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    Call of Cthulhu Keeper, have run successful games and am continuing to do so. Also running a discord server to get new people interested in Call of Cthulhu.
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    I currently play Call of Cthulhu 7E
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    United Kingdom
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    18, from the United Kingdom. Like dark humour.
  1. Hi all, the Necronomicon Discord server is hosting a charity live stream on the 25th August at 17:00 BST - 26th August 17:00 BST for Leukaemia Care! The stream can be found here: We have leading writers from the industry participating in hosting scenarios such as Scott Dorward & Jon Hook. We also have a scenario design discussion set up with other leading writers, to name a couple Lynne Hardy and Christopher Smith Adair! We have a lot more exciting things planned which can all be viewed at our schedule here: https://trello.com/b/E2EZ0esh/complete-stream-schedule Don
  2. We’ve created a discord server for Call of Cthulhu called Necronomicon. We want to help unite the community who play this game not only to meet new, and awesome people but in addition to that help new players, and experienced find groups to play with. We want to help keep the game alive by making it easier for new players to find a group if they have difficulty in real life through the use of software & our custom made bot. By creating an expansive community we hope to use our custom bot to allow everyone to find a group to play with. We also have help channels which you can use if y
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