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    born 1979, fan of fantasy stuff [mainly RPG and some novels], admiring Michael Moorcock, interested in music [mainly progrock through the ages], films [a little bit of a cineast] and all things of creativity.

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  1. There must be a reason why more and more publishers are releasing their supplements under the Gateway license, including many things that were originally intended or even published for other systems.
  2. For Inspiration: The Mythras supplement Luther Arkwright has complete rules for engineering technology and devices and also rules for re-engineering technology (including xeno-science).
  3. You can also look into the Cybernetics rules of the M-SPACE Companion. They are pretty much complete and come with three different power levels suitable for all kinds of campaigns. It also has options to combine Psionics with Cybernetics.
  4. Yes, it has http://skoll.xyz/mythras_eg/
  5. Keep in mind that the Mythras Special Effects portfolio not only includes the usual criticals and specials but combat maneuvers and other stuff as well. In that regard it is pretty complete and displays all possible outcomes in one list and one mechanism.
  6. Sorry, my fault. I didn't use c&p and left these two words out.
  7. One thing that confused me a bit was that sentence about building height in the Gioconda district. "[...] their imposing towers climbing into the sky as civic engineering can provide." (p 162) I'd searched for further informations in the illustrations and text paragraphs but didn't find more about it. Is the sentence written in a hyperbolic sense?
  8. Fantastic! Keep us Mythras fans updated.
  9. Great news, Mr. Greene! I would gladly like to have an expanded Fioracitta series with supplements and scenarios. A Fioracitta Companion (with PoD option) would be neat.
  10. To continue with HR1, for the Diplomat (p 11) career I would use "Skills: As Courtier (Mythras Core rulebook, p 27)" with the listed Diplomat's skills as additional options.
  11. Besides what the author's offical rule is, here are two house rules (!) as an alternative: HR 1: For the Diarist career use "As Scholar" (Gelehrter; german Mythras) for Standard Skills and Professional Skills - and use the listed Diarist's skills as additional options to choose from. This would be according the normal CRB. HR 2: To reflect the narrow options of the Diarist career, you can use the cultural skills template twice, so for the "Career step" the Diarist can spend 100 points on the cultural skills again but with the Diarist's skills as additional options. This would be accordi
  12. Good question and off the cuff: A little bestiary for wondrous creatures in and around Fioracitta. More Infos (or secrets) about Lake Lascha and/or Lake Ippalia. The supplement gives some teasers. Maybe some NPCs regarding the mentioned important organizations. Further secrets of Fioracitta (e.g. sinister ones, about the old cults, the underground levels of the city...) Additional magic items or wondrous things similar to the great ones we already have in the supplement. Give us more about this awesome city.
  13. Any plans for additional Fioracitta material besides the upcoming scenario?
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