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  1. Questions about learning rune magic for beginning players. I'm running Six Seasons in Sartar and my players have just finished the initiation rite into manhood and into a cult. I was going to have them sacrifice one rune point and give one rune spell. Then I was reading the differences between spirit magic and rune magic. It seems that you don't have to pay for rune magic like you do spirit magic. So, should I allow my PC's to sacrifice as many POW pts. as they want with the rune spells from their cult? How does this usually work? It seems easier to get rune spells than spirit magic. What am I missing?
  2. Well, Joerg, you sure made things a lot more complicated. 🙂
  3. I've been looking at replenishing rune points and minor holy days are mentioned. What are minor holy days? I get Sacred time, High holy days and seasonal holy days. They are all mentioned in the Runequest calendar. I could not find minor holy days. Would this be weekly for each god?
  4. This popped into my head so I thought I would ask it here. Why don't the Lunar Empire just send a group of soldiers to each clan during the high holy days of Orlanth and Ernalda? They then could prevent the worship of these gods. This is probably easier said than done. I'm sure I'm missing something.
  5. Thanks, this gives me some ideas. I've not been brainwashed by Lunars, but 20 some years of Dungeons & Dragons. It kind of sounds like the players can be proactive in getting what they want and not rely of freebie stuff from me.
  6. I've just started the campaign 6 Seasons in Sartar and my players will be finishing initiation and will become adults. They will probably want better stuff, like armor and weapons. How would they get money to buy that stuff? They live in an isolated village where there is not really an economy. The only way I can think of at the moment is by cattle raiding and selling the cows. What else can they do?
  7. When a shaman is teaching a character a spirit magic spell, can he do something else? Or is he/she committed to working with that character all week, 6 to 8 hours a day? If your clan only has one shaman with the teach spirit magic spell, and it takes a week, I'm assuming that they can only teach one spell at a time. Or can a shaman work with 3 or 4 characters at the same time during that week teaching each a different spell? My players will have some 7 or so weeks of down time and will want to learn some spells from their shaman and cult leaders.
  8. Does this mean that the shaman, in spirit form do the same thing? Could a shaman go scout out ruins by travelling through the walls and seeing what is in each room?
  9. That could be really convenient for the shaman. Warrior: So Shaman, why didn't you help us there with that Broo ambush? Shaman: Sorry guys, I was...uhh.... fighting this disease spirit in the spirit realm. Yeah! That's what it was!
  10. So does it take a spirit a round of combat to become visible, then the next round it attacks the player? Or does it become corporal and attack in that same round? Is it then visible for the entire spirit combat, or does it become discorporate the following round? If someone is being attacked by a spirit in the spirit realm, what does it look like to those in the material world? Is the attacked character just staring into space? Or is he/she swiping at the air?
  11. I've recently been reading about shaman's in RQG. If a shaman is ambushed by a malign spirit, how does he fight it in spirit combat if it takes him an hour to discorporate? What am I missing?
  12. I have a question about Rune points. During character creation, step 6, when picking a cult, it states:" As an initiate, your adventurer starts play with 3 Rune points dedicated to that cult. " So do you lose 3 Power from your character for these 3 rune points? the chapter on Rune magic states that you have to sacrifice a rune point for each rune point. p.313 "A cult member may sacrifice additional points of POW to the deity, increasing the number of Rune points with the deity and gaining greater access to cult special magic. The sacrifice requires a full week of prayer and meditation in the temple. At the end of the week, the adventurer sacrifices 1 or more POW points and gains an equal number of Rune points. " I'm confused.
  13. How do game masters use allied spirits? Do players just use them as a spare tank for extra magic points? I notice that they have Power and Intelligence. Which makes me wonder what's it like to be a spirit. What do they talk about? What do they do in their spare time? Do they get bored?
  14. I'm assuming that when you sacrifice Power to enchant a magic item, cast Magic Point Enchantment, or become an initiate of a cult, you don't get those power points back? These are permanent losses?
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