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  1. Imagination and handouts created the day of the adventure...so lots of imagination.
  2. SIgh, I know but shipping and exchange rate kills me.
  3. kafka


    Most of my adventures do involve Cryptids of some sort...however the backstory is that these were entities that were touched by the Mythos in some way.
  4. Playing a historical CoC campaign that will eventually utilize Cthulhu & Clockwork set in the early 1600s which merges 7th Sea with a historical milieu. However, the campaign has players split over time...so I can bring in other elements/times but the same basic archetype still will emerge.
  5. If I cannot find my receipt...as I have had to change emails. Can I send you a picture of me holding the book in a number of different places?
  6. Absolutely that is understood. Will Chaosium be participating in the Bits and Mortar program. As I prefer to buy this at my FGLS...shipping from Chaosium is a killer.
  7. 1930s tech is rather good for Traveller. However, I am looking for something that would indeed capture that Aliens/Bladerunner vibe but at the same time be Hard SF. I found RoH to be very good but it did not capture that Hard SF as much as it did the Alaister Reynolds feel. When I say hard, I think of the Asimov robot trilogy (for its time), and much of late 60s & 1970s SF (except when Star Wars obliterated that tradition), parts of Clarke, Benford, Outcasts, or as stated 2300AD. I like the idea of sending people out there with essentially one way tickets due to cryo-sleep never really have a life outside of being spacers going on 5-20 year "missions" and some sort of STL colonization program going on simultaneously. So one might have sparcely populated human colonies out there. But, space is largely barren and hostile. Which is not to say there lots of things that cannot be explained. Aliens or xenomorphs would be of an animal intelligence or slightly above. However, very completely alien. There would be ruins of precursor civilizations that could never be explained. So, I see tech as a fusion...there is not enough hi-tech manufacturing hubs out there...that tech has to be brought in from the Core worlds. So it is much easier to adopt lower tech standards/designs out on the colonies with an infusion of spacey tech eg Ground cars powered by fusion. But the basic design could be very 20/20st century.
  8. Not sure that I want to go the full WoD or After the Vampire Wars route...rather horrors should be more subtle. Such as, I ran a game where investigators where First Nations policemen who had imprisoned a demon 66 years ago. Now one of the officers was infected by the demon unbeknownst to their comrades. I never want to spell out who the demon was.
  9. I think they are still recovering from the loss 7e engendered with its kickstarter...so they are squeezing every penny.
  10. Nameless Horrors was truly excellent. Blood Brothers (1 & 2) was truly horrible (although good for a laugh). I was wondering if the 7e will see some more non-Mythos horror scenarios/sourcebooks. As most of my homebrew adventures have involved these (with just a suggestion of the Mythos taint behind them), I am beginning to run out of material. Will we likely see more non-Mythos horror or is that more the realm of the Esoterrorists? I always liked the premise of the X-Files where legends turn out to be part of a larger conspiracy. That said, week after week, of Mythos horrors can kill a group (literally and figuratively) -- so I am looking for supernatural scenarios in which players get the cosmic horror kick but without the terrible SAN loss that might go with it. And, I would want these to remain in the realm of a purist CoC format not pulp.
  11. kafka


    When are we likely to see 7e hit the shops...I missed the kickstarter but I purchased the PDFs from Drivethroughrpg but I still like to read with old fashioned paper. So when can we expect to see this on the shelves of our FGLS or at least retailed through Amazon.ca?
  12. Ok...it is sleeping but I still would want to see a lavishing beautiful sourcebook dealing with the CR universe which could have fast forward element of Icarus Rising within it. Essentially, slow boats (STL) sent out from Earth to colonize nearby systems. A discovery of an artifact beyond Pluto's orbit allows for FTL but not without a cost. And, what mankind finds out beyond 50 ly radius is lots of dead worlds. Beyond that strange aliens. And, beyond that the unknown. A very nice hard compact SF universe. With lots of ruins where the Old Ones once resided. Most of the 1920s scenarios could be retooled for this purpose but with added peril like Vacc Suit leaks and meteor storms along with countless other SF tropes. The secret would be keep it very hard...
  13. Is Clockwork & Chivalry Core Rulebook part of Bricks and Clicks, as I purchased a copy via my FGLS and would not mind having the PDF backup? I used your webform twice to ask the same question and got no reply. If it is not, no problem, it is an excellent product and I have very much enjoyed digesting it..
  14. I loved Cthulhu Rising and really wanted to see this flushed out with realistic artwork and placed in a Traveller 2300AD universe. I am really surprised that Mongoose did not make an attempt to snap him up and pull him over when the monographs could easily translated into Traveller 2D6 mechanic and T5 gives us a SAN mechanic... His website went dead after a while...do we know if he is still writing for CR or did all his energy go into River of Heaven?
  15. Quatermass certainly has his place in the alternate Cthulhu Mythos busting organizations, like the BBC drama, The Invasion...they remain classic cosy catastrophes, especially, for Atomic Age Cthulhu - one should check The Quatermass Memoirs.
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