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  1. Especially as IIRC there are people on this site who know Niall Shapero (the author and copy right owner) and he has been active in other BRP related fan forums (e.g. on the RQ Rules mailing list a few years back).

    It's a shame there isn't a legal PDF copy available via DTRPG - I have no idea if Niall Shapero has any interest in doing that or if he's or tried to sort that out, and I guess there'd be issues as the interior art work is all copyright (in the original edition ) to either Fa Shimbo or Ken Sample. But I'm sure there'd be interest...



    Perhaps one of those people who know Niall Shapiro could put a word in his ear. I would think that there would be lots of volunteer labor that could replace the copyrighted images and offer the thing up on DTRPG or elsewhere. While it wouldn't make him rich, it could make a little money and make lots of people very happy.


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