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  1. I like it Crel will be using it. Just a quick question you've got seasonal experience as " (four experience checks in occupation or cult skills)", I've read the rules as "an adventurer can select up to four occupational skills and cult skills" ie 8 checks, I'm probably wrong.
  2. I managed to purchase a preview edtion of Gods of Glorantha at Gen Con, I was tempted to show just the front cover but on the first page it read Those who would reveal the secrets of this book: May Humakt sever you from Life and death May Maran Gor blast and wither your genitals May Babeester Gor remove your limbs And may Arachne Solara devour your soul and discharge it into the void ...thought better not 🙂
  3. A Broo raiding party freshly painted, ready to ambush the party next session. And a Baboon troupe looking to cause trouble. Mostly use miniatures in combats, for positions and distance. Also use them for chases, I’ve got some road section terrain about six inches long which I use as range categories, so for example if you’re miniature is sitting on the close range section and succeeds they will move up to the 2 lengths section. Makes chases very easy to visualise. I really like the chase rules.
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