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  1. Okay. Should have checked first. Thanks a lot.
  2. Hi all, Over on the Facebook Runequest group Nick’s mention of Mything Links put a thought in my head. I would like to reimagine the collected Mything Links stories as an Jonstown Compendium piece that will be sold to raise money for Movember. All creator profits would go to Movember and all authors would retain full copyright. My plan is to reformat the stories in the Jonstown Compendium format and maybe add some art pieces (donations anyone? Doesn’t have to be new), some better indices and a map showing where the stories are set. This would introduce these stories to a new au
  3. Sadly I didn't know Greg (other than a quick pinky finger handshake at the Gloranthancon in 1997 in Victoria, BC) but I certainly know and love his games. I've got shelves full of them in my basement and I've spent years playing Chaosium games, RuneQuest, Call of Cthulhu, Pendragon, Elric, and even Elfquest. In fact I just restarted a RuneQuest campaign I stopped running back in 2000 with the new rules and my gaming buddies haven't been this excited about roleplaying in a long time. Greg, your worlds and games are an inspiration and you shall be missed. Many condolences to his family a
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