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  1. Coiled Serpent A medallion, eight inches in diameter, in the form of a spiral coiled serpent. It's made of gold inlaid with other metals and gems. When no one is looking, it shifts and twists, revealing its various beautiful sides and angles so you never get tired of looking at it. It can also coil itself around the owner's wrist, to be worn as a bracelet. Cults Associated: Asrelia. Friendly: Ernalda, Orlanth. Knowledge It may be that there is only one. Besides the owner and her family, only a few people have ever seen it. One of these people claims to have see
  2. I asked the question on Runequest core rule questions thread, and got the following response from Jason Durall: As per the chart, the defender's weapon takes the damage rolled and the excess goes to the defender. In this case, "twice the damage it would normally" is a clumsy way of saying it takes critical damage.
  3. For what it's worth, I am one more customer who agrees with Grimmshade and others here. I'm eager to see more errata.
  4. Thanks for your help. I'm still trying to figure out what to do with what appears on the page after the chart/matrix, under "parrying a critical hit." It says: This sounds like it would take 2hp damage rather than 1. But the chart on the page before says the weapon would take full hp lost from all damage rolled. I'm using a version of the PDF downloaded on July 1 from dtrpg.
  5. Hi, I usually find that if I keep checking this forum, I'll eventually find answers to any questions I have. But I'm still wondering: in the new RQG rules, if a critical sword attack doing 18 damage is met by a normal parry, and the parrying weapon has 12hp, is the parrying weapon broken (as the attack & parry results chart seems to suggest), or is the parrying weapon just reduced to 10hp (as pg 200 suggests, under "parrying a critical hit"). Thanks!
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