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  1. I don't know if this is what you're looking for: On DriveThruRPG there are two versions of hawkmoon. I can't tell who the authors are, but maybe one of those is what you're looking for. They are listed under Mongoose, which I think is a result of a deal between Chaosium and Mongoose based on Mongoose's Moorcock license. Stve
  2. This is great. Thanks to Charles Green and you for making this available once again. Now I just need a little time to work through it! Steve
  3. Hurray. FY, the link problem is the link has a double-space between "Young" and "Kingdom" but the document title does not. Edit the link in your address bar and you're fine. Binder, how many pages long should the document be? I have 96 pages... Steve
  4. Perhaps one of those people who know Niall Shapiro could put a word in his ear. I would think that there would be lots of volunteer labor that could replace the copyrighted images and offer the thing up on DTRPG or elsewhere. While it wouldn't make him rich, it could make a little money and make lots of people very happy. Steve
  5. Marcus, I've downloaded the new materials. What I've seen so far looks great! Thanks for your work and for making this highly recommended material available again. Steve
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