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    AD&D 2nd Ed, World of Darkness/Chronicles of Darkness, Pathfinder
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    M-Space with custom setting
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    I am a 35 years old profoundly deaf role-player. I love socializing with people, spending time with my birds, playing video games, and working on graphic designs. Favorite food is Fish + Chips. Love elves and women.

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  1. Alright, gotcha! Thanks so much, guys. That gives me a lot of ideas now for M-Space. Will there be an updated version of M-Space in the future? Perhaps M-Space 2nd Edition book?
  2. I'm having trouble finding information on Combat Styles and Combat Style Packages in M-Space. For example, during character creation it tells me to choose any Cultural Combat style, but the three Cultures (Rural, Urban, and Orbit) do not list any of them. It looks like I have to come up with my own weapons and skills for it? Is there a list of ready-made skill and weapon packages elsewhere I can use for it?
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