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  1. Harnworld is the systemless setting books (with perhaps a few exceptions in stat blocks in some books). Harnmaster is the d100 system. It's pretty crunchy, but convertible if your a BRP veteran. You don't need to buy any Harnmaster stuff if your not interested in the system. Harnworld is mostly a very detailed take on the island of Harn. There's very little information on the mainland or the rest of the game world for gaming purposes, although you can get a world map with details like currents, wind patterns, tectonics, etc. Information on the other continents and counties of the world is mostly limited to a blurb in a encyclopedia format. This can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how much freedom you want to expand the world. You can of course do a lot of gaming just limiting yourself to the island.
  2. This is how I would do it too.
  3. PM me an email address and I can send you a copy.
  4. IIRC, Chaosium put this out before, along with the rest of the RQ III books with the Glorantha stuff removed. I think they're just tossing up anything that they think might make some money. Might bite them in the butt though, they should have a plan and develop the line logically. Putting out a poorly edited "sorcery" book may just confuse and disappoint new (and old) BRP gamers. Also, a poor magic product could negatively effect sales of future better written ones - hopefully like Tywyll's. I want new BRP material as much as anyone else, but Chaosium's quantity vs. quality with the monograph line is very distressing to me.
  5. This is what I most often use w/ the player making the roll.
  6. Excellent news. I have Stupor Mundi and am always on the lookout for good medieval material, especially if it's going to receive some scenario support.
  7. Thanks, I think it works well for games where I want to cut down on rolling. Mixing it up and using it when you want to speed up combat is a good idea too.
  8. Well, if you and your players would prefer a "sliding" percentage to hit vs. a passive defense, here's a house rule I've used before - most recently for WFRP. I used it to experiment with the idea that the players could make most of the rolls in the game, freeing me to concentrate on story and narrative. The PC's weapon skill is considered the default vs. a skill 50% opponent. The PC's chance "to hit" is then modified by the opponent's skill if it is over or under 50%. The quick little pixie with a 70% dodge is -20% for the PC to hit, the slow, unskilled Troll with a 45% parry is +5% to hit. If the player makes the modified roll, the PC hits, there is no defensive roll. You can also use this for NPC attacks, just use NPC attack skill +/- 50% to modify the PC's defense skill. If the PC makes their modified defensive roll - they defend, it they fail, they're hit - GM rolls damage. You can also use this rule throughout the game. NPC has a skill of 30% for Spot, then the PC rolls their hide roll at +20%, etc. The GM rarely has to make a roll. I've only used this rule for games where skills are capped at 100%, there may be problems for skills levels over 100%. Also, I used this rule along with house rules to increase skills in 5% blocks, the modifiers are quicker if they're in +/- 5% blocks. This is really just using the Resistance Chart option for opposed roll option from BRP, with the players making all the rolls and expanding it to include combat.
  9. Thank you, found it and downloaded it. I should probably say "inspired by real world traditions". I want magic systems to use in the game such as witchcraft, voodoo, hermetic, shamans, etc. They don't have to be real accurate, just have a good flavor and be fun in the game. I'd like the option of running "Gifted" PC's in a CoC game, much like Unisystem's WitchCraft RPG.
  10. This sounds like a great product! I've long wanted BRP magic rules for real world magical traditions. And where can I find those downloads on alchemy and illusion magic, I've been wondering around the downloads section and can't find them?
  11. I don't know about any others, but Mongoose Traveller came out in 2008 and it's nominated for Best Product of the Year. I hope BRP didn't get shorted some how, it definitely deserves a nomination. Maybe the cut off is some time during the current year and BRP didn't make the cut for 08.
  12. Planet of the Apes is a very cool idea but I think it's too small of a niche to have much of a chance. Terra Primate from Eden Studios for the Unisystem did a very nice job with the genre but the book sold poorly (at least poorly enough that they never added to the line). I'd like to see some modern supernatural stuff other than CoC, or to add to CoC. Different magic systems based on "real world" magic traditions, etc. I'd like BRP versions of the Supernatural show and the Dresden Files or at least rules that allow games with that feel (I know that these are coming out in other systems, but this is a wish list).
  13. Hello, I've been playing BRP games since the mid '80's but haven't been playing much for years, although that didn't stop me from buying books, fiddling with rules, etc. . Getting a regular playing group together has been the major problem, so I made my own. I had to wait a while, but my sons are now old enough and I've started a Warhammer game with them. I'm very excited about the upcoming DBRP, It'll be nice to have many of the variations of BRP in one book and I hope that the Deadworld RPG is the first of many new BRP games. This looks like a great BRP forum, I'm looking forward to sharing ideas and keeping tabs on what will hopefully be BRP's second golden age. Amra
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