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  1. Not easily. You can see how you'd have to bang on the hell mother quite a bit to adapt her to a different type of shaman: that's at least as true for any of the other magical classes. One of my PCs is actually going to be gaining shamanic abilities in the near future, which I'm treating as multiclassing to a bard variant ("songs" become spirits which you have limited control over, and which eventually escape back into the Spirit World) -- but I'm just using some animistic reflavoring, not trying to duplicate anything about what RQ (or HQ) shamans are supposed to do.
  2. Most of the fan-made 13A character sheets are pdfs, but there's at least one Excel-based sheet here https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ZHsjcZ28TpVP-6GFDuLPJsNL6_hsSJb8jTffTPdvnPM which I found on the fan site Vault of the 13th Age, 13thage.org. To change it (or any other editable sheet) to a 13G character sheet, all you really need to do is change the space for Icon Relationships to one for Runes.
  3. I'm thinking seriously about 13G for my next campaign, for a group of players that knows nothing about Glorantha but something about 13A. Looking for a place to start for characters -- as well as players -- who don't necessarily know that much about the world, I hit on The City of 10,000 Magicians in Aggar (shows up on the secondary map). Closed off from entry by outsiders for decades, it's quite plausible you could get together a group of inhabitants whose families have ignored the world outside the walls for generations, and are only now realizing that may have been short-sighted. And they could be pretty much any 13A class, with idiosyncratic magic that doesn't have to mesh up all that well with anything else. Then for players who want more solidly Gloranthan characters, start them off in the village outside the gates (of course there's one) which has just been swollen by refugees from Chaos Rising who hope to shelter under the City's magical defenses even if they can't get in. Pick a few things the refugees need that heroes can get them -- starting with a chaos threat or two that need smiting -- and you're off to the races.
  4. g33k, there's differences of opinion on how Unique OUTs have to be -- in 13A proper, Jonathan Tweet mentions that "I'm extremely good-looking and get treated better than I probably should" is a perfectly workable OUT by his lights. That's the style I had in mind there. It would be simple enough to rephrase it to make it fully unique, if the GM wanted: yours works, or you could be the only elf-friend in your tribe, or be the only non-aldryami ever brought to the inmost grove of the Arstola, and so forth and so on. Rob, glad you liked my ZZ alternative to the berserker; it sprang to mind when I read the multiclass rules. (He's also another example of a less-unique OUT.) At higher levels, the $undead Form daily spells combine really well with troll warrior.
  5. It really isn't that difficult to design 13A or 13G characters, once you've decided what class to play. Here's four examples, starting off completely standard and getting a little more unusual: Sartarite storm voice STR 10 (+0) CON 17 (+3) DEX 14 (+2) INT 12 (+1) WIS 13 (+1) CHA 19 (+4) AC 15 (light) PD 14 MD 12 Recovery 1d8+3 hp 27 One Unique Thing: I am the last survivor of Kallyr Starbrow's heroquest to raise the Boat Planet, during which I left a piece of my soul on the hero plane. (And apparently took a few years to convalesce, afterwards.) God: Orlanth Runes: Air, Movement, Water Backgrounds: Pre-Argrath Sartarite Rebel +5, Old Wind Mystic +3. Survivor: 9 Recoveries; increase die by one size Ritual Magic Storm Summoner: Summoning spells usable daily Umath's Violence: Spell frenzy once/day when escalation 1+ War Caster: +2 AC; Cast ranged spells freely while engaged; Spell damage uses CON not CHA Feats: Lightning Fork, Umath's Violence Melee: staff, attack +1, dmg 1d6, miss 1. Missile: thrown dagger, attack +3, dmg 1d6+2, miss 0. Magic: attack +5 (v PD usually) Typical Spells: Sparks cantrip (3/day) Wild Bolt (at will) Lightning Fork (recharge 16) Strike the Highest (recharge 11) Summon Sylph (daily) * Esrolian earth priestess STR 12 (+1) CON 15 (+2) DEX 14 (+2) INT 10 (+0) WIS 19 (+4) CHA 15 (+2) AC 15 PD 14 MD 15 (Esrolian bonuses applied) Recovery 1d8+3 hp 24 One Unique Thing: I am an elf-friend and know secrets of the aldryami. God: Ernalda Runes: Earth, Harmony, Plant Backgrounds: Serpent oracle +4, Green Woman of the woods +4 Ritual Magic Higher Favors of the Earth: 2/battle, 1 daily blessing. Keeper of Spirits: 1/day, force an enemy that hit you with an attack to reroll it at –4. Also, minor earth spirits summoned with summon minor guardian cost no hp Serpent Stories: +1 death saves for party until 1st success of the day. Also, semi-supernatural snakes do 5 ongoing poison to enemies that attack her in melee with natural roll of either 1-5 or 15-20 (choose at each full heal-up). Feats: Higher Favors, Serpent Stories Melee: staff, attack +2, dmg 1d4+1, miss 0 Missile: thrown dagger, attack +3, dmg 1d3+2, miss 0 Magic: attack +5 Typical daily blessing Blossoming Health: Until the end of this battle, target can spend a quick action (1/round) to heal 2d6 hp, as long as it’s not staggered. Typical spells Forbiddance (daily) Summon minor guardian (at will) Summon earth elemental (daily) Intrigued by a feature of the world not prominent in 13G? Use your One Unique Thing to signal to the GM that you want it to be important. * Sartarite rebel STR 10 (+0) CON 17 (+3) DEX 19 (+4) INT 12 (+1) WIS 13 (+1) CHA 14 (+2) AC 16 (light) PD 16 MD 12 Recovery 1d8+3 hp 27 One Unique Thing: I was with the army that destroyed the Temple of the Reaching Moon in Tarsh, and looted a statuette which now reappears in my possession no matter what I do to get rid of it. God: Vinga Runes: Air, Movement, Illusion Backgrounds: Acrobat and performer +2, Expert treasure hunter +2, Former clan champion +2, Magical dilettante +2 Quick to Fight: roll twice for initiative Momentum ; Opening Strike ; Transgress Bravado Tumble: +5 disengage; free disengage to avoid intercepts Jack of Spells [13A bard talent]: Magic Missile (wizard) to get an infallible ranged attack (plus cantrips), unless something else looks needed. Feats: Bravado, Tumble Melee: shortsword, attack +5, dmg 1d8+4, miss 1. Missile: thrown dagger, attack +5, dmg 1d6+4, miss 1. Powers: Flashy Blade Freedom! Sure Cut Tumbling Strike The bard talent isn't usually available to rebels, but is a reasonable substitute. After all, if the player didn't want to avoid the complications, she could multiclass as a bard (possibly moving her stats around some) and arguably come out more powerful. * troll necromancer / troll warrior multiclass STR 17 (+3) CON 17 (+3) DEX 13 (+2) INT 17 (+3) WIS 10 (+0) CHA 12 (+1) AC 14 (light) PD 15 MD 13 Recovery 1d8+3 hp 27 (increases +3/combat/day) One Unique Thing: I know an inner secret of Fire. God: Zorak Zoran Runes: Darkness, Disorder, Fire/Sky Backgrounds: Surface-world hunter +3, Underworld sorcerer +4, Trollball tactician +1 Dark Walker / Big Eater Troll Frenzy ; Survivor Tough Ritual Magic Deathknell. As a quick action, kill (reduce to 0 hp) nearby enemy with 5 hp or fewer, and heal 1d6 hp. Doesn’t work on mooks unless they’re last of their mob. It's Complicated: +1 spell, rune complications 1-7 Unstoppable Feat: Summoning Melee: two-handed maul, attack +4, dmg 1d8+3, miss 1. Missile: thrown rock, attack +3, dmg 1d4+2, miss 0. Magic: attack +3 (summoned creatures are at -1 attack) Typical Spells: Chant of Endings (at will) Summon Undead (daily) Unholy Blast (daily) Zombie Form (daily, out of combat) A multiclass that fits together surprisingly well, for a non-berserker ZZ
  6. I'm sure some of these are duplicates of things already in the thread: p. 1, par 2, typo "wthin" for wIthin p. 7, box, typo "ever-reincrnating" for reincArnating p. 74, end of italicized intro "the more widely <<>> God Learner titles" seems to be missing a word, "used" or "known" p. 93, there are two Fronelas on the map; I can't tell if this is an error or not. p. 99, the map calls it KENO FIN with an N instead of an R p. 110, last par, typo "Kagan Tor" for "KaRgan Tor" pp.149-150: missing text in the transition; 150 should clearly begin "...Mothers" and complete a missing sentence, as well as starting the next one. p. 157, missing line between bottom 1st column and top 2nd: "priests. The <<Chaos demon and his allies were driven off by a small>> deity from" p. 171, the map says Sheng was on the Moon 1419, an error for 1449. p. 180, last sentence, "favored <<>> the Red Emperor" missing "by" back cover text: do you really want to capitalize the C in "the Coming of Argrath"?
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