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  1. Yes, this is quite surely an error. The solution you propose is good. Another possibility would be to flip the table and read a 20 result as 1, 19 as 2, 18 as 3, and so on. A modifier is probably needed in this case too for calibration, except it would be +10, I think. Also, please note that the first and last results in the table should be "1 or less" and "20 or more", since both negative and 20+ results are possible.
  2. BTW, the inimitable @Morien has assembled a "starter kit" with suggestions for a few (almost-)free, relatively short scenarios that can be used to build a "mini-campaign" spanning the 530-543 period. The only two non-free scenarios are those included in the KAP 4th rulebook, since the latter costs 9.99 $. I think this is a bit of a stroke of genius and a really, really good way to test if your group likes playing KAP. Link to the thread, with many thanks again to @Morien: This said, you SHOULD really obtain anyway all the adventure / geographic supplement books suggested above, since they are really THAT good. šŸ˜‰
  3. Yes, good catch! As I said, it's highly unlikely that an official errata for 5.2 will ever be produced. However, we can make sure to check the new 6th edition for this specific error, now that we know it exists. šŸ™‚
  4. Since the 6th Edition has been officially announced as forthcoming, I don't think we'll see any update to the 5.2 edition, nor any official 5.2 errata. However, this is the right place to discuss and receive advice on any problems or errors within current rules. Can you describe the editorial error you wrote about?
  5. My idea of Passions is: they are a source of really extreme emotions, which can range from positive, very encouraging and inspiring, to disheartening and despairing. When you are a "passionate" human (.i.e, if you have any Passion at all), you can experiment both sides of your Passions. The positive, "inspiring" effect is mostly a psychological effect that drives you to gread deeds; in a similar way, the "disheartening" effect is a psychological effect that drives you to despair and eventually madness. So, when you fumble your Passion roll, you become Mad from despair and do crazy things, just like when you are Inspired you do great deeds. And, since you are Mad, you can attack your companions, kill innocent people, hug Saxon enemies thinking they are angels, and so on. Of course, despair and Madness can also onset when you are (positively) Inspired and you fail to accomplish the object of your Inspiration.
  6. Ok, so thanks to the kind collaboration of MOB, the Italian translations of both #WeArAllUs / #SiamoTuttiNoi adventures are now up on Chaosium's itch.io page: - La Grande Caccia (2020): https://chaosium.itch.io/the-adventure-of-the-great-hunt - La Cerca della Lama Rossa (2019): https://chaosium.itch.io/the-quest-of-the-red-blade In both cases, scroll to the bottom to see the download link. Hope that some fellow Italian GMs and Players will enjoy these two items! I sure had a blast translating them. Roberto
  7. Are you interested in translations to other languages? I'd love to try my hand at translating the quickstart & preview to Italian. Although, no Italian edition of KAP exists right now...
  8. People have noted, in this thread and elsewhere, that IRL the average woman tends to have lower strength than the average man. This could possibly have a (negative) effect on the female knight's effectiveness in combat, also possibly leading to some form of "discrimination" on the part of liege lords. However, again in this thread and elsewhere, it has been noted that women warriors are historically common in several cultures. Do we have any data or documents on how female warriors were evaluated in these cultures? Were they thought of as equal to male warriors? Or, did they tend to have some "specialized" duty or position, which relied more on physical characteristics different from STR? Could this information be applied and relevant for knightly combat? In general, could some physical or mental characteristic of women compensate (or more than compensate) their perceived lower strength, making them as effective as men, in the liege's eyes, in carrying out knightly duties?
  9. Good choice, @weasel fierce! I always feel Paladin is a ā€œlittleā€ wonderful gem of a book that still gets too little attention and excitement...
  10. Thanks for the summary, @redmoongoddess! By all means, do it for the new rules as well! The book of magic is called Codex Mirabilis, and if I recall correctly, thereā€™s also a book on religious magic in the works, called Codex Sanctus or something similar. This latter one should be at a much earlier stage of completion.
  11. Needless to say, being the "original" proponent of 50/50 male/female knights, I'm 100% in agreement with Morien here. Morien, thanks for your detailed analysis: I like it A LOT, and will use it for sure in my KAP game! IMO, the matters of knight pregnancy and female inheritance should be treated as sources of possible interesting events and incidents, not as some sort of hindrance to the inclusion of some groups of people: i.e., as an ENRICHMENT of the setting. Roberto
  12. I would like to chime in to say my 2 cents. I'm one of those "small subset of players". I'd like to have about 50% female knights in the KAP corebook. Heck, I'd like to have about 50% of the kings, rulers and other nobles be female. I'd like to have LGBTQ+ characters sprinkled all over the place. I'd like to see some female knight apply fine amor to a male househusband. I'd like to have Dame Lancelotte have an affair with Queen Guenevere Pendragon, and even weirder things. Right there, in the corebook. Will they be there? I don't think so. Would it be a good thing to have them there? I think so. Are we a minority IN THE WHOLE WORLD OF GAMING? It can be, but I don't think Atgxtg (or anyone else) has any hard data to support this claim. Maybe it's true, but one cannot make it part of an argument without any data to back up their claim. Maybe the gender-biased one is a majority point of view. But maybe it's a majority precisely because until now people with different worldviews have been excluded/rejected or felt not attracted by explicitly gender-biased, prejudiced games. What I can see is that the world of gaming is changing, and that being inclusive to different genders (and ethnicities, and religions, and social classes) gives more people the chance to feel welcome into a community. I cannot help but think that KAP would be a better game if it was more inclusive, even though it would be less consistent with traditional depictions of the setting. To me, being as inclusive as possible is much more important than being consistent with centuries-old conventions in a game made for 21st century players.
  13. @TrippyHippy, this is an understatement! KAP is the very best roleplaying game ever penned, bar none. IMO, of course. ;-) It's also an understatement to say that I'm eagerly awaiting for this(these) announcement(s). I'm positively bouncing off the walls! Regarding "due respect", I don't doubt that the current Chaosium's management are the best people to give KAP the honor it deserves, and to keep true to Greg's vision for the game. After all, Greg himself chose to bring KAP back to Chaosium under this management, and he also personally chose @sirlarkins as his successor as line manager.
  14. Ah well, guess I'll just wait for the Codex Mirabilis to be published... Shouldn't be much longer...
  15. Sounds interesting! Is it (legally) available somewhere in the web?
  16. Hi Adaras, to which books exactly are you referring? I only remember magic rules for KAP in 4th Edition, but they don't explain in much detail how to make magical artifacts. I don't know of any KAP "book of magic", as you call it. Is it a French language supplement? In any case, it makes sense that artifacts from the stories are few and far apart, are very important, widely known and grant exceptional abilities: they are the matter of legends. So, whoever gets them receives Glory, since the PK becomes "the famous knight Xyz, who wields the legendary sword Zxy that can kill any giant", and so on. Artifacts made by player magicians, OTOH, shoulnd't usually be so powerful and shouldn't grant such superhuman powers, thus getting them does not grant any Glory. Of course, no one is stopping you from letting your player manufacture a legendary artifact granting Glory to the owner, but the character should be an exceptionally powerful magician, they should forfeit most of their magic power permanently to produce the artifact, and there should be high chances of failure. And it should be the accomplishment of a lifetime. My 2 denarii, of course!
  17. Hi Peter, sorry for the late reply; if you're still reading here, my best wishes to Ken for his recovering health, and to both for any new (or old) endeavors that you want to accomplish. I imagine you already did that, but have you tried to approach Chaosium for help in continuing your game lines? They are very passionate about RPGs, and K&W books always struck me as some of the best-produced RPG books from a small company out there... And they're clearly up Chaosium's (Dark) alley! As someone else already suggested, Modiphius could be another possible partner. Apart from this, I just wanted to let you know that I am immensely enjoying the Clockwork of Orange campaign. Thanks to both you and Ken for these fine products.
  18. I can confirm: in KAP 5.2, to be a Queen's Knight a PK must win at least one annual contest or tourney. So, it seems to imply an annual membership review.
  19. The map in the PDF is 72 dpi, just like your image. IMO, it's NOT ok for a computer screen, since you can barely read the placenames on it. However, I fear that posting a higher resolution scan from the paper copy would be against Chaosium's copyright. I wouldn't suggest anyone to do it without their written permission.
  20. Yes, I can confirm that the PDF on sale at Drivethrurpg.com, or on Chaosium's own webstore, contains two pages (one for North and one for South) with the detailed map, which is exactly the one Atgxtg posted above. Although, I must say that scan resolution is not that high, and the typeface size used in the map is really small, so it's not the best reading experience on a PC screen: as soon as you start zooming in to read the tiny writings, letters become pixelated. Don't know what happens when you try to print this one; I suspect that you'd be better served by the original map on paper (I own it, but cannot access it at the moment). The map is on the two last pages of the PDF file. In the original book, it was glued to the inside back cover.
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