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  1. HeroQuest Red Cow book has one for worshippers of Cacodemon (or rather ogre-descended within the clan).
  2. That's the Wiki I was referring to.
  3. I don't know about others but I feel the wiki is really difficult to navigate as well as being a bit devoid of information. It feels like the information on there is cut to the bare fat but that the useful stuff is also removed. As an example, I saw this on the site: http://www.glorantha.com/docs/how-argan-argar-courted-esrola/ My process was: "Oh what's Akez Loraddak?" Center of the Shadowlands. "Where?" The God Learner name for the Kingdom of Night "What?" A historical empire in Kethaela "Where?" A coastal southern land in Maniria. "Where?!" A region of central-south Genertela "Ah, okay." I can't fathom trying to get into Glorantha as a newcomer and finding this as the wiki. I understand that a lot of effort is in this but compare it to, say, the Lexicanum for the 40k fandom: http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Cadia Almost all the questions you could possibly have are answered in the summary paragraph: Cadia was a terrestrial Fortress World on the edge of the nebula known as the Eye of Terror. The planet was situated in an area of space known as the Cadian Gate, the only stable, permanent route into and out of the Eye of Terror large enough to allow the passage of battlefleets.[5] For this reason, Cadia was heavily fortified against the assaults of Chaos and was a frequent target of Abaddon the Despoiler's Black Crusades. And a bunch more are answered by the "Basic Data" sheet which has a summary of all relevant logistical data. I understand that this would be a lot of effort but maybe a fan-contributed wiki on the Glorantha site might be a solid idea? I'd happily help setting up templates etc, it's just a matter of having the space for it (and also this dodges a lot of possible legal issues, as I understand it).
  4. Can you back that statement up in any way?
  5. I'd be happy to contribute content etc. The problem is a layout dude and an editor, which are the most hateful things to do for any fanzine and therefore a struggle to find.
  6. So, is anyone planning to start a fanzine for RQG?
  7. Whichever one you want. I know it's a handwavey YGWV answer but it's the case. I'd say you should mix your ideas together personally. Have rune magic be completely expended during non-elemental seasons so that Orlanth worshippers can only really regain magic during Storm Season and Ernaldans during Earth.
  8. Link to the Roll20 Posting The River Runs Red It is the Year 1622. Last year, the Lunar Empire killed the gods Orlanth and Ernalda. The Red Emperor declared a year of celebration as, at last, they had triumphed over their immortal enemies. The Great Winter swept across the land, starving many and forcing many others to resort to new allies and create new enemies. At the same time, a cradle carrying a giant's babe was carried down the Zola Fel river. Despite gold spent and life lost, the Lunar forces sent there were unable to defeat its defenders and seize the cradle. This is not to happen again. You are a group of Lunar settlers, granted a piece of land along the Cradle of Rivers. For some of you this may be a reward, for others a punishment. Whether you've been ordered, whether you're a slave or whether you're a freeman looking for a piece of land to call your own, you have what seems to be a simple task ahead of you: Make the river run red. What is this? This is a RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha game utilising the new RuneQuest rules. The game is taking place from the perspective of the Lunars who are, by most souls on Glorantha, viewed as a pretty damn evil empire who cavorts with Chaotic beings and is seeking to end the worship of anyone else across the whole world. The game will be text-based and will likely run 6pm GMT Wednesdays. Info for Gloranthaphiles In this Glorantha, the Grantlands were never truly settled by Lunar occupants. Everything south of Sun County is wild countryside. The timeline for this is shifted back a few years from the default starting date just to allow the players time to ramp up while the Hero Wars does. P.S. Not sure this is the right place to post this but I couldn't find a LFG sub forum.
  9. Ideal! Do you know if it's possible to download the outputs as text files?
  10. This is great, thanks. It's mostly that I'm putting together a mod for a game which randomly generates names, but it needs a language file for each culture. I've got a program that can take a small input and make it into a large library, but I just need examples.
  11. I'm looking for language "examples" for Glorantha, or at least ideas on what the languages should theoretically sound like. Does anyone have any clue?
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