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  1. after the vampire wars any more info?
  2. sorry this is about 2 weeks late but here it is Conclusion from 10th Game Bo Ling (Jeremy) – Assassin for the Wah Ching Tong Serenna Saffron (Miranda) – Companion Twitch (Jacob) - medic Alpha Zedd (Justin) General Xeus - soldier James D. Hunter (Steven) - soldier Damon Lerchwing (Thomas) – Engineer Severin Ultar (James) – Bounty Hunter A noble man named Deskin Durentia, nephew to Countess Durentia from Lugus A young women,Yoeuss (YOU USS) she was on her way to Deliverance to live with some Tibetan monks. Ongoing Plots Severins missing daughter Clariss, from The Sirotiste going to a small town called Deliverance on a recently terraformed planet. Bounty that Alpha took to Track down Serenna and return her to New Terran from Mr Crow. Brother Darius requested help from the crew, He is currently on a planet called New Jerusalem. Mysterious Military Presence on the Moon #29675. The Cryogenically frozen girl taken from Damons former colleague on New Terran. Serrena's fatal admirior from New Terran. Bounty on Tiberius for stealing the ship from the Wah Ching Tong. Marcus Durentia the nephew of Countess Durentia Coordinates on data stick that lead to the middle of nowhere. What happened to Remember? The missing orphans from New Terran that were headed to deliverance, 110 orphans. Last episode we had our first player death. Tiberius was shot twice in the head and died. We had a nice interlude where he finally died dropping from his hand a holopic of Serenna. Jeremy, The guy who played Tiberius, introduced Bo Ling Chow, a assassin working for the Wah Ching Tong on Corianis. Serrena awakens to a dirty teenage boy attempting to sell her to a young asian man. The man haggles with the boy, Lui, and finally purchases her and her datapad for 1000 credits. Serenna begs and pleads with him to help her find her friends and she will repay him a lot more than 1000 credits. The young man introduces himself as Bo Ling Chow. When Serenna asks where they are he tells her they are on Nowhere. A place where there is no one and where you can always find something you are looking for if you just look hard enough. Nowhere is in one of the abandoned floors of the station where the orphans and abandoned children live. The station only allows a couple to have 1 child any more than that and the second child is destroyed. Sometimes the parents hide the new child until they get caught or the child gets old enough to care for itself. Other times the child sometimes disappears and this is where they usually end up at. Bo Ling and Serenna are both blindfolded and hoods put over their heads as they are led out of Nowhere. Serenna is wounded pretty badly and Bo Ling takes her somewhere to get healed. He does with a street medic he knows. She finally convinces him to lead her to her crew so she can pay him. Once there Serenna reminds Bo Ling about the snipers and they approach cautiously. However James Hunter who is guarding the entrance to the ship sees them and it looks like Serenna is being held captive so he opens fires on Bo Ling wounding him. Serenna clears up the miscommunications. Bo Ling gets a hold of his boss with the Tong who tells him to get out of there and to warn the workers on the deck because the ship is set to blow up within minutes. They rush out and go to a safe house Bo Ling knows of ran by a friend of his named Lee Ming. Its located in a old tea House. While they figure out what to do about their ship destroyed a video pops on the local video tubes all over the ship showing the crew fleeing the explosion and the station is looking for them in regards to the explosion. Thew video says they should be considered armed and dangerous as the set the explosion killing over 100 people. While at the safe house Bo Ling lies to his boss in exchange for the crew getting him off the station. They head to the deck where the ship the station picked up that transported the cryo tubes and the mysterious package that they believe is remember from Yggdrassil is at. Bo Ling sets up a meeting with Twitch and a counter fitter he knows named Mau Ling. Twitch pays to have the Triumph to now belong to Severrin and than to pay the fines for the Triumph. They than have the containers loaded back onto the ship. Serenna takes a moment to call her friend Helena DuBois, to warn her about the assassination attempt on her client. Helena smiles and asks her whatever she means by assassination than she drops the video and all Serenna can see before it ends is blood everywhere. They all jump into the ship and hightail it out of there. Once a ways away from the station they look at the containers and find that all of them are cryo tubes designed to store people for long periods of space travel through FTL. All the cryo tubes were empty. They did however find a false bottom in one of the tubes where a young asian girl was being stored. They awaken her to find out ti is Mao, Mark Ho's missing grand daughter. Mark Ho is the leader of the Bing Kong Tong who are at war with Bo Lings bosses Tong the Wah Ching. The crew ask the young girl if she knows anything about the other people that were in the tubes. Mao tells them that before she was frozen she heard they were being taken to someplace called Desolation. They were to be sold there. Severin has heard of desolation it is a pirate station that no one can find. He makes a call to one of his contacts a Mr Black who for a price tells them where the station is and give them the access code to enter. Severin explains to the rest of the crew that the station is illegal in that there are no rules, no laws its everyone for themselves on the station. They all hop into cryo tubes and sleep on their way there. Once there they give the access codes to enter it. Desolation is hidden inside a asteroid field and the reason no one can find it it because its actually inside a hollowed out section of one of the asteroids. Once they land they ask around to find that Remember scratched and scarred one of the buyers of stolen goods named Neilson Vanders. The rumor is that this evening at the Ripper, a establishment that Vanders owns Remember is to be broken in for her new profession by whoever wins in the pits at the Ripper. Turns out the Ripper is a place for prostitution but only in the illegal types of fun and also a fight ring where fighters fight for winnings. While this is happening Twitch, James Hunter and Alpha decide to disguise James Hunter as he is wanted for murder etc on the Coriannis, so they disguise him as a woman. (actually got a critical success on their disguise roll at Hard so I have no idea how this big brawny ex space marine is dressed up to look pretty as a woman) They than proceed to haggle to sell the beautiful woman they have, James Hunter, to the owner of a gun shop to purchase a gun. They agree and 2 guys grab Mr Hunter stun him when he tries to resist and take him in the back. We ended it there for the night.
  3. this recap is kind of long lots of stuff happened and we have our first casualty Conclusion from 9th Game Tiberius Shepard (Jeremy) – Captain/Pilot – Fatigue (1) Burned (head injury) been in rain Serenna Saffron (Miranda) – Companion – Fatigue (1) Twitch (Jacob) - medic – Fatigue (1) Broken Ribs (Bruised Abdomen) Burned (Been in rain) Alpha Zedd (Justin) General Xeus - soldier – Fatigue (1) (Broken Ribs) Head Injury James D. Hunter (Steven) - soldier Damon Lerchwing (Thomas) – Engineer Fatigue (1) (Broken Leg) Burned (Been in rain also has rain/slime on face and parasites under skin) Severin Ultar (James) – Bounty Hunter – Fatigue (1) A noble man named Deskin Durentia, nephew to Countess Durentia from Lugus A young women,Yoeuss (YOU USS) she was on her way to Deliverance to live with some Tibetan monks. Ongoing Plots Severins missing daughter Clariss, from The Sirotiste going to a small town called Deliverance on a recently terraformed planet. Bounty that Alpha took to Track down Serenna and return her to New Terran from Mr Crow. Brother Darius requested help from the crew, He is currently on a planet called New Jerusalem. Mysterious Military Presence on the Moon #29675. The Cryogenically frozen girl taken from Damons former colleague on New Terran. Serrena's fatal admirior from New Terran. Bounty on Tiberius for stealing the ship from the Wah Ching Tong. Marcus Durentia the nephew of Countess Durentia Coordinates on data stick that lead to the middle of nowhere. What happened to Remember? The missing orphans from New Terran that were headed to deliverance, 110 orphans. we left the crew last session they had just left the planet Yggdrassil. Upon leaving the atmosphere Damon fell unconscious and his old wounds that had been healed by the parasites opened up as the parasites dropped dead and fell from his body. Twitch immediately rushed him to the med bay on the Davenport. Several others got sick as the parasites that had infested them died. The crew decided to go into FTL and visit the Corianis Station in the hopes that the mysterious package that left the planet ahead of them might contain Remember. The trip will take them 5 weeks in FTL. The crew awakens to the station hailing them. They were sent coordinates to dock on level 23 of the station once there they were informed that there was a fee to dock. They paid a small docking fee, there were extra fees due to being fined for being unlicensed when they were salvaging the dead ship Sirotiste. This left the crew a little short on credits. The captain asked around about repairs and a older man in a grey jumpsuit introduced him self as Sarge said he would be more than welcome to take a look at it and as his crew was the only ones able to legally perform repairs to ships on the station give them an estimate. The rest of the crew decided to go explore leaving only Tiberius and James Hunter and Alpha on board. Serenna, Damon and Twitch decided to go get some new equipment since they had lost most of their gear when they were captured and stranded on the deadly planet Yggdrassil. After asking around they discovered that on deck 76 was a large Bazaar of sorts with all kinds of goods used and new. Twitch found a older Data pad that was quiet functional just a bit bulky and old for 100 credits. Damon sold the sword he had taken from the ninjas on Lugus for 1200 credits with a little help from Serenna. The 3 of them than went to the upper floors of the Bazaar where newer and fancier stuff was and both Serenna and Damon bought a Datapad for 800 credits a piece. Serenna than decides she would buy one for Tiberius. As soon as Serenna activates her data pad she gets a message from an old colleague. It turns out Helena DuBois a fellow companion is here and invites Serenna for breakfast tomorrow where she will introduce her to her client a ambassador from New Terran Ms Miaku D'Charnas Back on the ship Tiberious got a total for the repairs. 5500 credits and 4 weeks time. He attempted to barter with sarge by offering Serennas services as a companion to him for repairs on the ship. The dock foreman agreed to meet them for dinner where they would discuss it more. They were to meet at 8 o clock on deck 26 room 110 and meet him and his wife there with Serenna. Tiberius, Alpha, and James all decided to get some grub and after searching through the station directory found that a lot of the restaurants and bars were on deck 75. Feeling frustrated they decided they would head to a bar instead of a restaurant and get some grub and something to drink. Serenna, Twitch, and Damon decided to check on the ship that was supposed to be carrying the cargo container that could be Remember. They found that the ship was docked at the other end of the same level the Davenport was It was a large storage area where they were informed that the ship the Triumph arrived crew less with 111 containers on board. The station had brought the ship int and stored the containers. There was a modest docking fee and storage fee that has been accumulation for the last week. They found that he could not get the containers unless he was registered on the Triumph and paid the fees which totaled 750 credits so far. Not knowing what else to do they headed for the ship to meet up with the captain. Meanwhile Tiberius and company headed into a small place that said something in chinese. It was a small restraunt in the traditional sense as everyone was dressed in kimonos and sat on cushions at small tables. A large majority of the patrons here were covered in tattoos. A man came over and took their order and brought them over some soy sake. After about a half hour a large group of men entered and walked over to the table where Tiberious Alpha and Mr Hunter was seated. The man introduced himself as Lui Mank and that he worked for Boss Wong Lun Fat and since Tiberius was in the bosses restaurant that must mean he had come here to pay what he owed with considerable interest for the ship Tiberius had stolen some years ago. A small fight happened and the 3 crew rushed out and ran off in different directions. Tiberius ran down the street and ducked into a small passageway that ended at a small hidden door. With a large group of the Wah Ching Tong after him he swung the door open only to find out that it was a elevator hitting random buttons until something happened he headed down. The doors swung open to a large dust covered room that was dimly lit. He hurriedly ran out and found something to hide in. After several minutes the doors opened and a deadly game of cat and mouse ensued as Tong members stepped out of the elevator and started looking for him. Eventually he evaded them long enough to sneak back onto the elevator and hit a button. The elevator opened up to the sounds of screaming and people all in front of him being shot and shooting. It looked to be a massive 2 sided shoot out between 2 faction or heavily tattooed men. Tiberius got back in and headed back to the level his ship was on. James Hunter ran off separating himself from the others and after several minutes he thought he lost his pursuers so he found a door that behind it was a lot of loud music playing. He ducked into what can only be described as a rave. Getting lost in the crowd he bumped into 2 young very pretty girls that had a startling resemblance to each other. They told him their names and that they were twins. They took turns dancing and both danced with him. During this they were basically making out and slipped him something in his mouth. He swallowed than asked what it was. They giggled told him it was Triptocaine, and asked if he wanted to go back to their place to finish up the party. He readily agreed. The next morning he groggily awake to find himself sitting inside a vat of some sort of gel. He was extremely cold as the gel was some sort of cooling agent he got up to find that his side hurt and looking in a mirror found that there was a massive gash that had been stitched up on his left side. Not finding his clothes he walked into the other room to find the twins both naked and dead on the floor. The door suddenly opened and 2 young men stepped in. Immediately seeing the 2 dead girls with Mr Hunter crouched over them, they went to pull their weapons. Hunter jumped on them and beat them unconscious. Not know what to do he drug them into the room stripped them for their clothes and grabbed their I.D.'s and headed back tot he ship. Alpha meanwhile had ran into a alley way sort of passageway that was dark with dim lights and lots of debris laying around. A small doorway was before him so he entered to be greeted by a oriental woman who introduced herself as Mama. She said since he had found them she knew why he was here and took him to a curtained room told him it would be 250 credits and left him there with a mattress and some sort of water pipe with a long hose and mask attached to it. He started smoking it and after awhile decided to leave. Once outside he started walking and fpound Damon walking towards a door with a neon lit sign called Illustrious. He went inside to be greeted by a very large and heavily muscled woman who demanded money to enter. He asked about his friend who had gone into one of the rooms and was told to wait his turn. After some time Damon came out of the room shirtless and wearing some loose pajama pants. Alpha and Damon had a lot to talk about but Damon appeared to be acting strange so Alpha told him to come to the ship and when asked where Alpha told him. Alpha than left and headed to the ship to get some sleep. Everyone meets back at the ship. The repair crews have already started and are hard at work repairing all the damage to the Davenport. They than see Damon enter the ship, the weird thing about that was that Damon was already with them so who was that who just entered their ship. They heard some screaming and rushed to Alphas room to find a naked oiled up Damon standing over Alpha's bed. Alpha had scooted as far away from Damon as he could holding a knife. His room was lit by candles and soft music was playing. The man that Looked like Damon turned to see who entered and Alpha lunged thrusting the knife into the mans heart. There was a lot of confusion about who this was and why he looked identical to Damon. Twitch ran a scan and found that the dead man had the DNA of Damon. Not close but Exactly like Damon. Which was impossible because the only way that was possible would be cloning and everyone knew cloning was illegal. Next Twitch examined Mr Hunter to find that his kidneys were missing and in their place was a sealed package. He immediately put Hunter out and removed the package. He also found that the fake Damon was a exact match to almost anyone's blood type for organ and tissue donors. He removed the kidneys and transplanted them to Mr Hunter. The rest of the crew went through the fake Damon's stuff and found a couple hundred credits and a I.D. Card. His name was Chad. After using the computers on the station they found Chad worked for Illustrious a sex club and had been on the station for the last 6 years. Tiberius tells Serenna that he set up a meeting with sarge to talk about fixing the ship and she is supposed to come with him. She agrees and they head to meet with Sarge and his wife. Once there they have a lovely dinner where afterwards sarge gives her 500 credits and asks where they want to do this. Serenna confused asks do what. The captain than explains that he thought she could work to help to pay for the ship repairs. There is a lot of name calling and arguing and eventually Serenna explains to Sarge and his wife that Companions are not Whores as Tiberius puts it. They decide it wont work out and leave. Before leaving the captain asks sarge why he has already started repairing the ship is they havn't paid him yet. Sarge looks at them confused and tells him that no one is working on his ship. The captain and Serenna rush to the ship fearing the worse. Twitch examined the package he took out of Mr Hunters side and found it contained 4 sticks that could be data sticks or cred sticks. 2 of the stick were in fact Credits. One had 1500 credits on it and the other had 2500 credits on it. The other 2 sticks contained data. One lists a restaurant with a lot of information and pass codes etc as well as data on vantage points etc. It turns out its data on where top set up a sniping position and where the target will be. Gives distances windages even times when there will be less people around. There is even a locker in the storage area where a sniper rifle sits as well as the locker code to get it. The assassination is to take place tomorrow morning at a place called The La Rouge a Italian restaurant that specializes in expensive tastes. The other one is a data stick on a woman who is evidently the target of the assassination, a Ms Miaku D'Charnas. It gives a lot of Biographic data about her. James Hunter and Damon decide to go and investigate the locker. They get there and enter to find the only thing in the locker is a rifle in a bag. Once its opened they find that it has a clip with 5 bullets in it but the bullets are some kind of gel that is meant to dissolve on impact leaving no trace. A female voice behind James Hunter says “It's not your time yet” and than a flash bang goes off blinding them both. When they can see they find that the gun is gone. They rush back to the ship. Once on board they find that all their data pads are being erased as well as the ships mainframe. Alpha tries stepping outside only to find the entire hanger is dark and than that they are pinned down by an unknown person shooting at them. He is badly wounded and dragged back inside the ship. Serenna and Tiberious enter the hanger where the ship is to find it dark and no one is seen. The head to the ship and Tiberius immediately lurches forward with blood all over him. Serenna jumps into cover and sees Tiberius take another hit to the leg and continues to bleed. He starts to crawl towards the ship. A voice rings out from Serenna's left and on top some scaffolding telling them to return the data sticks and she will leave them be. Serenna starts to make her way to the scaffolding and slowly climbs up it. The voice seems familiar but she cant quiet place it. As she get to the top she finds she is behind a blurring image laying on the scaffold holding a rifle. Its some kind of camouflaging suit. She attacks it and manages to rip the mask off the face to stare at the woman that had originally taken the captain back on Lugus. The beautiful oriental woman the captain had danced with. Lin Teng Lin takes one more shot at the captain just as he reaches his hand out towards the ship. The Captain stops moving and collapses. In a Rage Serenna attacks Lin fighting with fists kicks even biting and clawing and starts to win. Than a loud bang and she is hit in the stomach by something hard. She drops to the scaffolding noticing someone has shot her. Just as she looses consciousness she sees Lin smile and waving her finger left and right as if to tell her no. we ended it there
  4. so i am wanting to build a couple of modern day careers. one would be a average college student, and the second would be your day to day convenience store clerk. would the scholat fit for a college student? and the closest thing i can find for the clerk would be a servant? any ideas?
  5. so this is what i did and it seemed to work fairly well for my group. please tell me what you think if you agree disagree etc. any tips would be helpful. Grappling with Multiple Opponents Grappling against Multiple Opponents is not easy and unless you have a specific Combat Style to compensate for this you are at a severe disadvantage. The easiest way to do this within the Mythras rule set is to use the Attackers and Defender Size traits. If all the attackers are close in Size than they each attack the Defender Separately following the standard rules. If there are multiple smaller attackers simply tally up the Sizes into groups that are equal to or close to the Defenders Size. All the attackers use the Augmenting skill rule. An augmenting skill increases the value of the primary skill by twice its Critical range (ie, 20% of the skill). However, the chances for Critical and Fumble are the same as if the primary skill was not augmented. Next you add the number of attackers in the group' not counting the original attacker that is being augmented, and using that number increase the damage that many dice steps. Unarmed damage for a normal person is 1d3 plus their damage modifier. If there are varying damage modifiers you take the lowest. For example a Defender's Size is 16. There are 10 demonic children attacking him. The demonic children each have a size of 5, a Strength of 6 and an Unarmed skill of 27%. So you add up their size and divide them into groups to equal the Defenders Size and in this case groups of 3 demonic children per group with 1 demonic child attacking separately. That means there will be 4 groups attacking the Defender. Group 1 (demonic child 1 size 5, demonic child 2 size 5, demonic child 3 size 5. totaled = size of 15) they than add 6% per extra attacker past the main attacker (20% of the main attackers Unarmed Combat Skill) to the main attackers skill in their group and in this case 12% to 27% for a total of 39%. After the calculations are done that means there are 4 groups attacking the defender and each group gets 1 roll to attack the defender. Group 1 (3 demonic children) 39% Unarmed Combat Skill and. Group 2 (3 demonic children) 39% Unarmed Combat Skill, Group 3 (3 demonic children) 39% Unarmed Combat skill, Group 4 (1 demonic child) 27% Unarmed Combat Skill. Damage for groups 1 to 3 on a successful attack is 1d6 -1d4 (-1d4, because of their damage modifier and the 1d6 damage is because there are 2 extra people augmenting their attack so 2 extra dice steps for damage) damage for the single demonic child would be 1d3 -1d4 for the child's damage modifier.
  6. I have been going through the mythras core book and mythras imperative and was wondering if anyone had put together a size comparison chart. something like size 1 = a fly, size 2 equals a large beetle, size 3 equals a field mouse etc etc. is there any around and if so where would i find it. thanks in advance for any help.
  7. a question came up last night during our M-space game and i didnt know the answer even after a quick search through m-space, mythras core, and mythras imperative. are there any rules for using things for weapons that wasnt intended to be used for weapons. for example using a trash can lid as a shield against a baseball bat? or a lamp as a blunt weapon etc. thanks in advance for any ideas.
  8. Conclusion from 8th Game Tiberius Shepard (Jeremy) – Captain/Pilot Serenna Saffron (Miranda) – Companion Twitch (Jacob) - medic Alpha Zedd (Justin) General Xeus - soldier James D. Hunter (Steven) - soldier Damon Lerchwing (Thomas) – Engineer Severin Ultar (James) – Bounty Hunter When we had last left our crew they had been rescued by Remember but stranded on a mysterious planet. Tiberius the crews captain had a severe concussion been burned and been battered by the environment of the planet. He had gathered what remained of his crew and made the decision to traverse through the large forest in the hopes of making it to the mountain in the distance so as to make it to the top and recall their shuttle to come get them with the remote control unit remember had gotten for them. Several of the crew were injured upon the landing and making it through the forest. Twitch had suffered sever internal damage to his abdomen and had a couple broken ribs. Alpha Had Head Trauma one eye swollen shut, a broken leg and broken ribs. James Hunter was no where to be found. Damon had been severely burned had a broken leg, and was infested with some sort of parasite. Severin and Serrena seemed to be the only crew members not injured to badly. They had also picked up a young girl named Yoeuss and a young noble man named Deskin. They had made it through the forest and come upon a huge lake. The “water” was very thick almost like slime in consistency. They attempted several things such as walking for a bit one way around the lake but it stretched for as far as they could see in either direction. They had waded out into the water up to their waist but it steadily got deeper and they didn't think they could swim. The water was amazingly clear and there was no life in the water no moss no seaweed no algae no small fish. They could see through all the way to the bottom. They decided that they would attempt to kill one of the trees so as to get the wood to make raft to cross the lake. Twitch took a knife and started to approach a large tree to stab into it and Severin was going to attempt to start a fire with the sap hoping that it would have the same explosive results as before. Twitch made it almost to the trunk before branches from above snatched him up and tore into him flinging him away. He landed in the water covered in cuts with his left arm almost removed hanging on by what was left of his shoulder. Damon immediately went to him to attempt to staunch the blood flow. It was at this time that James Hunter came rushing out of the trees shouting “they are right behind me run” the crew not know what it was turned and ran down the shoreline of the lake following him just as a large flood of giant dog sized spiders came out of the tree line and started towards them. They ran for a long period of time before finally loosing the spider like creatures. Finally They halted at what appeared to be a large upside down turtle shell. They decided to attempt to float across the lake in it and grabbed some sticks piled into the shell and started across. After 2 days of them paddling and resting the crew was making noticeable progress and figured one more day of paddling should make them to the edge of the lake. During that time Damon's parasite infestation was steadily getting worse. During the day it was extremely hot and humid so the crew stripped out of their jumpsuits to avoid fatigue and during the night the huddled together for warmth. It was during the night as Damon slept that several of the crew noticed that the worm like creatures under his skin that was mainly just in his face had moved and now covered his entire body. During the evening they emitted a low luminescence that the crew could see by. They decided not to tell him. Twitch meanwhile had started a fever and the first signs of rot had started on his shoulder and partially removed arm. He was in a lot of pain and there was nothing to do for it except to bear it. Finally they arrived at the other side of the lake with the mountain nearing in the distance. The shore was littered with huge crystalline like structures that formed a kind of canyon with passages worming their way through it. (think grand canyon but made up of geode like crystals on the floor and walls) These crystals formed the walls of these canyons and if broken a foul smelling mist emerged from the broken crystal turning the whole crystal smokey colored. They decided to not abandon the turtle shell s they could all lay under it for protection during the night. 2 of them carried it while the rest helped each other through the winding and twisting ways of the crystal canyon. The going was slow and arduous due to all the broken bodies and dehydration setting in as well as starvation. After 2 days travel and late into their 3rd night Serenna the only one awake as everyone else was resting due to fatigue from no water or food for several days now, noticed something moving around them. She cautiously woke Severin just as some sort of tentacle wrapped its way around several of the sleeping crew and jerked them out of the turtle shell. Severin and Serenna ran outside to be face with a huge 6 legged wolf like creature with tentacles that reached out of its back. It was fairly dark and they not see it very well but the things face split apart and from the skull and ringed the skull like some weird mane. A luminescence came from the now opened skin of the creature allowing them to truly see the horror that lay before them. The creature had some sort of parasites writhing under the skin and they guessed emitted some sort of paralytic agent from the tentacles due to the crew being awake but could not move. A battle ensued where Severin cut into the beast as Serenna struck spark to pieces of her jumpsuit and flung the flaming jumpsuit at the wound. A explosion happened destroying the beast. Everyone now wounded beaten and battered gathered together and attempted to fix what they could of the wounded. The next morning they all partook of the meat left over from the beast and started through the canyon. After several hours of travel the canyon opened up to the base of the mountain. The crew decided after a heated battle that Severin and Damon would hike up the mountain while the rest of the crew traveled much slower up to the top in the hopes they could bring the shuttle down to them. Severin and Damon made it tot he top where they walked into an ambush of 6 of the Armored militant guys from the moon awaited them. They were immediately hand cuffed and shackled around their feet. 2 of the armored goons trained weapons on them while the rest loaded onto a floating skiff and headed down the mountain. Damon seeing a opportunity to attempt to knock one of the guys off the steep side of the cliff charged him only to be shot numerous times. His body was than thrown off the side of the cliff below. The rest of the crew walking up the mountainside delirious and starving did not notice the 4 armored goons and walked into a ambush. Twitch managed to stay out of sight and hide while the rest were put on their knees and told they were going to be hand cuffed and returned to their ship. Serenna tried to bluff their way out by explaining the good captain Tiberius was sick and had gotten infected with some sort of parasite from the planet. Tiberius seeing what she was doing played right along telling them that he was probably contagious and should go with them so he didn't contaminate the rest of the ship. Two of the goons turned around and opened fired on him killing him. The rest of the crew fought but was subdued and loaded onto he skiff and moved towards the top of the mountain. Twitch as soon as the skiff was out of sight crawled towards the captains body and was able to revive him. The wounds were not as bad as they appeared and had mostly passed right through him. They slowly made their way up towards the top. Meanwhile up top the goons seated everyone together and started doing stuff with a computer they had. The crew guessed it was a communications array. Their remote to their shuttle sat next to the comm unit. After several hours 2 of the goons grabbed Serenna and walked her down a path away from they rest of the crew. They threw her down on the ground and started undressing. Serenna wasn't sure what was going to happen because the goons never got a chance to do much. Tiberius, Damon, and twitch rushed out and beat the 2 men to death with rock and knifes. Up above hearing the commotion below them the rest the crew acted. Fearing for what may be happening to serenna they attacked the armored goons several of them were shot while Tiberius led the crew and over took the men. During the process all the goon were killed. They found that a package had just left that morning that weighed 91 lbs in a cryo tube and was headed for the space station Corianis. The crew discovered it had to be Remember and that she must have been captured. They got the ships transponder name and decided to go after her. Serenna piloted the shuttle down to them the crew loaded onto it and headed up to the davenport. That's where we ended it for the night.
  9. Question that i wasnt able to find a good answer for. How is grappling against multiple opponents work with mythras. Ive only been using mythras imperative but doing a quick read through of the mythras core book i cant find much on it under these circumstances. i remember reading about augmenting and group rolls but i cant see where this might apply. heres the scenario i am envisioning. a player is trying to get away from a group of demon possessed children. the children all want to gang up on the player to grapple him biting and scratching at him and bring him down. how do i do this? it seems like the children would be helping each other. would i make 1 roll for all the children. roll 10 different rolls. and the player does he get only to defend with the number of action points he has or can he attempt to wrestle free from all 10 of the demon possessed children? 1 on 1 a full grown man against 1 or even 2 children would be no roll needed but what if the children are all working together for the same purpose of disabling the man (player). i know grappling in alot of role playing game systems is clunky and sometimes not very well done. im not sure what to do with the situation i described above. any advice? did i miss it somewhere? thanks for any help.
  10. heathd666

    Gen Con 2017

    yes there were sacrifices that needed to be done to appease the role playing gods ........ and i went out and purchased the Luther Arkwright rpg enjoyed it from Belgath's game so thought i would read up on it. and @lawrence.whitaker i could not find any of your companies products at gen con. i thought for sure studio 2 would have some but if they did it was sold out. (note no players were actually harmed in the making of this post)
  11. heathd666

    Gen Con 2017

    it went really well. as with all of the play tests from before gen con this group also decided that the secret the ship held could not be allowed to survive, and for the sake of humanity they decided to fly the ship into the sun. only had 2 player deaths. had a really great time with it. got to play in @Belgath game again. thanks for the great game.
  12. heathd666

    Gen Con 2017

    here are pics from one of the games i ran at gen con 2017. a gift from shamash
  13. heathd666

    Gen Con 2017

    here are some pictures from my scenario coming up at gen con. if anyone from here is going to be there stop by and say hello. im running it 2 times once for the wednesday gaimg at scottys/the ram for kentucky fried gamers and 1 for gen con itself wednesday afternoon. more pictures to come but probably not until after gen con.
  14. heathd666

    Gen Con 2017

    do you know of any vendors for sure that will have any of your books? for example studio 2? or?
  15. heathd666

    Gen Con 2017

    so any of the folks from The design mechanism @lawrence.whitaker or its publishers of content @Matt_E are any of you going to be at gen con and are any of your products going to be sold there?
  16. Conclusion from 7th Game Tiberius Shepard (Jeremy) – Captain/Pilot Serenna Saffron (Miranda) – Companion Twitch (Jacob) - medic Alpha Zedd (Justin) General Xeus - soldier James D. Hunter (Steven) - soldier Damon Lerchwing (Thomas) – Engineer Severin Ultar (James) – Bounty Hunter The Damon awakens to being inside of some sort of tube. He is extremely groggy and disoriented. A frantic Remember is crouched over the front of his tube holding a glow stick of some sort and trying to tell him something but because of being inside of the Tube he couldn't tell what she said. The next thing he knows Remember throws something over her shoulder and leaps onto his tube straddling it like a rider on a bareback horse. There is a bright flash and a explosion, suddenly he feels like he is falling and the tube with Remember is tumbling end over end. The rest of the crew awakens to this feeling now as well. Remember yells something at him again before she looses her grip and is flung off into what appears to be clouds and lightning. The crew struggles to get out of their individual tube which they now realize are hyper sleep tubes. It turns out that they are all wearing identical form fitting jumpsuits but have no gear that they can find from within the tubes. Its disorienting because last thing they remember was being interrogated. Imminent Impact warning start beeping inside the tube. Several members are able to activate the emergency thrusters to slow impact. Twitch was flung from his tube when it impacted and knocked unconscious deep inside a forest. Damon was thrown from his and broke his leg. Alpha was thrown from his and hit a large rock breaking several ribs. Serrena managed to slow her tube down and than excited without much injury. Severin and Tiberius landed almost a mile away in what looked like a Coniferous forest of some kind. Serenna managed to get Alpha and Damon together and patched up somewhat. They noticed a light inside their tubes blinking and it seemed to be speeding up. A blur in the sky made them look up to see 2 more pods streak past them and impact in the distance. The decided that whatever the blinking lights inside their pods meant it wasn't good so they started hiking towards where the 2 pods fell. It would be going slow as Alpha had several broken ribs and Damon had a broken leg. A massive explosion happens about this time as all 3 of their pods explode. Severin and Tiberius see a pod land near them so they exit their pods and hike towards it to find a unconscious twitch laying half buried in some sand. They have problems getting to him and use a stick they find so Tiberious can slowly make his way to twitch in the now sinking sand. (Quicksand). They than make their way back towards the others. Along the way they find vines that try to attack them and a large tree pulls a weird looking bird inside of it. Its almost as if the trees and vegetation is alive. Some of the plants have a toxin on them that if touched causes the skin to go numb and cant be moved, as Tiberious finds out while trying to eat some berries he found. They all meet up at the crash site of the other 2 tubes. Inside the tubes are 2 young people a dainty young man named Deskin Durentia who proudly explains that he is the nephew to the Countess Durentia of New Terran. The young woman introduces herself as Youssa and ask them which one of them is Serenna. When She gives Serenna a small electrical device which is a Remote Transponder for controlling a shuttle. The crew turns it on and find that it cannot communicate because of the heavy cloud cover and it only has 30 percent battery life left. It looks like they will have to find higher ground and get out of the cloud cover. Severin mentions that in the distance there is a mountain that they could climb it looks like it reaches above the cloud cover. They agree to travel through the forest to get to it. But first they will have to find cover due to the incoming rain. They search the 2 remaining pods to find 2 survival kits which contain a limited use first aid kit and 2 survival knifes. They are lost on a unknown planet with no equipment weapons or supplies with only themselves for company. Severin and Alpha scout out a clearing where nothing is growing but there is a high grass around it. Inside the clearing is a large rock outcropping that should cover them from the rain. They make it just in time as it starts to rain. They decide they will need a fire. Tiberious gathers up a couple of small branches they find and snaps them in half to start to build a small fire. Something deep in the forest lets out a roar as they snap the branches. Inside the branches a thick sap like substance bleeds from the stick. The inside of the stick is spongy like flesh of some sort. The party makes fire with some ingenuity and lights the branches anyway ignoring some of the crews hesitancy in using the weird branches. There is a massive explosion throwing everyone back. Tiberiuos Twitch and Damon all are on fire. Twitch stops moving knocked unconscious. Apparently the sap is extremely volatile. The crew shoves the burned crew members out into the rain to find that the rain is almost like slime in consistency. They wipe it off the crew members. Damon decides he wants to experiment with the rain and leaves some of it on his burned face. They settle in for the night leaving Tiberious awake for a watch and when he gets tired he will wake up Alpha and than Serenna. Serenna awakens to it being light out and Tiberious asleep. She wakes him up complaining about him falling asleep where he mumbles about he is awake just resting his eyes. Alpha and Severin go out into the woods to scout and find something to eat. They both being planet born the crew has nominated them as being the most knowledgeable and therefor the trailblazers of the crew. Alpha and Severin get split up and Alpha gets confronted by some sort of large wolf like creature. It stalks him. The creature resembles a wolf it it had 4 massive from legs and 2 hind legs. A massive over extended lower jaw with huge teeth and weighed in at over 600 pounds. Alpha readies a knife to attack it . It leaps towards him as Severin attacks from his hiding spot beside it. Vines whip out of the trees grabbing the thing and jerking it up into the foliage. A large back leg of the thing rains down on them as well as some sort of purple fluid. It turns out that the wolf like thing bleeds purple blood. They grab the haunch and return to camp with the crews breakfast. The rest of the crew in the absence of Severin and Alpha ready themselves. They find that where Damon left the rain slime on his burns its now turned into a waxy like substance that matches his skin but from underneath it small worm like things can be seen moving. Twitch attempts to remove one of them and in turn cuts a large slice of the waxy flesh off of Damon. He immediately has to close the wound as he bleeds profusely. They decide that until they get a proper medical bay they cannot do anything for Damon. Alpha and Severin head back and meet up with everyone. They start hiking through the woods towards the mountain in the distance. Everything goes well. They exit the forest at the end of the day to find a huge lake that spreads as far as they can see in all directions butted up against the forest. That's where we ended it tonight. We havnt played in about a month and after this session it will probably be another month before we pick it back up due to Gen Con in a week. I have been reading some of Ed Ortiz discussion about wilderness encounters and M-Space from over at the G+ community for The Design Mechanism and it got me thinking so I decided to attempt a small wilderness encounter on a unknown planet. I had originally planned for a total of five days but after 4 hours they had just finished the first day. We will have to see where it leads them. Half the party seriously injured and no idea where they are it should be interesting. http://dungeonsanddutchovens.blogspot.com/2017/07/gming-challenge-non-sapient-wilderness.html
  17. Conclusion from 6th game. Tiberius Shepard (Jeremy) – Captain/Pilot: Serenna Saffron (Miranda) – Companion: Twitch (Jacob) – Medic: Alpha Zedd (Justin) General Xeus – Soldier: James D. Hunter (Steven) - Soldier Damon Lerchwing (Thomas) – Engineer: Severin Ultar (James) – Bounty Hunter When we had last seen our star farers thye had just finished up on Lugus. Made a deal with Kostya a Triad man to return the mine to Marion Morrisey. Lugus was freed from Du Bujacs. Kostya took him with him for …... discussions to be had. The crew had just broke atmo and headed into space when they received a message from Brother Darius asking them for help on Jerusalem. Alpha decided to reach out to a contact he had to see what kind of armaments he could get for the crews shuttle. His contact informed him that word was out that he had reneged on a contract and instead of doing the job he had been hired to do, robbing Brother Darius ship, he had killed his former employer and crew. Alpha told him it was just a misunderstanding. His contact told him that he had a job for him a simple snatch and grab but he better not renege on this one or the word would be put out and he would be ex communicated. Alpah took the job. It was to kidnap a companion named Serenna Saffron and return her to New Terran. He told the captain about it the crew discussed what to do next and everyone agreed on going to help Brother Darius. They hit FTL and went into hyper sleep. Tiberius was awaken by a smiling Remember standing over him holding a smoking cup of soy coffee. Turns out Remember had stowed away and told Tiberius that her father knew about it. She paid for passage with some obviously stolen goods from Du Bujacs. Tiberius agreed to let her stay. Meanwhile it turns out that Remember had cleaned everyone's room and the ship while they were all asleep. There were alarms going off the she explained had something to do with a proximity alert and also there was a big ship in front of them. A ship named Sirotiste was adrift with no distress beacon heading into a asteroid field. The captain woke everyone up and explained the situation. It was decided that since they could not hail the ship and it appeared dead that Alpha, Mr Hunter and Damon would suit up and attach a winch to the nose of the ship and try to winch it out of from the asteroid field. On the way out Alpha and Mr Hunter took a hit from some debris and were knocked into the asteroid field. They also started to asphyxiate due to their suit being punctured by the debris. Damon tried to help and was hit by debris and knocked away from the ship. Tiberius ordered Twitch and Severin out to try to help them. They were able to get to the 2 that had lost consciousness and since the other ship was closer headed to it and got inside the airlock. The captain and Serenna meanwhile tried to hail the other ship and found it to be dead. They were able to find a name since the transponder for the ship was not functioning which was odd. While looking up the name they found that it started 3 months ago with a crew of 2 on New Terran. It's destination is a small moon that had recently been terra-formed and inhabited by Buddhist Monks. The towns name is Deliverance. The ship is owned by The Systeas Foundation which is actually an orphanage foundation on New Terran. The ship held 110 oprhans on way to Deliverance. On Board the Sirotiste The crew find the entire engine is simply missing from the ship. Twitch and Severin search for a med pack for Alpha and Mr Hunter. Severin finds the ship has all the hookups for hyperpods but no hyperpods. They are all missing. In the Cockpit they find an actual printout of the ships occupancy with 2 hypertubes attached. However if they are the pilot and co pilot than they are dead due to what looks like numerous small arms fire into the tubes killing the occupants inside. The printout holds a name that catches Severins eye. A Clariss Ultar. Weird because that was the name him and his dead wife had picked out for their daughter 5 years ago. Unfortunately she died during birth and killed his daughter in the process. At least thats what the doctors told him. Hmm that is strange. Tiberius and Serenna manage to flip the davenport upside down extend the landing pads and push the Sirotiste out of the asteroid field. He extends the umbilical docking tube and retrieves his crew. They discuss on what happeded and where thye kids are at since they are not here. Damon finds a weird ion trail. He explains that it is a faint trail of Destablilized Chemomite probably from a leaking Dynamic Ion Replication Injector from a leaking hyperdrive engine on a ship newer ship engine that is not from the Sirotiste. They decide to follow it. It leads to an abandoned moon called #29675. They decide to scan it looking for the orphans when their ship senses something has locked onto them. Immediately 6 missiles are launched. The ship is heavily damaged as they run from the missiles and they set down on the dark side of the moon. They discuss what is going on and fail to notice Severin suited up and left. He made his way to a facility on the other side of the moon that looks state of the art and definitely military. He finds a way in instead of the main door. He starts to explore the passageway and is put into an airlock so that he can move around inside the facility. He finds a room with a conveyor that leads into some sort of machine that has a lot of laser inside it. It looks like a disintegration chamber. A large pile of clothes and small personal belongings is piled next to the conveyor. He picks up a small personal comunicator and tucks it away. Also there are several large crates into which empty Hypertubes are loaded. One of the doors leading out of the room has a hand scanner to open it and he attempts to hack it. Meanwhile they rest of the crew notice Severin is gone and suit up leaving Remember on the ship alone and head after him. They follow his trail and enter the complex and find him hacking the door just as it opens. Two high tech humanoid figures in what can only be described and state of the art Halo armor turn around and raise their rifles at them. A brief battle takes place into which the guards toss 2 grenades into the room to have one knocked back into the room with them and the door closes just as the grenade goes off. It turns out this is some sort of expandable foam grenade meant to capture people. They are all encased in the foam and cant move. After a few moments a crew of 14 new men dressed in these Grey with red striped halo armor on come in and individually stun each of them. twitch and Severin resist the stun and attempt to break away another small gunfight into which they surrender heavily wounded. Everyone awakens into separate rooms with an interrogator who shoots them full of some sort of truth serum and asks the reason why they are here and who sent them. The man tells Serenna that she is on her way to New Terran as there is a sizable bounty on her head to be collected and everyone is loaded onto a smaller transport ship. While on their way to the ship they notice a bewildered young man and a very young girl being loaded into the ship before them. Both of them are restrained and held by security restraints. The crew are put into hypertubes and immediately put to sleep. That is where we ended it for the night.
  18. awesome thanks for the reply. and yes i loved "A Gift from Shamash"
  19. so i know its july and this is from april but can you give anything away for this mr whitaker? what it is something for m-space, release date etc "Art commissioned for the cover of a Contemporary/SF Mythras monthly scenario.. " taken from the G+ group
  20. i actually was thinking , without giving to much away, possibly a radioactive leak from something causing havoc on their communications gear
  21. i was thinking of adding suspense by their suit radios and communications with their ship being out
  22. so i am prepping to run this for gen con and i had a thought. there are spoliers here so if you dont want to know them perphaps dont read so i had some thought on running this and keeping it suspenseful. i thought about implementing that once they get on the Fukunusubi communications are down probably due to a problem with the reactor thus limiting communications while wearing a suit to the characters have to go faceplate to faceplate to talk to each other. any nthoughts?
  23. im kind of on the bench of sorts had surgery so i have to take it easy for a couple weeks so i have been tryig to read some of the pdfs i have on mythras so i can better have a understanding of it. to be honest i only know M-Space and dont know all of it yet i totally forgot about the design mechanism website i just registered there but have never posted anything there. also alot of the posts are duplicates from here or alot of the posts are duplicates from there.
  24. well i dont know what books you have but there is reference to "The Spineapple tree" in Monster Island book which references the Death trap damage table from the Runequest 6.book. It basically says that if evade is failed everyone within 5 meter radius takes damage equal to the difficulty of the death trap table to a random hit location also automatically taking the bash special effect plus any other special effect rolled. damage is small 1d2-1d4 medium is 1d6 - 1d8 large is 1d10 - 2d6 huge is 1d8+1d6 - 2d8 enourmous is 1d10+1d10 - 2d10. (Where small medium large etc equals the size of the explosion. On page 100 and 101 of the luther arkwright book it mentions weapon trait fragmentation. basically a fragmentation grenade radius is 2 meters, the person centered on the explosion takes full damage to all hit locations (my interpretation) and those within the radius take half damage to 1d3-1 hit locations. dont forget the weapon traits as well as special effects. thats just my 2 cents.
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