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  1. Both were published Chaosium products published in 1984. Fyi.
  2. Have either one of these settings been on the forum? Just wondering?
  3. Listening to it now. I don't believe I will get it, but it was a good interview.
  4. I had been looking at it. The price is nice, so I ordered the print version. They also included the PDF. 🙂 I was wondering, is there any major errata to look for in the book?
  5. I just saw this on rpg.net. I was about to post it here. I look forward to your next character.
  6. While I have never run BRP for a sci fi game, it is obvious that it can be done. is What you have to do is determine what type of setting you want to run with BRP. Flash Gordan, might be a no, while The Expanse is a yes.
  7. How about for earlier edition, say for first and second editions?
  8. Thanks for info on Cthulhu wiki!
  9. I enjoy Scott Skorkowsky's videos. All of the CoC adventures have been published by Chaosium. Have there been any third party publishers of CoC adventures?
  10. Looked around. This is the only mention of the game.
  11. I remember downloading the game, but never played it. It does not seem to have it's own forum. Does anyone play it? Why do you think it is not more popular?
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