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  1. Just read a review of it in Knights if the Dinner Table #285.
  2. Thank you, Guess I better add that to the list then. 🙂
  3. I was thinking about getting AtV for a friend of mine. I was wondering does he need the Mythras book, or is it a stand alone book?
  4. Chaosium is a small company, so resources have to be spent carefully. I would love to see another edition of the BRP book. But it probably won't happen until they finish with whatever is in the pipeline for Runequest and Call of Cthulhu.
  5. Oh wow!. Glad you survived and have recovered. Even though I have never played or run CoC, I still enjoy the writing of TBS. It was a great source for other games. Hopefully, one day TBS #4 will see the light of day.
  6. About a decade ago, I ordered a copy of The Black Seal #2. I was very impressed with the quality of the writing and the production of the product. There were only three issues. Did they lose the right to publish CoC product? Or did they just not make enough money to keep going?
  7. Game designer, not movie badass, was creating pc's fa game each day in December. Here are his creations for Stormbring and Hawkmoon. He also gives his personal thoughts. 31 Day Character Challenge: Stormbringer/Hawkmoon - YouTube
  8. Here is a review of the game by Kurt Wiegel of Game Geeks. Game Geeks #218 The Age of Shadow - YouTube
  9. I thought the title 'Magic World' came from that supplement 'Worlds of Wonder.'
  10. If I remember correctly Artesia came out of game of based on RQ. You can see the pedigree clearly. But when he published the game, for what ever reason he did use the FUZION system for his printed game. Since Chaosium has released a SRD for BRP, maybe his next edition will use that system.
  11. Lords of the Middle Sea RPG update: the cover art, a work-in-progress - Chaosium Inc.
  12. Nice. I have seen a video a few years ago which used a video cut scene from the Dragon Age video game to explain combat in Savage Worlds.
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