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  1. I can't recommend all of the Titus Crow stories, but some are pretty decent!
  2. I find a lot of younger players don't get that reference, which makes me feel old. This one might be recognized.
  3. *looks around furtively* Why, are you a cop? If you're a cop, you have to say so...
  4. And now I have found a female god to go along with my Indlas Somer (male) god -- Katiperi, the Sun of the Somer, the Dark Horse That Roared.
  5. Let's just say, if your intended victim manages to counter the spell, you're going to have a bad time...
  6. I've often thought that Sandy Petersen missed a step. The game included an Idea roll from the beginning. It was clear from his writings that Lovecraft intended that the "cosmic nihilistic truth" in his writings be accessible, just hidden or occulted by people who don't want to face the indifferent universe. Regular occult volumes should have been in there from the beginning, but given a Cthulhu Mythos bonus only if the reader succeeds in an Idea roll -- these volumes contain enough matter and cross-referencing that a reader can guess at the ultimate cosmic secrets, but only if they put the pieces together. So, real works like Daemonolatreia by Remigius should have been, maybe, +3% Occult, and +0% initial CM and +0/1% full CM. Maybe even give it a 7 MR in 7th edition terms. These are all numbers I pulled out of thin air since I've never read it and am not an occultist; they were just an example. I'd love to see someone who's read these real-world books, and understands their place in context, to weigh in with some numbers I could use in a game. For reference, this is a list of real-world books that appeared in Lovecraft's stories: Ars Magna et Ultima (The Great and Last Art), Raymond Lull (The Case of Charles Dexter Ward) -- alchemy. The Story of Atlantis and The Lost Lemuria, W. Scott-Elliot (“The Call of Cthulhu”) The Book of Dzyan (“The Diary of Alonzo Typer” and “The Haunter of the Dark”) -- this one's a whole article in-and-of itself. The Book of Thoth (“Through the Gates of the Silver Key”) Clavis Alchemiae (The Key of Alchemy), Robert Fludd (The Case of Charles Dexter Ward) -- alchemy. Cryptomenysis Patefacta (Art of Secret Information Disclosed Without a Key), John Falconer (“The Dunwich Horror”) -- cryptography. The Daemonolatreia, Remigius (“The Festival” and “The Dunwich Horror”) De Furtivis Literarum Notis (On the Secret Symbols of Letters), Giovanni Battista della Porta (“The Dunwich Horror”) -- cryptography. The Golden Bough, Sir James George Frazer (“The Call of Cthulhu”) De Lapide Philosophico (On the Philosophers' Stone), Johannes Trithemius (The Case of Charles Dexter Ward) -- alchemy. Key of Wisdom, Artephius (The Case of Charles Dexter Ward) Kryptographik, Johann Ludwig Kluber (“The Dunwich Horror”) -- cryptography. Liber Investigationis [actually, De investigatione perfectionis ("On the Investigation of Perfection")], Pseudo-Geber (The Case of Charles Dexter Ward) -- alchemy. Magnalia Christi Americana (The Great Works of Christ in America), Cotton Mather (“The Picture in the House,” “The Unnamable,” “Pickman’s Model,” and The Case of Charles Dexter Ward) Poligraphia, Johannes Trithemius (“The Dunwich Horror”) -- cryptography. Saducismus Triumphatus (Full and Plain Evidence Concerning Witches and Apparitions), Joseph Glanvil (“The Festival”) Thesaurus Chemicus, Roger Bacon (The Case of Charles Dexter Ward) Traicté des Chiffres ou Secrètes Manières d'Escrire (Treatise on Figures or Secret Ways of Writing), Blaise de Vigenère (“The Dunwich Horror”) Turba Philosophorum (Assembly of the Philosophers), Guglielmo Grataroli (The Case of Charles Dexter Ward) -- alchemy. The Witch-Cult in Western Europe, Dr. Margaret Murray (“The Horror at Red Hook” and “The Call of Cthulhu”) Wonders of the Invisible World, Cotton Mather (“Pickman’s Model”) The Zohar (The Case of Charles Dexter Ward)
  7. I actually own the 26-volume version, in I think the 2nd edition. It's enormous, and I'd be lying if I said I'd read the whole thing. But it's really interesting and comprehensive. 😄
  8. I believe that's (Y)RML as opposed to (Y)LM(L). You'll see that the "ML" is shifted in Eurmal, subtly indicating he's an inversion of Yelmalio's Truth. The "R" denotes his mastery is magic as opposed to arms. EDIT: Wait, this isn't the "Your Dumbest Theory" thread.
  9. In the short story "The Caller of the Black," Titus Crow's antagonist casts the spell on victims who aren't even in the same vicinity -- he calls them by telephone, and casts it on them remotely! I highly recommend you track this story down, as it's plot hinges on the spell, and reading it should give you lots of ideas -- both on its use, and countering it.
  10. Hilarious. While I was writing my post, I had the book Arcana Evolved by Monte Cook sitting on my table. Ah, the power of subliminals. Do you feel the characterizations of the books as far as "occult value" are accurate?
  11. What got me on this topic was running "The Auction" scenario from The Asylum and Other Tales, a scenario compilation from the 2nd edition days. The auction catalogue has several items of occult interest but no Cthulhu Mythos function; I wanted to have stats for them in my game, so I put some research into them. Lot 2. Manuscript of Beth Eloim I am not a scholar, so I wasn't able to identify which Hebrew grimoire this might have been based on. It's given a publishing date of 1580, which was, I believe, the heyday of European magicians "discovering" the rich Kabbalistic tradition. I statted it out as follows: Manuscript of Beth Elohim Aramaic, anonymous, 1580 Unnamed Kabbalistic treatise on the nature of the soul and divinity, and a metaphysical discussion of the nature and functions of angels and devils. Sanity Loss: nil Occult: +4 percentiles Lot 6. The Magus The Magus, or Celestial Intelligencer English, by Francis Barrett, 1801, in two volumes A massive overview of occult practices collated from the writings of the great scholars of the past: Hermes Trismegistus, Johannes Trithemius, Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, John Dee, and many others. Spurred the occult revival. Found in many libraries. Sanity Loss: nil/1D4 Occult: +10 percentiles Lot 11. The Book of the Dead [sic] Despite the lot title saying "The Book of the Dead," the author put in the description for "The Book of the Law" which is a different entity. The Egyptian Book of the Dead was a book by E. A. Wallis Budge using the egyptological scholarship of the time to translate the Pyramid Texts and portions of the Papyrus of Ani. The Book of the Law was by Crowley, and much more appropriate for an occult auction. Liber AL vel Legis, or The Book of the Law English, by Aleister Crowley, 1909 The central sacred text of Crowley’s re-envisioning of modern occult practice. Delivered by an entity called Aiwass, it describes a new evolution of human spirituality to usher in a new age on Earth. Sanity Loss: nil Occult: +4 percentiles Lot 12. Prodigies in the New-England Canaan I can't do a better job on this Mythos book than Bret Kramer does in The Arkham Gazette issue 1. I highly recommend this article. Lot 14. Dictionairre Infernal [sic] Dictionnaire Infernal French, by Jacques Collin de Plancy, 1863, illustrated A full description of the hierarchies of demons. This edition includes sixty-nine illustrations of demons by Louis Le Breton. Sanity Loss: nil Occult: +1 percentiles I am not a practicing occultist, and would love to hear from someone more knowledgeable if my percentages seem "off." They're based on what I could find of the content, and the esteem in which the books are held. The Magus seems to be held in a very high esteem, for example, as a general reference work of the time, while several others were considered more minor (if important) works.
  12. So, the most recent edition of Call of Cthulhu has a section at the end of the list of Lovecraftian tomes which lists Occult Books. As opposed to Mythos Tomes, these books don't actually tell you how the world really works (hence they give no Cthulhu Mythos skill), but give increases to Occult skill. It's also mentioned that these make good filler for villain libraries; you can have info penned in the margin, or even a spell doodled on the endpapers, without giving a super-useful item to the party. The ones given stats in the rulebook are: Beatus Methodivo, The Emerald Tablet, The Golden Bough, I Ching, Isis Evolved, The Key of Solomon, Malleus Maleficarum, the Oracles of Nostradamus, The Witch-Cult in Western Europe and The Zohar. I know Keepers have spent a lot of time and blog space writing up Mythos Tomes; what about some game stat interpretations of Real World occult books? Please post your interpretations below. Or, if you've come up with your own occult book with no mythos value, where you're proud of the backstory, feel free to post that here, too.
  13. Are you kidding? They have the Crimson Bat! I'm staying here in Dorastor, where it's safe...
  14. When you're a broo, where else are you going to go?
  15. That was always the "easy answer" back in the message boards days, but as I get older I feel it's a better character if they're not Illuminated, as an exemplar of the axiom that Life is a daily struggle to do what is Right when what is Wrong is easier. That seems more fitting for Chalana Arroy, anyway. As far as Ralzakark's Sword Broos, agreed that they're just likely regular broos (Ralzakark Guard to Storm Bull: "Hey, Humakt is Ragnaglar's brother, right? So we're practically family! *nyuk nyuk") On the other hand, I think there was a mention of a Pure Broo in the Dorastor book, maybe as a rumor of a pure white broo? Who was supposed to be untainted by Chaos?
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