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  1. I imagine all the art for the two volume gods’ book will be the bottle neck for that product. Should be worth the wait though...
  2. This looks interesting - lots of good products in the pipeline. After the gods book and GM guide, the base system will be all set. We can look forward to this and the updated Prax book. It is a good time to get back into RuneQuest. Started my first RuneQuest game for 35+ years on Roll 20 last week - chatted and generated characters. All but one of the players is new to RuneQuest and Glorantha. All week players have been chatting online about their characters and family history - very immersive so far. This week the campaign proper will start...
  3. Of course, that is no problem and feel free to change any details.
  4. Hi, I am now just one hour away from GMing my first RuneQuest game since 1982! Very excited. I looked around and decided to use Six Seasons in Sartar available over at DrivethruRPG. The characters start just as they are entering adulthood in an Orlanthi tribe in Sartar. Very community based, the characters are not even initiates of any cult at start so do not have any magic. It seems a good way to ease the players and myself into the world of Glorantha.
  5. I continued the adventure a little more - chaotic possession and creepy baboon shaman included... Chaotic possession.pdf
  6. Thank you - It might have been - I was writing as I went and am sure I may have missed some things ...
  7. Thanks for the feedback everyone. lordabdul, I am pretty sure I missed and made some errors along the way. The Adventurers were from the website I listed so I should be able to track them down (https://www.cradleofheroes.net). The scorpion men I did not print off and they are generated randomly each time so would have to have a guess about them… I play mainly wargames such as Advanced Squad Leader and Star Fleet Battles but have a far more relaxed attitude to RPGs – I will never let the rules get in the way of a good story, and am therefore a little more lax in exact rule application The aim of the experience was to get a ‘flavour’ of how the system plays – but of course any errors I would be interested to correct. I will see if I can track down those stats tomorrow… Karlak, the scorpion men did have some strength bonuses but they were generated as ‘weakling’ strength from the website (https://basicroleplaying.net/rqg/adversaries/index.php) . The scorpion men did roll badly pretty much throughout the episode – which was a bit of a shame as I wanted to try out the healing rules. The rule about long-hafted or impaling weapon rule is still there but only appears to apply to a weapon when is causes a critical hit (p.200), but I maybe misunderstanding the rule or missed something - most likely
  8. Thanks Balakatun - looks like I now have enough online players to start my return to RuneQuest - I am very excited...
  9. Thank you. I am prepping for playing on Roll 20. Most of the maps I use are from 2-Minute Tabletop (https://2minutetabletop.com), I really like that style.
  10. I am planning to run RQ:G soon and so have been reading and studying the core book. Here is me playing through a scene to gain some experience. I used whatever the dice gave me and tried to play both sides fairly. Please excuse any grammar errors I wrote it as I went along... The Den of the Scorpion Men.pdf
  11. Thanks Akhôrahil and soltakss, I thought the rules were clear, 'Subsequent Parries - An adventurer may make a subsequent parry with a weapon they have already parried with. Any subsequent parry is at a cumulative –20% penalty for each additional parry. However if that rule has changed/modified I will go along with that
  12. Unless you have a shield as well right? It is only the second parry with a weapon (which presumably includes a shield) that gets the -20%. So my trusty Orlanthi warrior gets a full parry with his broadsword and with his shield before suffering penalties?
  13. Thank you , that is how I played it so all good. Now all I need is to get a jump on them otherwise it is not going well...
  14. Hi everyone, sorry if this has been asked before but I can’t find an answer. I am teaching myself RQG, before running it for others, and am using the old Scorpion Hall solo adventure to do so. In a fight with a scorpion man his tail missed but I successfully parried it with my shield. The question is how to determine if the creatures tail is damaged? I rolled 4 damage (I assume you do not add damage bonuses to a parry). Now 4 damage is more than the armour of the tail but less than it hit points. So what should I do? If I have missed a rule somewhere can you please point it out.Thanks in advance
  15. Hi Gman, I am returning to Runequest after a very long time - although I did make boardgame based on Prax for my gaming group about 10 years ago. I last played RuneQuest as a teenager back in the very early 80’s. Back then with no internet we only had the base game, the two cults books and the material produced for Pavis, Big Rubble and the Borderlands campaign. Returning there is so much information out there it can be a little bewildering… partly it is sorting out what you need to know and what you do not - I agree with what is posted above the core rulebook gives you enough background for quite a while. I plan on running a game Roll 20 (although getting enough interest has been problematic so far), I can highly recommend Six Seasons in Sartar by Andrew Mongomery – available as part of the Jonstown compendium project. It is an excellent compact campaign setting where the characters begin as adolecents and learn about the world through a series of interesting linked scenarios. I plan on using it as a start for my own campaign and then spread out to the other published materials and my own scenarios.
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