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  1. Thanks. I'm forming a suspicion the myths and stories I'd had were collected from people face to face -- my players, people at conventions, and so on. I'm a dumbass for not using online backup...
  2. In the back of my RPG files, I have some notes from a Hero Wars game I had worked up when the box set first came out. I updated it when HeroQuest (first edition) hit the stands, and developed a lot of background material for the players. Unfortunately, the years have not been kind to my records (not enough sacrifices to Lhankor Mhy, I guess) and I've lost some of the material I'd made and some I'd collected from the Internet. Among the things I'd collected was minor things like the Heortling name for Argan Argar (as a trollish name would be unlikely to find as much use as a good Sartarite one). But one of the major ones was the Flesh Man Common Religion. I'm not sure where I found it online, but I had a lot of detail that fleshed out the little bits in the HQ1E deluxe book, along the lines of what the book has for Imarja. I'm hoping that, whatever defunct mailing list, aggregation site (Lokarnos?), or chat I'd collected it from, someone out there has a copy. If so, I'd be grateful if someone could provide the details!
  3. Yeah, that is a phenomenal resource! Many thanks!
  4. I'm contemplating a Glorantha game, starting with the typical clan of Sartarites. I'd like to have a map of the clan's homeland, and use it for storytelling purposes. But a cursory search of Google has been disappointing so far. Does anyone know of a good source of isometric maps of large outdoor areas, maybe a valley or a range of hills? I was thinking something like the attached , but black-and-white, and without a lot of the minor detail -- something people could just draw on to add depth to a homestead.
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