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  1. The PDF of The Smoking Ruin is available now on Choasium’s website. Buy it before release, and Chaosium will send you a voucher for the price of the PDF as a discount when you buy the dead-tree edition (although you do have to buy both from Chaosium).
  2. Games Workshop also printed the three SoloQuest books. As far as I can tell, they’re identical to the Chaosium printings, but with a GW logo on the back, opposite the Chaosium logo.
  3. Hi All, Bizarrely, I think I’m gaming more as a result of Covid-19. Happens that I backed the Fantasy Grounds Unity Kickstarter, with the Call of Cthulhu essentials pack. So, to learn the system until I can get my RuneQuest rule set working, I’ve been using that and discord to run CoC adventures for some of my normal players, and also a demo for some cow-orders. It’s quite a nice way to run adventures, provided your using a supported system. Otherwise I’d probably say that you’ll get as much out of the free remote tabletop systems, for quite a bit less money. That said, there are
  4. Malc


    Defence was pretty simple. It’s a flat penalty on to hit rolls made against the character. So 50% attack vs 10% defence give a 40% chance to hit. If you get attacked my multiple opponents, you split the defence between the attacks as you see fit. Mostly the values are pretty small, and in that case you can ignore defence. A high defence would translate into skill in dodge (I’d probably give dodge at something like defence x 2).
  5. I'd suggest putting them on eBay. Most of those books sound like things that have now become collectible, and you might be surprised at how much they go for. Depends on edition, condition etc. Searching for sold items should give you an idea of what things sell for. Amazon is also an option. Prices are generally higher, but things sell much more slowly in general.
  6. I think that the "visceral" in RQ combat is a direct comparison to D&D (specifically AD&D, given the time it was first quoted). When any RQ combat could get you killed or maimed (even if it's a vanishingly small chance), that's a big difference to most AD&D combats (most, not all), where that sense of danger just isn't present - it always felt like most fights just happened to wear down resources, but you had no real sense of danger to your character. That sense of danger and the tension it brings, is what (I think) is important to me in a combat system. My experience has be
  7. This is exactly why one of my fixed rules for GMing is that if you don’t know a rule, and can’t find it inside a minute or so, then make a ruling. My experience is that an incorrect ruling derails a game a lot less than waiting 10 minutes while the GM pages through the rules. Also, if anyone wants to see how smooth detailed blow-by-blow combat can be, I’d recommend a look at The Riddle of Steel RPG. It’s not perfect, but it does have an even more visceral feel than RuneQuest. Also several things in common, such as creatures that don’t bleed or suffer shock (like skeletons and zombies)
  8. According to the schedule, it leaves just after midnight, and arrives in Southampton in the small hours of Sunday morning. So books soon! Well, after customs and transport to the warehouse... rolls patience check. Fails miserably!
  9. For Mythras print books in the UK, go to http://www.aeongamespublishing.co.uk/. I’ve used them a couple of times, and they seem a pretty good bunch. If you want PDF-only products (or just PDFs), then you’ll need to go to The Design Mechanism’s website. if you buy a print book from Aeon Games, then you get the PDF free. Which is nice.
  10. They’re available right now from Q Workshop’s site.
  11. Having spent far too much of my life looking for OOP RPG stuff on eBay or elsewhere, my experience suggests that people will spend up to about £150 ($200) for a rare item to complete a collection. Most of the RQ2 boxed sets I see on eBay tend to be around that price, many sold by people who make a living selling this stuff. You can get stuff a lot cheaper sometimes, but be prepared to be very patient. However, for sheer absurdity, you can’t beat the Amazon automatic pricing systems. Take a look at this little gem: https://www.amazon.co.uk/RuneQuest-Essentials-Pete-Nash/dp/0987725963/ref=
  12. Off the top of my head, I’d probably rule it as a separate skill “shield combat”. Like martial arts, it’s a limit on your attack skill - if you hit but roll over the shield combat skill, the attack is too fast to penetrate the shield. I’d also probably rule that since attacks intended to penetrate shields have to be slow, you don’t get a damage bonus when using the skill, or maybe the bonus is halved.
  13. If you bought the PDF from Chaosium, you could try the ePub (or mobi or prc, depending on what device you use) version of the book? It’s much lighter on images.
  14. Using PDF expert on a Mac, I ran into the following problems: Dodge skill is pinned to DEX x 2, and can't be changed Jump skill is pinned to DEX x 3 and can't be changed Skill modifiers aren't added to the displayed skill values, which is probably not the best use for ease of use Free INT doesn't seem to update, and can't be edited The two Spirit Combat values on the sheet (under Spirit Combat and Magic Skills) aren't linked, and can be different Aside from those issues though, this is a really good start!
  15. Looks like RQ2 armour, for the most part. Plate is 6AP. Experience rolls are RQ3 style, roll d100 + category modifier, try to get over the skill value (or 100, if lower). Horses in the Bestiary preview don’t have an INT score listed, so I guess not. Cheers
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