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  1. I too love Shamans and miss them in 13G I have seen that some of you were attempting conversions back in 2019. Did any of you succeed? Would you be so kind as to share your insights?
  2. The RQG core rulebook mentions that the Gamemaster Screen Pack has an alternate, quicker adventurer generation system. I have purchased its digital copy, but cannot find it in the files within. Could anyone point me to where I can locate that system?
  3. Hi all, I have just finished the book and had a blast. Now, I'm dying to try it out in a one-shot with a group of friends. I was wondering if anyone had pregenerated characters and would be willing to share them. Even though I've read through the book, I am not so sure we would get 'it right' creating heroes of our own. Would be great if we could take a look at someone else's characters before attempting to do that.
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