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    Been playing RPGs since '77. Written and published a handful of solos for Tunnels & Trolls
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    Currently play mostly old school games. A big fan of Stormbringer 1e, which makes OpenQuest a delight.
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    When not gaming I am a self-employed artist.
  1. History Question about Characteristics

    Balance? Not in Stormbringer 1e. That was, for us, part of its charm. But the fact that two players could sit down to roll up characters and one end up with a blind beggar from Nadsokor and the other a Melinibonean Noble Warrior Sorcerer Priest with bound Demon armour and weapons did make writing adventures a challenge. A very Ken St Andre game. Modification of a character's attributes according to where they were from, iirc, carried over into at least some versions of King Arthur Pendragon. Its an option I like for humans only settings as it allows some differentiation.
  2. History Question about Characteristics

    Stormbringer 1e had an interesting characteristic generation system, that I seem to recall from other BRP games as well, characteristics were rolled on 3d6, but after a character's nationality was determined the characteristics were modified accordingly.
  3. So what have you been using OpenQuest for?

    You have 27 days... I just discovered OQ and Crucible of Dragons, looks like my kind of fantsy campaign. I plan to try and get a campaign going with it in the new year.