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  1. Just wanted to share with you my first in what I hope to be many releases for the Mythras Role Playing system. it uses the Mythras Imperative Rules. It is a toolbox that will allow you to role play in any kind of apocalypse setting using the Mythras rules. Anything from Zombies to a world changing asteroid hitting the earth. Hopefully it will be useful to some of you. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/324515/Seasons-of-the-Dead?affiliate_id=14022 also for those that want a printed book it is available from lulu.com https://www.lulu.com/en/us/shop/heath-de
  2. after the vampire wars any more info?
  3. sorry this is about 2 weeks late but here it is Conclusion from 10th Game Bo Ling (Jeremy) – Assassin for the Wah Ching Tong Serenna Saffron (Miranda) – Companion Twitch (Jacob) - medic Alpha Zedd (Justin) General Xeus - soldier James D. Hunter (Steven) - soldier Damon Lerchwing (Thomas) – Engineer Severin Ultar (James) – Bounty Hunter A noble man named Deskin Durentia, nephew to Countess Durentia from Lugus A young women,Yoeuss (YOU USS) she was on her way to Deliverance to live with some Tibetan monks. Ongoing Plots Se
  4. this recap is kind of long lots of stuff happened and we have our first casualty Conclusion from 9th Game Tiberius Shepard (Jeremy) – Captain/Pilot – Fatigue (1) Burned (head injury) been in rain Serenna Saffron (Miranda) – Companion – Fatigue (1) Twitch (Jacob) - medic – Fatigue (1) Broken Ribs (Bruised Abdomen) Burned (Been in rain) Alpha Zedd (Justin) General Xeus - soldier – Fatigue (1) (Broken Ribs) Head Injury James D. Hunter (Steven) - soldier Damon Lerchwing (Thomas) – Engineer Fatigue (1) (Broken
  5. so i am wanting to build a couple of modern day careers. one would be a average college student, and the second would be your day to day convenience store clerk. would the scholat fit for a college student? and the closest thing i can find for the clerk would be a servant? any ideas?
  6. so this is what i did and it seemed to work fairly well for my group. please tell me what you think if you agree disagree etc. any tips would be helpful. Grappling with Multiple Opponents Grappling against Multiple Opponents is not easy and unless you have a specific Combat Style to compensate for this you are at a severe disadvantage. The easiest way to do this within the Mythras rule set is to use the Attackers and Defender Size traits. If all the attackers are close in Size than they each attack the Defender Separately following the standard rules. If there are multip
  7. I have been going through the mythras core book and mythras imperative and was wondering if anyone had put together a size comparison chart. something like size 1 = a fly, size 2 equals a large beetle, size 3 equals a field mouse etc etc. is there any around and if so where would i find it. thanks in advance for any help.
  8. a question came up last night during our M-space game and i didnt know the answer even after a quick search through m-space, mythras core, and mythras imperative. are there any rules for using things for weapons that wasnt intended to be used for weapons. for example using a trash can lid as a shield against a baseball bat? or a lamp as a blunt weapon etc. thanks in advance for any ideas.
  9. Conclusion from 8th Game Tiberius Shepard (Jeremy) – Captain/Pilot Serenna Saffron (Miranda) – Companion Twitch (Jacob) - medic Alpha Zedd (Justin) General Xeus - soldier James D. Hunter (Steven) - soldier Damon Lerchwing (Thomas) – Engineer Severin Ultar (James) – Bounty Hunter When we had last left our crew they had been rescued by Remember but stranded on a mysterious planet. Tiberius the crews captain had a severe concussion been burned and been battered by the environment of the planet. He had gathered what remained of his crew and made the decision
  10. Question that i wasnt able to find a good answer for. How is grappling against multiple opponents work with mythras. Ive only been using mythras imperative but doing a quick read through of the mythras core book i cant find much on it under these circumstances. i remember reading about augmenting and group rolls but i cant see where this might apply. heres the scenario i am envisioning. a player is trying to get away from a group of demon possessed children. the children all want to gang up on the player to grapple him biting and scratching at him and bring him down. how do i do this? it seems
  11. yes there were sacrifices that needed to be done to appease the role playing gods ........ and i went out and purchased the Luther Arkwright rpg enjoyed it from Belgath's game so thought i would read up on it. and @lawrence.whitaker i could not find any of your companies products at gen con. i thought for sure studio 2 would have some but if they did it was sold out. (note no players were actually harmed in the making of this post)
  12. it went really well. as with all of the play tests from before gen con this group also decided that the secret the ship held could not be allowed to survive, and for the sake of humanity they decided to fly the ship into the sun. only had 2 player deaths. had a really great time with it. got to play in @Belgath game again. thanks for the great game.
  13. here are pics from one of the games i ran at gen con 2017. a gift from shamash
  14. here are some pictures from my scenario coming up at gen con. if anyone from here is going to be there stop by and say hello. im running it 2 times once for the wednesday gaimg at scottys/the ram for kentucky fried gamers and 1 for gen con itself wednesday afternoon. more pictures to come but probably not until after gen con.
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