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  1. Rush is my favorite band, and even if I don't listen to them everyday I still coming back to their albums quite some times. I discovered them in early 2000s as an university student who was highly alienated from other, "normal" people and a normal lifestyle. Then came Rush: their virtuosity in musicianship, their concept albums, their sound. And Neil Peart and his lyrics: sci-fi, fantasy, sociology, philosophical and psychological topics, the great questions of life, mankind, transcendence. I've bought all of the albums and listened to Rush all day through. I have so many favorite Rush songs from their catalogue and over the decades [but I have to admit that "Vapor Trails" is the last Rush album I really liked]. People often say that Rush is a band for musicians, and even if I'm into prog and artrock, there is so much soul and emotion in Rush's music. If someone ask me to define the band Rush and their music I would say just one word: Grace. "When we are young Wandering the face of the earth Wondering what our dreams might be worth Learning that we're only immortal For a limited time" [N. Peart]
  2. Yep, Jeff wrote: " The Red Emperor is a living god, the son of the Red Goddess. He has no personal name, only titles. He is Moonson, "
  3. I like the approach. You have the distinct building blocks of reality, the core Runes, and some pairs or combination of Runes have their own names without introducing complete new Runes.
  4. I'm confused by the fact that people complaining about Sorcery as "not for adventurous characters" in a game where all characters have a big bag of spells [Spirit Magic + Rune Magic]. In Glorantha your ordinary fighter is more wizard or sorcerer than any fighter in any other RPG. Even without sorcery.
  5. I think I'll go with all three, but 2a and 2b are more important, because they seem more fantastic and magical. To combine the dry terrain and the cloudly characteristic of the sheep fits nicely and seem reasonable. So, this is a Heroquest? What would be the best time in the year for it? The "Red Cow Cattle Raid Quest" takes place in late Sea season, so I think it has to match with the cloudsheeps "work" or their life cycle [therefore: no heroquest in Sacred Time]. I think I have to track down some Heler myths to know more about possible heroquests. Another question is: What's with the horses? The Aranwyth Tribe is famous for its horses. Are horses typical for sheep-herding clans in the dry uphills? Seems like the horses are a result from the shift from Orlanthi to Elmali. In terms of RQG: What stats does a cloudsheep have? Can't find any stats for Sheep in RQG. I guess, these stats have to be modified by the spirit-heritage of the cloudsheep. If a clan has "hero-quested" a herd of cloudsheep, how can enemies or sheep-raiders get profit from the cloudsheep? The Lunars can't keep them, they fled. Can someone use the powers of such creatures which manifest in the Middle World only because of a heroquesting task? Or is it more the case, that the Aranwyth clans fear to lose the cloudsheeps because of an escape, and don't have to be afraid of cloudsheep-raiders which can't get any benefit from stealing these magical animals?
  6. The Aranwyth lost their great herd of cloudsheep [S:KoH 231]. But what if this tribe still has them? I looked some facts up: The best description of the cloudsheeps are in The Book of Heortling Mythology [p 49-51]. The cloudsheep are the Urothings, seems like the real sheep, and the Urothtrorol, which are more like rams. I've checked Anaxial's Roster and read the description of the Urothtrorol [AR, p 198-199]. Couple of questions: - are the cloudsheep of the Aranwyth only a herd of Urothings or are the herd a mixture of Urothings and Urothtrorol? In the AR-description are the mentioned habitats of the Cloud Ram far way from the Aranwyth tribe region and clan tulas - what is the benefit of herding cloudsheep? - how differs herding cloudsheep from herding normal sheep? I've read the Aranwyth description and infos regarding the geography of their tulas on the old mailing list. What I understood is, that the Aranwyth clans are semi-nomadic and travel from highland to lowland. - what will change for them [and for the neighboring tribes and clans], when the Aranwyth get their cloudsheeps back or didn't lose the herd at all?
  7. As I'm comparing different maps of Dragon Pass [Sartar, to be precise] I ask myself "what level of detail is the average Gloranthan campaign map?" Are you playing with the highly detailed maps and whenever your characters are pass through some tiny location you end up here on the forum or in some of the books and do your research? [e.g. map of Colymar Tribe from the GM's Screen Pack] Are you running your campaign with broad bushstrokes, so you only have the major, big places in mind; overland travel isn't very important and you put the characters in action without going into much details and whatabouts concerning villages and places on the way. [e.g. map of Dragon Pass 1625 ST from the GM's Screen Pack] Are you running your campaign in a defined and "closed" region, so that your characters aren't moving much and you can go deep in the details of the location [e.g. the 77pages long fanmade description of the Arfritha Vale] What type of using maps is your campaign style?
  8. me too, as I've bought the 1st print and the 2nd print.
  9. This topic is something I would like to explore in case of the upcoming Nochet material. I mean, Esrolia is the absolute and ultimate playground for Ernaldan characters.
  10. The JC scenario This Fertile Ground fits in here, because it's an Ernalda plot and well suited for Ernaldan characters.
  11. Nope, no "rock" elementals in any of the RQG publications. There is a Rune spell , to transform your earth elemental into a Gargoyle [RQG p 329]. In the Quickstart, there is a text passage, which reads ambiguous [Quickstart, p 28]. "If she is with the adventurers, Yanioth could put her summoned earth elemental to use at this task." The task, to put some heavy stones together or the task to dig a grave in solid, rocky earth? Certainly the Earth Elemental stat block makes it clear that the elemental could only work in soil.
  12. Yes, and in my opinion the review is unfair regarding the other JC contributions. The Armies-book is something I rather would expect as an official product. To compare it with the little, nice JC PDFs and to put pressure on JC authors is unfair. Imho The Throat of Winter and Yozarian's Bandit Ducks are great and on par with the scenarios from the ADVENTURE BOOK.
  13. Upper row, from left to right: After the Vampire Wars, Luther Arkwright, Monster Island, Mythic Britain, Mythic Constantinople, Mythic Rome, Shores of Korantia Lower row, from left to right: Parallel Lines, Logres:Land of the Saxons
  14. Yes, If someone stays with the RQG-Line and the few still official HQG books [Red Cow Campaign; Guide To Glorantha] the matter is quite simple and not confusing. With RQG, Chaosium did a very good job so far, to keep Glorantha simple and straight forward. Anyone who wants to mix different RQ/Glorantha versions does it at their own risk. Be aware!
  15. Same. No need to rush things.
  16. Three suggestions: 1. Drop the concentration requirement for the spell 2. Modify the rule for concentration [p 166] E.g. the Death Knight is able to fight on while his undead minions are active, but to give them a new order he must put more effort in the spell, spend an action point etc. 3. Look at CLASSIC FANTASY and its arcane spell which raise the dead. This spell hasn't the concentration requirement.You could use this spell instead of the sorcery spell from the CRB.
  17. Regarding the statement that Glorantha is a highly described setting with a huge catalogue of material: I'm following the Glorantha discussions on the social networks quite a while and my conclusion is: If someone is asking about details about a specific place in Glorantha [mostly small ones] the answers are either "there is no description. YGMV" or the answers are coming up with always the same 2-10 sources. And these sources are mostly from RQG/HQG. So it's interesting that on the one hand the opinion is "Glorantha is overwhelming in its source material" but on the other hand you often didn't get any in-depth descriptions for specific places in Glorantha or the tribe will direct you to a quite small catalogue of books and supplements. Jason Durall pointed it out in a way, which I think is the truth: Glorantha as a world is HUGE and there are infinite things to write about it in the future. But the published informations are not that extensive. This difference seems small but its the whole thing to answer the above mentioned contradiction, imho.
  18. The earth itself. Many RPGs have our own planet as setting. The earth is the most detailed campaign world ever.
  19. Yes, I find the whole YGMV overdone and it is mentioned too often. So it becomes a bit of irritating to read it over and over again in all different contextes. For me as a Glorantha fan and with an RPG background of nearly three decades, this phrase doesn't provide anything new or helpful. I guess, this is a RQ/Glorantha thing from the past or in other words: a grognard wording, which hasn't aged well. It has similarities with the recurring duck jokes on Facebook. You read it, roll your eyes and go to the next paragraph. People use it inflationary and way too often. So it lost its bite.
  20. I guess, Jeffrywith1e is referring to the new announcement: "Chaosium Inc. and author Ben Aaronovitch are pleased to announce that Chaosium has acquired the rights to produce the Rivers of London Roleplaying Game, based on Aaronovitch’s best-selling urban fantasy fiction chronicling the world of the Folly. The game will use elements of the company’s Basic Roleplaying system, as well as original, customized rules to reflect the series’ inventive take on the fantastic—from Newtonian magic to the strange powers wielded by the rivers and other supernatural beings that inhabit the popular novels and comics. "
  21. If you read the RQG Core rules, you will find many crossreferences to the Bestiary and the Adventure Book - even to supplements which aren't out yet: e.g. Game Master's Book/Guide. So right from reading the Core Rules it's obvious that there's more thant the Core. And on the last pages and the back cover there are the other books named ["Want more Runequest and Glorantha? We have more!"] --> Guide To Glorantha, The Glorantha Sourcebook, the Bestiary and the GM's Pack. Beside its flaws, the Quickstart has all needed informations for rules, pregens and critters to play the scenario without any other material. RQG is like DnD in this particular manner: the Core Rules are threesome: Core Rules, Bestiary and GM's Pack. [Core, Monster Manual, DM's Guide]. That's an open secret since the first day of RQG.
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