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  1. Saga updated with a Spirit World adventure, preparations for a HeroQuest and the first couple of stations of the HeroQuest itself. Link to Google Drive
  2. Thanks soltakss, the map idea was discussed with assistant shaman player before the session. As the character is still pretty inexperienced we thought he would be more prone to map areas of the Spirit World to their physical locations - there are other areas but he lacks the ability to perceive those at his current understanding. btw: I think you know the Araldar player, he was the Jack’O’Bear that licked the dragon skeleton in your recent online game!
  3. As promised I said I would let you all know how the Spirit World adventure went. Feedback from the players was that they enjoyed it – which is of course the main thing. The adventurers wanted to travel to the Spirit World and bring back the spirit of a young man who had been killed by a friend of theirs. That friend had only her word against the dead man for what had happened prior to the killing and so it was looking a little dicey for her – especially as their friend was from an adjacent clan and the stead of the killed man were out for revenge… The adventuring group consists of fo
  4. Thanks Questbird - I am going to port over some of my own Aftermath! campaign from back in the day - Rubble and Ruin is going to be a good fit...
  5. I am the Thane of Apple Lane, and so’s my wife...
  6. Hi coffeemancer - sounds cool. In our game there is no mystery and we are going to use it as an introduction to the Spirit World - as we have an assistant shaman in the group it is going to be increasingly important.
  7. I guess anyone reading these ramblings is, has, or might be, running the Six Seasons in Sartar campaign. My players want to undertake a HeroQuest to unite their clan which is currently showing divisions as it strains under the Lunar yoke. There are mutterings of replacing the Chieftain, and as one of the player characters is his son they have some investment in keeping the status quo. So far there have been two minor Heroquests, the first being the Initiation into the clan as written in the book. The second was a series of very short cult Initiation HeroQuests for Orlanth, Ernalda and Foundch
  8. Hi everyone, just to update anyone who is following along - there is a double session update as I got behind. Instead of posting here each week I am going to post a link to the saga document on my google Drive for anyone who is interested. Anyway new stuff starts on page 22... Link to document on Google Drive
  9. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I am writing the encounter this weekend and as I know some of the players in our game frequent this forum, I will let you all know how it went next week...
  10. Thanks Nick, I picked it up and have read through it. It is a little more ‘Gamma World’ than the setting I want to run – which will be a more ‘realistic’ 20 years after game. However, Richard (author) has done a lot of the heavy lifting for me and it was well worth the pdf cost. The couple of scenarios at the back read pretty well…
  11. I have one - not great but have used it on Roll 20... The background is from 2 minute Tabletop which I highly recommend (https://2minutetabletop.com/gallery/)
  12. Hi everyone, back in the day we played a fair bit of Aftermath! post apocalyptic RPG. Aftermath was porously complex and although I still have the game and my old campaign notes I am note sure I really want to dive back into that quagmire. So I see that Rubble & Ruin is available - has anyone played it? Suggestions and recommendations on its use?
  13. Thanks everyone. Joerg, one of the players is considering this. As the incident could lead to strife between clans then the clan's Lawspeaker might be interested in helping - there is quite a bit of tension within the clan already and none of the Ring would like to see this spread... soltakss, good points and some of which the adventurers are considering - they are not sure the victim was in a good mental/spiritual state when he died and they are worried if they bring him back he may not cooperate or make much sense.
  14. If only the adventurers were not so 'Honourable'...
  15. A question for the hive mind, In our Sartar campaign the adventurers want to help a friend who is accused of murder. She is from a neighbouring clan, but has been staying long term with their clan under the rules of hospitality. She was abducted and harmed by someone from the same stead and when rescued by the adventurers took the first opportunity to kill the man who abducted her. The issue now is there is only her word against the dead man that she was abducted – many at the stead believed she had willingly eloped with the man. To prove her innocence the adventurers, want to be abl
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