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  1. I'm going to watch the GRQ videos that are out. We tried Mythras and that didn't work out. The action economy didn't work for our group. I have looked at OpenQuest as well.
  2. Combat. For something written by people who have re-enacted hand to hand combat it runs fairly clunky and slow. When we run combat it feels like us as players playing a game rather than our characters in world fighting for their lives. In contrast to that is combat in Warhammer FRP 2E. A percentile system with parries and dodges, it runs really quickly and the players feel the tension and fear of their characters. Sometimes RuneQuest combat seems complicated just for complications sake.
  3. Thanks. All these replies really helped. Probably not the game for us--rules too complex. I did look at the previews and quickstart.
  4. I've roleplayed for decades. But I've never played in Glorantha. Do you think RuneQuest roleplaying in Glorantha is a good place to start? I know the rules somewhat, the world not at all. Or will I feel like I've missed out on decades of history and be wasting my time? I'm okay with dangerous combat and big magic. I don't want to argue minutiae or feel like the world is trying to run the game instead of the player characters' decisions driving the game. My players felt like Mythras/RuneQuest 6 was too complicated but Basic Roleplaying was okay. I have to get them on board as well of
  5. I am selling RuneQuest 6th Edition and Mythic Britain. Both are like new and Britain has the map. RuneQuest 6th Edition slipcase hardcover with dust jacket Mythic Britain with the map
  6. And RuneQuest 2nd edition kickstarter reprint. RuneQuest 2nd Edition kickstarter reprint
  7. Also selling my RuneQuest 6E. RuneQuest 6th edition
  8. Yes. We just have to figure out shipping. Let me know where it would ship and I can get a cost from the post office.
  9. SOLD. I am selling my RuneQuest Preview Edition Gen Con 50 RPG. I tried RuneQuest and I don't think it is for me, but I'm hoping someone who couldn't go to Gen Con will benefit from having a copy. It is signed and has a bent corner on the plastic cover but is otherwise pristine. RuneQuest Preview Edition Gen Con 50
  10. I picked up one of the one hundred text only copies of RuneQuest at Gen Con. I'm not an old hand at RQ but as a mostly newcomer the rules look great. There is a lot to absorb and take in. The world info and rules blend together well and I can see why the decision was made to blend RuneQuest and Glorantha back together.
  11. Looks like After the Vampire Wars will be returning for Mythras. Can't wait for the new version.
  12. I read about RuneQuest Mythic Iceland in Chaosium's RPG submissions. I am really looking forward to the revised Mythic Iceland. Along with Mythic Iceland will be RuneQuest Fantasy Earth which sounds exciting to me as well especially the possibility of revisiting the Heian period of Japan which was covered in MG RuneQuest Land of the Samurai. I wonder if Mythic Iceland will be out by the time the new Thor movie hits theaters. While Thor may be more Guardians of the Galaxy and less Viking I still think the movie may rekindle introduce in the Norse gods.
  13. I only found out about the book because I was watching the website and saw it pop up. It is odd no announcement went out. It is a great book.
  14. I could only choose print-PDF was not an option. It looks much better than the one I saw at Gen Con. Nice paper, nice layout, nice art.
  15. Looks like After the Vampire Wars is available in print now
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