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    born 1979, fan of fantasy stuff [mainly RPG and some novels], admiring Michael Moorcock, interested in music [mainly progrock through the ages], films [a little bit of a cineast] and all things of creativity.

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  1. Mythras Imperative Reloaded (2019) also has rules for Supers and for a Simple Magic System. These aren't in Mythras Imperative (2016), btw.
  2. Mythras isn't GURPS, so you will not find "setting agnostic books for genre x" in terms of your question besides the M-SPACE range (SciFi), Mythras Core Rules Book (Fantasy) and the Online Mythras Encounter Generator (Bestiaries) Another one that comes to mind is Seasons of the Dead (zombie-postapocalyptic toolkit). And obviously all of Classic Fantasy (oldschool Dungeoncrawling). Further suggestions: Firearms-PDF, Mythras Imperative and Mythras Companion Mythras has a huge list of supplements for all kinds of genres and tons of stuff, but no GURPS-like setting-agnostic guides with j
  3. Gonzo ("wild & crazy") in the good sense of comic-booky and exaggerated Sword&Sorcery tropes. AFAICS the setting isn't there for logical discussion but functions as a background for gritty action-adventure with some suspense/horror elements. It has more magic and more non-human species in it than I would expect genre-wise. It happens a lot over the course of the adventure, and the characters are in for a treat. It's very rules-light, so to speak. You can expect Mythras stat blocks and usage of the Mythras skills. If you know how to convert Mythras stats into Magic World or BRP,
  4. COAST OF THRALL is awesome and the artwork is really great. It's very entertaining and gonzo. Personally, I would trim it down to true Sword&Sorcery. The whole thing is like an oldschool S+S movie/story to me. It has the pulpy, action-adventure vibe. I would recommend it to experienced Mythras GMs, who can fill in the blanks with their own rules suggestions and own stats for (some) NPCs. You also have to come up with your own characters.
  5. There must be a reason why more and more publishers are releasing their supplements under the Gateway license, including many things that were originally intended or even published for other systems.
  6. For Inspiration: The Mythras supplement Luther Arkwright has complete rules for engineering technology and devices and also rules for re-engineering technology (including xeno-science).
  7. You can also look into the Cybernetics rules of the M-SPACE Companion. They are pretty much complete and come with three different power levels suitable for all kinds of campaigns. It also has options to combine Psionics with Cybernetics.
  8. Yes, it has http://skoll.xyz/mythras_eg/
  9. Keep in mind that the Mythras Special Effects portfolio not only includes the usual criticals and specials but combat maneuvers and other stuff as well. In that regard it is pretty complete and displays all possible outcomes in one list and one mechanism.
  10. Sorry, my fault. I didn't use c&p and left these two words out.
  11. One thing that confused me a bit was that sentence about building height in the Gioconda district. "[...] their imposing towers climbing into the sky as civic engineering can provide." (p 162) I'd searched for further informations in the illustrations and text paragraphs but didn't find more about it. Is the sentence written in a hyperbolic sense?
  12. Fantastic! Keep us Mythras fans updated.
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