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  1. Does any one know the name of the first non Chaosium adventure module for CoC? I thought Judge's Guild had published one, but it seems I was incorrect.
  2. In a setting I am/was creating, I had planned on having a a race of npc elves use it. The lived a a deep and large canyon. It had the square miles if about the British isles and was perpetually overcast. Thus giving the elves a sickly skin color. I work on it every so often.
  3. When I think of cinematic spear fighting, I think of the fight between Achilles and Hector in the movie Troy.
  4. My current collection, not including my PDFs Legend, RQ2,and the Gold Book. Oh, and GORE. Do I have enough? And why do I want more? 😆
  5. Just downloaded the episode. Looking forward to it Long time listener of the Grognard.
  6. I in fact own Classified which is closer to the James Bond rpg, and also uses a percentile system. This game is using the GORE system.
  7. While looking around DrivethruRPG, I came across a game called DoubleZero from Dancing Lights Press. As I really like espionage games and reading the preview, the system is based off the G.O.RE. system which is based on BRP. I am not a fan of pdf's but look forward to when it become POD. Maybe if the game gets some traction, maybe it can get some forum time here. Also, GORE is available on this website as a download. Not going to post a link. I may violate a policy.
  8. Both were published Chaosium products published in 1984. Fyi.
  9. Have either one of these settings been on the forum? Just wondering?
  10. Listening to it now. I don't believe I will get it, but it was a good interview.
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