, back from the dead: I'm really (really!) looking forward to this, so I'm trying a commune with dead. Any update 2 months on?
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