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  1. Because the 'Dragon Community' is so important in this, I have started creating a 'character sheet' for it. This is what I have so far - any suggestions for improvements gratefully received
  2. Running Six Seasons in Sartar has been one of the best RPG experiences I have had - thanks to the Andrew and great players. Company of the Dragon looks like it is going to continue that trend. The content is excellent and just as Six Seasons plotted a path from adulthood to... well no spoilers here, this book has a similar engaging arc. I really like the ‘episodes’ model for scenarios - it gives me, as a GM, guidance so I don’t have to be continually inventing new stuff each week - but the flexibility to individualise each encounter to suit our play. They sit somewhere between scenar
  3. I think boxed sets are great - however I only really buy pdf these days.
  4. Purchased - been looking forward to this.
  5. Thanks for the response - I guess we will have to wait and see :)
  6. So are there any recommendation about any publications where I might find out about the relationship? Regards
  7. Hi everyone, I notice that in the Cult Compatibility chart (page 311) it shows Odayla is 'friendly' to Eurmal (only Odayla and Yinkin seem to be). What's the story behind that?
  8. I am as impatient as the next role-player but the team working on Runequest is small - so patience is the key...
  9. I am interested in shaman - do they generally follow the traditions of their cults and marry and raise children or does this vary between different spirit cults?
  10. I am really behind in typing this up... This instalment we have a birth, the adventurers coming to terms with their actions at Thunder Tower and the problem of Ungbar's Bite being low on provisions... Link to Google Drive document
  11. I agree this doesn’t need codifying (although everyone is free to do what they want – it is a game after all). I am increasingly coming around to allowing characters the opportunity to expend a magic point for a petty/folk magic effect. This is below the level that has a mechanical effect but does enhance the narrative. Say for instance Drenharl wants to impress Helet, a woman in the village he likes. He might pick a bunch of flowers for her and cast a ‘folk’ spell to make their scent sweeter. This would have no game effect but could add something to a narrative…
  12. Just read through it... can't wait to get this to the table..
  13. In our game if a fight starts whilst armour is not being worn - gabbing a shield and putting on a helmet is about the best you can do...
  14. Nice cover - but preview not working for me either...
  15. Thanks for posting - it was a fun read.
  16. I have never played it - after reading Runebloggers review maybe I should pick up a copy...
  17. I think of the adventurers sheets as just a summary of the characters - there is a lot more to them. I allow characters to add narrative to a game with ‘folk magic’ mainly linked to their profession more than cult. A 1mp cost is reasonable. I also don’t think you need a list of such spells, it is all about flavour and immersion.
  18. Hi lordabdul, I am thinking that there would be many common spirit magic spells that would be used everyday that are not described in the rules.
  19. Hi Dave, I know there is one set at the Pairing Stones in Pegasus Plateau. There might be some Prax adventures in the Jonstown Compendium, others who drop by will know more...
  20. Interesting how styles differ... I wouldn't say, 'You are entering a wood,' I would always be more descriptive than that, trying to make locations more interesting and/or unique, even if it is familiar. I feel it makes a location more dynamic, especially if it is a regular location. I haven't played RPG's for decades until recently and maybe my play style is stuck in the early 1980s. I would do the same with a Lunar Patrol, I would not be generic even if it was just a passing encounter but give a few details, one is taller than the rest, one has a damaged spear, the officer looks disintereste
  21. As Glorantha is a magically rich world we know that everyone would use magic in their daily lives. I wonder how other GMs and players incorporate this in their games. I realise it is not a central feature but do any of you out there use it to create colour? Such as: entering a stead and seeing colours flickering around the wash tubs of those cleaning the clothes, the magical tinkle of a loom being worked by a weaver. The sparkle of seeds as they are planted. A magical haze from a pot of stew being served. I know the intent of RQ:G is epic in its scale but I do like to have the everyday mundane
  22. Sure the rules could be a little clearer in places - I asked a few questions regarding combat when I started running RQG - but we have had no significant issues during play. The group consists of myself, who had not played since 1982, two who had played RQ3 a while back and two new to the system. Those of us that have played before sometimes momentarily confuse ourselves between the different versions! We all agree the flavour and lore is presented very well in the core rules and it is that that is compelling in the game. I quite enjoy some of the esoteric discussions on this forum - but
  23. Thanks everyone - that gives me enough to go on.
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