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  1. Please report how the Hell Mother works! It feels like quite a complicated class, it would be nice to hear some experiences, both from the player and the GM.
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    Ooh, very cool, thank you!
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    @Stew Stansfield I wish you well with your projects. In the meantime, would you mind if I used that unfinished map of yours as a reference picture in my 13th Age Glorantha campaign? My players will probably be spending some time in Duck Point or close to it and that map yours really conveys the right kind of feeling and mood about the place I would like to deliver to my players.
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    @Stew Stansfield Did you end up finishing that map of yours? It would be great to see the final result if you did!
  5. Hello! Were you able to make your tokens available somehow? I would be really interested, as I'm planning to run a 13th Age Scenario soon in Roll20.
  6. @Rick Meints Thank you for responding. Correct me, if I'm wrong, but it seems that at the moment Jonstown Compendium rules only allow publishing content for RuneQuest: Glorantha and HeroQuest? Any possibility/plans for extending the program to cover 13th Age Glorantha, too? That might give aspiring content creators an easy way to get some experience and confidence towards creating material they would feel comfortable submitting to your people.
  7. @AndreJarosch Yeah, of those I'm aware of. I used the ready made characters from Skyfall/Under Pressure for Horn of Snakepipe Hollow scenario (just had to adjust the difficulty level a little) and if my players are interested in some more I think I'll run Under Pressure next.
  8. I guess the title says it all. Does anyone know if there are any supplements planned or bubbling under for 13th Age Glorantha? I think the setting book is of such high quality that it would be a great shame if we won't see any supporting material published. There would be so much to draw inspiration for many kinds of scenarios as well as for new classes, cultural backgrounds and races.
  9. @Kel M I like these! I have not yet played 13th Age Glorantha (or even original 13th Age), I have only just bought the books, so I can't say much about balancing and stuff like that, but I think these are well thought and written. Especially I like the idea of thinking about the Goldentongue as a kind of a bard. Some small issues: "For a Goldentongue, weapons are the last resort when negotiations have failed, --" As they are not really weapon users, maybe they should not deal damage when missing with a melee weapon? Or maybe just 1 point (and maybe 2 for champion and 3 for epic tier)? In Spell Trading: "Each participant rolls to use the ability against a difficulty of 6." Which ability is it that should be used here? "The Sun Dome Templar is a transformation of the Paladin class from pages 110-115 of the core 13th Age rulebook." Maybe you could add something like "--, just more uptight"? 😉 The Templars runes are listed as "Trade, another rune from your god, and a personal rune", probably a slight copy&paste error? Otherwise, good work! I'll try to check the paladin and bard abilities if I have something to say about them in the context of Glorantha.
  10. Nice work! Any chance you could include some simple instructions for setting up a development environment in the project README? I have never coded any Go, but I might still be able to do some simple pull requests, at least for the frontend. And btw, at the moment Lhankor Mhy is spelled incorrectly in the cult title. In the description text it is in its correct form.
  11. A few? So many interesting ideas there. Thank you for writing all that down! We had another session last week, things progressed quite slowly, but they have now heard a bunch of rumors and have learned about people attending the festival and now there has even been a murder... The merchant put up a stall for selling stuff and witnessed a young and stupid assistant of a Lunar merchant trying to put a red cloak on a Yelmalio Templar, which ended badly. The merchant tried to calm things down and now knows about a business opportunity, we'll see if she can do something about it. At least I was able to sneak in some details about Yelmalio losing the power over fire and the taboo of red color, which I was happy about. I have not been GMing for many, many years before this group and while I it is fun, I constantly feel I'm not doing very good job and I'm really stressed before every session. I just hope my players are having fun and it gets easier for me over time. 😥
  12. Good point, illuminating the communication aspect of Issaries. I'll need to keep this in mind.
  13. @Joerg Lots of good ideas and stuff to think about, thank you! I forgot to mention, that the player has specified that her character specialises in wool and cloth products made of wool, including those made of wool of exotic animals. The Proximity of Prax of course presents opportunities with the nomads and their herds.
  14. Good point, the Apples already played a small part in the previous session, but I don't think the players are aware how special they are. I'll keep this in mind.
  15. Hello, everyone! Our group with me as their GM have started going through the harvest festival related (trying to avoid any spoilers here) scenario from the old RQ Sun County book using HQ rules, as described in this thread: There are three players, all Orlanthi characters, two of which are taking part to the festival activities. The third one, a female Issaries merchant, can not participate, but has been asked by a local town leader to investigate some Lunar activities in the town. However, the player also clearly was interested in doing some merchant business, too, which makes total sense and is something I absolutely want to encourage. Unfortunately there was a lot going on during the first session and I came up short with providing her some trading related leads for her to follow and I would like to do better next time. However, I'm drawing a bit blank here. I would like to tell her that "oh, you also notice there is this and that going on" without too much forward planning and see where it goes, so that she would have something small but interesting going on during the festivities (lasting a week). Also, if possible, I would like it to be something, that teaches the players something about Glorantha, which they are not very familiar with. Any ideas, oh you wise people? Garhound is not a very big city, only less than 1000 people, but it is the time of the most important event of the year, so there are lots of people visiting the town, including those trying to make some business there, legally or maybe planning something shadier. Governor Sor-Eel from Pavis and Count Solanthos from Sun Dome are both also present, with their delegations and soldiers, and things may be heating up...
  16. No, I don't. I have the old Glorantha: Genertela, Crucible of the Hero Wars box, which describes Genertela quite well, but Pamaltela is a big unknown for me.
  17. Well, I ended up purchasing this one. It's a big book. Like really big. o_0
  18. Thank you for this, this really helped me after I got very confused with the different methods represented in these books. I did not realize that SKoH is kind of based on HQ2 instead of HQG. Shouldn't that be 12 instead of 9? And if I understood correctly, according to the as-you-go method as presented in HQG during the sessions you still have 5 abilities and another 12 points to assign. Is that correct? Or are you only getting 12 points once and you can spend some of them during character creation and some while playing?
  19. Thanks for the tip! Although now I'm afraid that if I purchase the Pavis book I might want to run those scenarios, too, and then I'm all torn to different directions and I can't make decisions...
  20. Thank you so much for this detailed example of character conversion. This is just what I was hoping to do and this example will surely help me if and when some of my players might prefer a ready made character. That Pavis book looks like quite a hefty book and I feel like I'm already a little exhausted with S:KoH, but on the other hand the PDF version is not very expensive... And I'll surely take a look at your play-by-forum game, thanks for the link!
  21. As I'm not familiar with HQ1 rules, I was slightly confused for a while. Thank you for pointing this out.
  22. Thank you guys, you're great! I'll get back to this after work (I live in Finland) but this is just the kind of advice I was looking for!
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