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  1. The file CHA2304-Companion-download.pdf has no working bookmarks. Tested in Adobe Acrobat DC 21.005.20060 running on Windows 10 Pro 64 bit.
  2. So great to hear that! I'm from Essen, actually, so, I'll be there definitely. If any of you guys need local for a hint or something, please feel free to message me.
  3. Do we already know, if the print edition of Berlin will be available at the fair Spiel 2019 in Essen? I would love to buy a copy there.
  4. Absolutely this. While CoC might evolve in the future - destination unknown - we do have a version appealing to different player wishes, it's Pulp Cthulhu. So, with two systems under the current edition, any 8th edition would need to revise both rule systems. That makes it a) somewhat more daunting as a case (capital needed) and b) somewhat less appealing, sine you need to win over two types of fans. Plus, any future edition needs to come up with ideas for baseline Cthulhu and Pulp. And I'm not seeing anything on the horizon there. This isn't D&D or your cash cow miniature game that redefines itself completely new every five years. No, CoC hasn't changed much since its inception, it always remained a BRP system and there is only so much deviation possible; similar to GURPS or Rolemaster etc.
  5. What will your geographical focus be on? Northern America or other parts of the world as well?
  6. You sir, have very good eyes! Especially when it comes to en-dashes. Really, that makes me very happy.
  7. Okay, let's say I'm very hyped on this and will try to get the PDF as soon as possible. Advancing on that issue, when will MoN be available in Chaosium's online shop on July 1st? Midnight Eastern Standard Time or sometime during the day? I'm living in Germany, so this somehow matters to me, because sometime during your afternoon, I'll be approaching the dreamlands (hopefully no capital "D" here), forfeiting my chances for a nightcap & a good read. Also: I played CoC once somewhen during the late 1990s and only came back after the Essen games fair Spiel '17 last autumn. Be began playing HotOE (I'm the GM) in January and this game has already become my group's favourite project. So, I'll tip my hat to Chaosium everyday at least once.
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