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    Fan of RuneQuest/BRP since the 90s. Favorite system is MYTHRAS.
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    born 1979, fan of fantasy stuff [mainly RPG and some novels], admiring Michael Moorcock, interested in music [mainly progrock through the ages], films [a little bit of a cineast] and all things of creativity.

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  1. Mythras has complete rules for Alchemy&Artifice in the Sorandib-supplement.
  2. Mythras uses 1/10 but always rounds up. Therefore 51% means a critical range of 6%. This is an important rule because the breakpoints of the percentage values are always at 01, 11, 21, 31... instead of 10, 20, 30 ...
  3. Yes, this concept is as old as RuneQuest itself (the term Rune-Level says it) and Mythras, which is the 6. Edition of RQ, uses this idea, too (but in a more elaborate way). The whole chapter 14 in the CRB is a hidden "Level system" - especially applied to the Magic Rules. CLASSIC FANTASY, the D100-emulator of (A-)DnD, utilizes this system again but much more direct and visible.
  4. It is important to mention that the rules I've talked about were written with a narrow setting-specific focus and a non-RAW premise. They weren't written as general guidelines. Therefore they are "beyond the edges" you are fiddling around with.
  5. I see what you are getting at. Of course, your idea is quite possible. The background of the magic rules I have outlined (sorry, for being very short) is that Animism is the fundamental magic form in dealing with spirits, and Sorcery could be seen as an "improved Animism". This means that I have combined both magic disciplines in such a way that Sorcery is always a kind of "Animism with shortcuts" and in parts gives better results. Examples are: The animistic summoner has to win a Spirit Combat to bind a spirit or force it into service, while the sorcerer only needs the spell. In this c
  6. For one of the upcoming Mythras books (german editition) I'd wrote rules for that kind of stuff. In very short: The rules have two ways to deal with spirits: Animism and Sorcery. The Sorcerer-Animists use Evoke (Spirits) for summoning and a new spell Dominate (Spirits) for forcing them into a binding object etc. - The spell is new insofar, that it is re-written for dealing with spirits, e.g. its limitations are related to the POW-stat instead of the INT/INS-stat. Furthermore, the sorcery rules combine elements of the Animism, for example: Instead of a Spirit Combat the Sorcerer-Animist us
  7. Awesome, Hannu. - Thank you for your steady support of the Mythras Game.
  8. It's a really nice book. I've bought the PoD version and received a free PDF from Heath. Very recommendable, and a great toolkit for postapocalyptic settings. Furthermore you can use it for modern settings and modern characters who haven't magic abilities or powers.
  9. Indeed; "Die Gute Nadel" is really nice and reminds me of old DSA (The Dark Eye) scenarios in a way. This is not a bad thing, though.
  10. I've bought both products yesterday.
  11. Any chance to make this PDF available in print? I've bought all M-Space material, even The Triton Incident and Circles of Steele in printed format and I want to have Oddities in print as well.
  12. The two books are a lovely addition to my M-SPACE collection. I notice the upgrading in artwork (now in full-colour). After the reading I can say that the M-SPACE COMPANION is quintessential for the M-SPACE line and adds very useful topics and themes. Some of them are in demand for a long time (not only for M-SPACE but for Mythras in general): robots, cybernetics, hacking. These gaps have been closed now. The "Origins" Lifepath character creation blends well with the overall M-SPACE character creation. Regarding the character creation for robots and cyborgs, it's nice to see the sk
  13. Awesome. I've bought both products as print versions.
  14. Nice, I am looking forward to this and the next adventure module Salz und Feuer.
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