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  1. I wonder if there is a tradition, that allows for the creation of knowledge scribed onto clay tablets, which when 'burnt' bakes the tablet into a ceramic, thus fixing the knowledge onto the tablet 'permanently'?
  2. How much of a mining tradition do we find in Genertela (and in the larger Glorantha)? specifically how would these communities be supported and where might they be found? We do know that Bronze can be mined directly, and the various metals can be found in the 'bones of the gods'. We also know of the Salt mines in the rubble, as are quarries, these seem to be open cast operations, but are there any examples of pit mining? Looking at Great Orme (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Orme#Copper_mining) both seemed to be practiced in the bronze age. What cults/traditions/guilds do we know of or envisage? Would these be made up of free peoples/thralls/slaves/indentured servants. Had an idea where by the players may want to recruit some miners as guides through some of the krashti tunnels, but became aware that unlike hunting/agriculture/livestock there doesn't seem to be much support for them. We do know about the smiths (Gustbran) and masons (Flintnail) that consume the resources that miners/quarrymen produce. Also I've been playing Jon Shafer's At the Gates recently so it may have played into my subconcious
  3. Another option would be to look at the Path of Immanent Mastery cult, which teaches it's followers how to transform themselves into Dragonewts. You could suggest that a botched ceremony has the character locked into this current shape.
  4. In the Glorantha bestiary we get mechanics for addiction with the description for Hazia. Does anyone have any ideas on what the mythic basis for addiction might be ?
  5. So with spirit magic now dependent on CHA, has this been considered with low CHA creatures such as Tusk Riders. Previous iterations of Tusk Riders have never been made to be Spirit Magic poor.
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