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  1. I play mostly Pirates & Dragons. I would love to see the rest of the world beyond the Dragon Isles get further development, but I understand that is not in the cards.
  2. I really like the idea of the three book approach for OQ3. I have the OQ Basics book in hard copy and love the format. The one thing I personally am not wild about in the OQ3 proposal is eliminating the three approaches to magic. I really like that OQ has three distinct and different sorts of magic, almost four if you cont the demon summoning of Crucible of Dragons as its own thing. I have never liked that in D&D all magic is really the same. The only difference between clerical magic and wizardly magic is in the spell lists. Otherwise all the mechanics are exactly the same. This
  3. My deepest condolences to Greg's family and friends. I knew him only through his work, but that has brought me years of pleasure. He will be greatly missed.
  4. Pirates & Dragons from Cakebread and Walton ticks a lot of your boxes. It does feature magic and fantasy elements pretty heavily though.
  5. Wishing Ken a quick recovery from surgery. And keep your head on Peter. P&D at Cangames might tempt me to go again. I'm only 90 minutes away.
  6. This is happy news. I saw some early mentions of Green Hell, loved the concept and have been completely unable to find it since getting into OQ. Now I know why.
  7. Thanks Newt. That does make more sense now. Long spears and certain polearms can be set to recieve a charge with a change stance action, and a change stance action to go back to using them for melee. And they are all two-handed. Short stabbing spears are one-handed and cannot be set to recieve a charge, although they can be thrown. Lances, obviously cannot be set. Flex for spears made a certain amount of sense for medium spears that you might use with one or two hands, but no issue from me with dropping it. Makes things simpler.
  8. In the weapons tables the group of spears have the characteristics of flex and set. The long spear has the characteristics of 2H and LS. I assume that the characteristic of 2H for the longspear overrides the flex for the spear group and the longspear requires two hands to use. My question is about the LS characteristic. It states that it allows the weapon to be used as a longspear and to be set against a charge, with a "Change Stance" action required to change its usage. Does this mean that unlike other weapons with the "Set" characteristic a longspear requires changing stance to switch from
  9. I am quite happy imagining that Gloranthan bronze has somewhat different properties to our real world bronzes. I see the word "bronze" as being the closest English translation and closest Earth metal in properties.
  10. I would hope that a GM and players could come to quick agreement as to what is or is not an "attack spell".
  11. you are right, I was specifically thinking of the case of a single archer. Dodging multiple arrows is not going to happen. Nor is dodging an arrow from an archer you can't see. A nice big shield is definitely your best defense.
  12. RQ has always had a realistic combat system. To me this is a feature, not a bug. I can attest from personal experience that one good hit is all it takes to knock you out. I did SCA heavy combat and even though it was "just" bruising damage it was not unheard of for people to quit the field after taking a heavy blow, especially on a lightly armoured body part. I also had the joy of dropping an axe through the end of my thumb, half severing it. That wound took my hand out of commision for weeks, and it was a small wound. See also bow hunting. One hit from a broadhead arrow will drop a
  13. I have Z. I took a look at 600 page pdf, closed the window and never looked back. The old school art is nice, some of the ideas are good, but 600 pages is way beyond my limit these days. I might go half that for rules and setting. That assumes a fair bit of white space, illustrations, decent sized font, and core rules simple enough that I don't need to open the book often during play.
  14. Interesting take away for me is that in OpenQuest, and, at least, the 2006 edition of Mongoose RuneQuest Fanatiscism is specifcally called out as applying to melee attacks only. But in Chaosium RuneQuest it applies to any attack.
  15. Specifically for the Crucible of the Dragons setting, but also applies in general. When starting off new characters to do you allow them to pick from the whole list of Battle Magic spells or only specific ones available from their hometown, cult, etc? I am letting my players choose from the full list for initial spells, but subsequent spells they will need to find a teacher for, and that will limit the list. Some spells will be very hard to find a teacher who knows the spell, and that is before getting them to be willing to teach it. I think it will make for interesting roleplaying o
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