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  1. There is no cult 1 pager for Hearth Mother. Could someone recommend one that would be the closest? I'm working on a Balazar campaign for Mythras.
  2. mikuel

    Starting runes

    In Sartar Kingdom of Heroes, players start with 3 runes, one automatically being the storm(?) rune. I'm starting a Balazar campaign. Would I do the same with giving my players the storm rune, or would it be a different rune?
  3. I've been researching some beginning adventures to start a Glorantha campaign and have come across Steve Marsh's Regular Folks Campaign. I've noticed he has a house rule dealing with traits. This might come from a Pendragon rule. Here is a quote. Wild animal herds still migrate through this area in midwinter just as the caribou do in Valind (or Alaska). The PCs are asked to go on a hunt. (The participation is voluntary, but failure to participate will give each character who refuses a -1 on their acceptance check and a +1 on the selfish trait. Is anyone familiar with this?
  4. This is great. If you know the history of the place you are starting your campaign. Could you give a reference of where to start learning this history? Especially Dragon Pass?
  5. Loving all the suggestions! Thanks so much!
  6. Would someone recommend an easy intro adventure/scenario for a Dragon Pass campaign. I've recently purchased The Coming Storm and eagerly awaiting the 2nd volume. I've do have HQ Sartar Rising. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Would someone recommend an easy intro adventure/scenario for a Dragon Pass campaign. I've recently purchased The Coming Storm and eagerly awaiting the 2nd volume. I've do have HQ Sartar Rising. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  8. What do you mean when you say "Rune Magic that uses that Rune as a trapping." Please explain.
  9. I don't understand what your talking about here. Could you explain?
  10. I want to run a Glorantha campaign with RQ6/Mythras rule set without too much effort. I downloaded the Cult one-pagers. I know about the encounter generator and plan to use it. I've thought about trying to somehow convert the rule in Heroquest about being born with 3 runes into the game somehow, but that might be too much work. I thought I would just use the Folk magic rules as is. Is there any other quick fixes that would be easy to implement?
  11. I've always wanted to run some of the classic higher level modules, such as Tomb of Horrors and White Plume Mountain, but did not know how to do it due to power levels and magic items. AD&D assumed that higher level characters would have magic items equal to their power level in order to survive the dungeon. Will Classic Fantasy have suggestions on how to make higher level guys?
  12. I've been wanting to use RQ 6 for a Dark Sun campaign. When Classic Fantasy was announced, I thought I would wait for it's release and try it. I'm figuring there will be more D&D type spells to use. What about converting the other unique aspects of Dark Sun? Will this supplement help?
  13. I read somewhere that classical Fantasy was coming out at the beginning of the year. In one of threedeesix posts, he said he was finishing up the last couple of chapters so I was assuming it was almost done. I know nothing of publishing a rpg. Don't worry, I won't ask about it again.
  14. So it sounds like a very long time before completion
  15. It's been another month since I asked last. So how is the progress now?
  16. So whats the status of Classic Fantasy? How close are we getting?
  17. Any more news on the status of this publication?
  18. I just read the "chained contests" and I like it. I also read the extended contests with the point bid system. That reads really interesting. I wonder why it doesn't work well in your gaming sessions? I know these are just your opinions but having only played one session of HQ2, it's nice to hear someones experience. Thanks, Mikuel
  19. I have trouble with using Runes as magic but for different reasons. I'm relatively new to Glorantha so I don't differences probaly as much as you do. What scares me is using your magical Rune as more of a catch-all for everything. I can see players doing that. I'm also an old-school gamer and I'm not used to story telling games. I like gritty combat, hit points, and magic spells. It's hard for me to think outside-the-box. I'm at the Magic section of Mythic Russia now. I'm curious to see how it differs from HQ2. Michael
  20. Got it. It's pretty much using the pass/fail cycle. Thanks
  21. I'm interested in why you like HQ1 vs. HQ2. I've just finished reading HQ2 and am thinking of giving it a try. I've read some on HQ1 but couldn't get past the magic section. Relative not absolute skills? What do you mean by this? I like the Pass/Fail cycle. What about it do you not like? The same with lingering benefits. If you don't use extended contests, how do you keep dramatic events being dramatic?
  22. I was wondering if it was Avalon Hill or Games Workshop. Is there a difference between those two?
  23. Your homebrew rules sound intriguing. Would you care to share? I have Heroquest 2 and was thinking about running using it but came upon this thread. What is RQ3+? Was that the Game Designers Workshop edition? I was was wondering if it would be possible to bolt on HQ task resolution onto Runequest. I like the ease of HQ but still enjoy old-school gaming combat. Mikuel
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